New Year’s Day PR, Pt. 2: WagsPark in BizCourier, then Enquirer, then Forest Hills Journal

WagsPark in The Cincinnati Business Courier - 1.1.09

Bob Slattery really digs his dogs, a love affair that’s extended to two of his companies, Perimeter Technologies Inc. and Pet Stop Pet Fence Systems, and helped develop them into state-of-the-art players in the national pet containment products game.

Two years ago today, Slattery and his private CC for the K-9, WagsPark in Newtown, were featured in The Cincinnati Business Courier.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Slattery is also fond of cutting-edge marketing (Reach USA, Reach Event Marketing), world-class professional sports (AVP Mason) and cultivating a hub of top-notch service companies (The Wedding Mafia).

WagsPark in Cincinnati Enquirer - 4.29.09

That unconditional love between Slattery and man’s best friend – combined with promotional prowess, decades of pet industry experience, superior technology and a three-acre slice along Newtown Road – have manifested themselves along the primary gateway to the Village of Newtown into a multi-million-dollar canine heaven, WagsPark.

“In Greater Cincinnati, we have at least 4,000 families and their dogs– and I’m sure there more dogs than that, because some PetStop customers have more than one dog – and we’re always on the hunt for new ways to provide them with value-added products and service,” said Slattery.

He launched Blue Ash-based Pet Stop, the only national pet containment system manufactured in the U.S., in 1992. Equipment and products are manufactured in Morgantown, Pa.

WagsPark in Forest Hills Journal - 6.24.09

“So here we are, with these 4,000 Cincinnati-area families and their dogs who stand behind Pet Stop,” Slattery continued.

“We have all kinds of opportunities put before us, but what we really wanted to do was add something of value for those families and their pets.

“We’re still working out the details, but as one example, a Pet Stop customer would receive a significant discount from the WagsPark annual membership.

“They may get free obedience school training. Or maybe some free tickets to one of our dock-diving events, a Frisbee exhibition or agility – speed, dog dancing and fly ball – competitions. Wait until you see one of these crazy dogs jump 20-30 feet off of a dock to catch something over the water,” Slattery said.

WagsPark: A 1st for Greater Cincinnati families, dog owners

WagsPark will be the first of its kind in Greater Cincinnati, a private, upscale park dedicated to the health and well-being of the hound.

WagsPark photo shoot with The Cincinnati Business Courier

Areas will cater to the leashed and unchained crowds alike.

Pet Stop will open its first retail outlet at the site selling:

training products;


pet toys;

dog food and …

– the best dog biscuits that can be found at an existing building being renovated into a training center and retail store.

Slattery and his partners began carving three distinct play areas at WagsPark in late 2008, with a projected opening of late Spring 2009.

Here’s the online press release announcing WagsPark:

…. and here’s the online version of The Business Courier story:

…. and here’s the actual press release itself, which paved the way for coverage in The Cincinnati Business Courier, The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Forest Hills Journal:

WagsPark press release - PR by

WagsPark is open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., with lighted areas at night.

Dogs must have proof of appropriate vaccinations and must pass a temperament test to establish membership.

Annual memberships cost $395, with $25 daily passes for members’ guests discounts for Pet Stop owners.

A campaign is currently afoot that provides financial incentives for those who pay for their annual membership early.

The topography at WagsPark includes a mini-amphitheater and performance area as well as a doggie lake, where the owners intend to leverage their promotional and events expertise (read: AVP Mason) into nationally televised dock-diving events and competition.

There will be pet drinking fountains, dog wash stations and bathroom facilities for the dog owners, shelters, play fountains, dog skateboarding runs, separate areas for active and timid dogs, spaces for dogs on leashes and those running free. Obedience classes are available. Expert trailers will be available for consultation and private sessions.

And finally ….. here’s a sneak peek at The Business Courier photo shoot:

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