Christmas Day PR, Part 2: Queen City Electric in The Enquirer on Dec. 25, 2008

Queen City Electric in The Cincinnati Enquirer - 12.25.08

Mike Cavanaugh didn’t grow up wanting to be a spokesperson for small business in America. But he’s not shying away from sharing the facts.

After a trip to Washington, D.C. in 2007, where the Cincinnati native and owner of Queen City Electric Inc. ( addressed House lawmakers on the skyrocketing costs of healthcare, Cavanaugh found himself back in the spotlight in late 2008. 

That’s when Queen City Electric was featured in The Cincinnati Enquirer – on Christmas Day, 2008, specifically.

Cincinnati Enquirer photo shoot

The news was a new division launched by QCE, QC Green, which simplifies the process of helping clients save green by going green.

Green initiatives are widely recognized as strategic efforts to aid the environment; the best of programs, such as those offered by QC Green, also help businesses save money.

QC Green helps clients tap into the latest in lighting technology and fixtures, courtesy of state-of-the-art, high-efficiency lighting technology from Orion Energy Systems, a manufacturer from Wisconsin, and the local utility, Duke Energy Corp.

Orion Lighting has revolutionized the electrical industry with its High Intensity Fluorescent Technology Platform, a vast improvement on the common High Intensity Discharge bulbs and technology.

Queen City Electric owner Mike Cavanaugh, right, with QCE client Doug Brown, Cincinnati Laser Cutting

“And here’s the hook,” Cavanaugh said. “We pick up some new business, and our clients can save up to 50 percent on their new lighting. Plus, they get a brand-new product built with state-of-the-art fluorescent technology and longer life.”

Recent improvements in fluorescent lamps, and the emergence of new fixtures, have made fluorescent lighting the most cost-effective choice for lighting indoor spaces.

Here’s a quick video with Cavanaugh and a Queen City Electric client, Doug Brown with Cincinnati Laser Cutting in Woodlawn, explaining the new service from Queen City Electric:

Right below, please find the Queen City Electric press release. The online release can be found at: ….

….. this one is saved as a JPG:

Queen City Electric press release - PR by

For those who think they may have seen Mike Cavanaugh and Queen City Electric before ….

You have.

Here’s the Queen City Electric profile from The Cincinnati Business Courier, published in January 2007. Mike’s press release for that PR effort is below the story:

Queen City Electric in The Cincinnati Business Courier - 1.12.07

Here’s the online link to the Business Courier story from 2007 ….

…. and finally, the Queen City Electric press release from 2007, “Diversification Delivers”:

Queen City Electric press release from 2007 - PR by

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