Christmas Day PR, Part 3: SpringDot in Dayton BizJournal on Dec. 25, 2009

SpringDot in The Dayton Business Journal - 12.25.09

Alrighty then …. three straight years with clients making major news, in major metropolitan news outlets, winding up with last year’s Dayton Business Journal story on SpringDot.

So who’s up for making the papers on Christmas Day, 2010? We’ve got three days left … the possibilities are endless!

The SpringDot story in Dayton actually was the result of the same story running one week prior in Dayton’s sister paper in ‘The Natti, The Cincinnati Business Courier.

The Dayton and Cincinnati newsrooms operate independently, but since both are part of the same media company (American City Business Journals), they frequently share content. Usually it’s done the same week; on occasion, they’ll trail the other by a week.

Here’s The Cincinnati Business Courier on SpringDot, published one week before, on Dec. 18, 2009 …. press release below, serving both (you’ll also notice the same picture used in both papers, cropped differently):

Springdot in The Cincinnati Business Courier - 12.18.09

…. the online version of the Dayton Business Journal story is here:

…. the online version of the Cincinnati Business Courier story is here:

….. and the SpringDot press release, serving both papers, is online here ….

….. and, finally, the SpringDot press release is saved here as a JPG (page 1):

SpringDot Press Release announcing Litho Print acquisition - PR by

Happy Holidays!

And I’m serious … who’s up for making the Christmas Day papers this year?

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