Meet the partners: Grady, Jacob, Linz, Meinhardt, Rennekamp, Schwarz and Stehlin, original Star One REALTORS team from 20 years ago

Star One Partners - Jacob, Grady, Schwarz, Linz, Rennekamp, Stehlin and Meinhardt - September 2011

The seven partners running the show at Star One REALTORS Inc. are the same owner/operators who opened the company two decades ago in 1991.

Left to right are the proud partners of Star One:

Paul Jacob, Partner and Chief Financial Officer, is standing on the far left, hands behind his back;

Jim GradyVice President, Partner and Manager of Western Hills, dude with the nice tan all the way in the back;

Joe W. SchwarzPartner, in front of Grady;

Joe Linz, Partner and Senior Sales Vice President, is in the foreground;

Nelson Rennekamp, a Vice President, Partner and Manager of Northern Kentucky, has his hand on the Star One sign (all the way in the back_;

Patti Stehlin is a Partner and Chief Operating Officer, and the lone female partner;

Mark Meinhardt, leaning on the sign to the right, is Partner, CEO, President and Manager of West Chester.

Here’s the Business Courier story:

Star One, Mark Meinhardt in Business Courier - 9.2.11

A few moments with the new Prez/CEO … :

….. and here’s the Star One press release that got the ball rolling:

Star One REALTORS – 20 Years Later, The Sequel Gains Steam

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