CREW Higher-Ed Facilities Fun, Meet the Panelist, Pt. II: Peter Snyder, UC

Peter Snyder, University of Cincinnati

Pete Snyder is the Director of Planning + Design + Construction at the University of Cincinnati.  As Director, he serves as the office manager for the department and reports directly to the University Architect.

Pete has been with the University for 17 years, serving in multiple capacities such as Senior Staff Architect, Senior Planner, and Director of Renovations.

Pete has had the privilege of being a participant of the implementation of the University’s Master Plan 2000, which has transformed the institution into a nationally and internationally recognized campus of architectural significance.

Prior to being employed by the University, Pete worked as a licensed architect in private practice for eighteen years, 10 years with one local, mid-sized architectural firm; five years with a second, mid-sized firm; and his initial three years with smaller firms.

The Department of Planning + Design + Construction has 40+ staff members with the capabilities of providing full service planning, architectural, engineering and project management services to the University.

The department has the responsibility for overseeing and managing the university’s real estate portfolio and its entire built environment. This portfolio encompasses 595 acres, 15 million gross square feet of buildings in 234 facilities on nine separate sites and various leased and off-campus venues.

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