Cincinnati Magazine on Jimmy Gould: private equity king, pro football owner and agent …. and peewee football coach

Jimmy Gould of The Walnut Group - and former head coach of the Indian Hill Pee-Wee Braves - profiled in Cincinnati Magazine, January 2004


The head coach, a self-made millionaire versed in the intricacies of private equity, corporate finance and acquisitions, sports management and entrepreneurial pursuits, also knows a little bit about the game.

Jimmy Gould, after all, has represented some of the finest talent to play in the National Football League.

The assistant head coach was vice president of external business development and global licensing for one of the largest manufacturers of consumer goods in the world, Cincinnati’s own Procter & Gamble Co.

Cincinnati Magazine - January 2004

The offensive line coach was a banker, the chief financial officer at Fifth Third Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the Midwest, where he spends his days supervising billions of dollars of investment, personal and corporate wealth via asset management and investment services.

On this night, however, these three captains of Cincinnati industry weren’t gnashing their teeth over the next big deal.

In the big picture of life, this was infinitely more important: the Indian Hill Pee-Wee Braves, where they coached.

The coaching staff of the Indian Hill Braves were more interested in communicating with their players, laying down some team rules, discussing vital health and safety information with the parents.

And perhaps, more than anything else, setting the tone and attitude before the Braves‘ first game of the season.

The players, for their part, were relaxed and nonchalant.

They’d turn their fortunes around from the previous season, after all, notching a 6-4 record and beating their arch-rival twice.

The accomplishment of the previous year’s team was considered even more impressive, since the prior team had only won a single game in two seasons.

The Indian Hill Braves, and their coaching staff, were profiled in the January 2004 of Cincinnati Magazine.

Jimmy Gould and the Indian Hill Braves - press release by

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