Matthew 25: Ministries in Business Courier today: The Beauty, Behind the $130M Business, of Making the World a Better Place

Matthew 25: Ministries in Business Courier - 2.18.11

A Cincinnati company with local, regional, national and international operations grew by almost one-third last year, in the face of historic economic crises on the global and domestic front, while expanding and diversifying with two new divisions.

Metteys, Mike Brandy photo shoot with BizCourier's Bruce Crippen.

If the economic clout of Matthew 25: Ministries (M25M) was judged by private-industry standards, the Blue Ash-based international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization would place in the middle of The Cincinnati 100 pack, a distinguished list of the region’s largest privately-held companies authored by Deloitte.

The company ( would be ranked between Cincinnati corporate titans LaRosa’s Inc. (No. 52) and Miami Systems Corp. (No. 53).

As it is, M25M is a leader in the non-profit world, organized and run like a Fortune 500 business, and recognized as one of the best: late last year, listed the agency as the second-best in America in its review of philanthropic pursuits, “The 20 Best Charities in America.”

M25M VP Tim Mettey, left, with President/Pastor Wendell Mettey.

The numbers tell much of the business story: Last year, M25M shipped an estimated $130 million worth of food, clothing, aid and assorted goods, a 28 percent increase over 2009.


Matthew 25: Ministries, celebrating 20 years in 2011 under the tutelage of its founder and president, Pastor Wendell Mettey, continues to expand and develop mutually beneficial relationships in the business world.

Credit for the enormous growth posted in 2010 by M25M is largely due to increased donations from corporations and manufacturers, companies such as Cintas, Procter and Gamble and Avon, longtime product donors who were joined by 88 new corporate sponsors last year.

Tim, left, and Wendell at the PRASCO Food Processing Center.

In conjunction with the wave of new corporate support, M25M launched two new divisions last year under the leadership of Tim Mettey, vice president: food processing and a micronutrient supplement program. Additional growth is expected this year by:

Providing at least two million meals in 2011, up 35 percent from the 1.3 million meals produced last year in the PRASCO Food Processing Center;
Expanding the successful Haiti roll-out of the Grow Right Micronutrient Supplement Program to Central American and Caribbean countries;

“It is crucial that Matthew 25: Ministries continues to help millions of people each year regardless of the economic conditions by implementing new programs and procedures,” said Tim Mettey.

M25M will also continue to produce products from programs currently in operation:

Generating 87,500 gallons of general cleanser/laundry detergent in 2011, weighing more than 30,000 tons, through M25M’s Fill Center;
Gathering, recycling and repurposing as much as 36,000 gallons of excess paint for reblending in 2011 through the Rainbow Paint Reblending Program.

“Our mission is simple: we have put an epic, international, life-changing spin on the theory that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” said Pastor Mettey.

Staffer Jimmy Rohrer (left) with M25M Founder/President Wendell Mettey.

Pastor Mettey notes that the earthquake in Haiti was the single largest motivator of donors last year. M25M also welcomed the blood, sweat and tears of more than 21,000 volunteers who donated 79,000 hours to the cause.

The people come from all walks of life and corners of Greater Cincinnati: the old and the young, school groups and sports teams; Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups and more.

On any given day, we’ll have as many as 250 volunteers show up. Last year was a banner year for volunteers, but what’s really been exciting is they continue to come,” Mettey continued. “This is a very tangible, hands-on experience. We provide meaningful work for volunteers, some as young as 5 years-old who, with appropriate adult supervision, realize the scope of their work that very day.

“We know exactly what’s going out and to whom, because every pallet is headed to a specific place. We manage the unique requirements of each corporate donor. Some indicate they only want their donations to go to people here in America. Others earmark their contributions for international needs.

“The volunteers can see that, when the forklifts and the trucks start rolling,” Mettey said.

“Almost everything here is reused and recycled in creative ways. We try not to waste anything. And the recipients are very resourceful and creative as well.

“We have found a way to work with anything that people send us,” Wendell concluded.

M25M Chairman Mike Brandy, owner/president of Brandicorp.


Companies such as Cintas, Procter and Gamble and Avon are some of the biggest names to contribute products, but the rank-and-profile donors come from every industry in America and the Tri-State.

The benefits are enormous. When companies contribute their goods, they are:

Realizing significant tax incentives: the IRS allows corporations additional tax deductions when they donate inventory to a relief organization such as M25M;
Avoiding the expense of absorbing incineration and landfill costs;
Reducing the potentially negative environmental impact of unused goods;
Decreasing warehouse costs associated with the storage space;
Controlling personnel costs by not tasking personnel to manage untold tasks of tracking, distributing, storing and managing product that won’t be used and/or profitable;
Protecting brand integrity and market share: M25M honors corporate directives regarding disbursement, maintains a tracking and disbursement database; documents all transportation and deliveries; and only distributes products to reliable and ethical partners;
Fulfilling the good corporate citizen creed by aiding the environment; minimizing corporate waste; caring for the community, improving quality of life; making a difference in the lives of people worldwide, and demonstrating corporate responsibility.

M25M is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization helping the poorest of the poor locally, regionally, nationally and internationally regardless of race, creed or political persuasion.

“By rescuing and reusing products from corporations and manufacturers, the agency provides basic necessities, educational supplies and disaster relief across the U.S. and worldwide.

For more information, please visit or call (513) 793-M25M (6256).

Here’s a link to the M25M story in today’s Cincinnati Business Courier:

Finally …. here’s a sneak peek at the M25M photo shoot with The Cincinnati Business Courier:

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