Eagles in today’s @WSJ: Boston College facing 2nd-toughest* 2011 football schedule (*Brainiac Factor)

OK, so we’re 0-2.

Northwestern sucked, and let’s all try to forget about what happened in Central Florida last weekend.

Today’s Wall Street Journal placed Boston College 2nd nationally for the smartest schedule amongst the NCAA’s 300+ Division One football schools.

Boston College - http://www.bc.edu

The article is in “The Count,” dubbed “Schools That Pick on the Brainy Kids,” with “Redefining ‘Strength of Schedule’ “ as a subhead.

According to The JournalBC trailed only the University of Southern California.

Some of the brainiacs headed the Eagles’ way:

– aforementioned Wildcats;

– the Duke Blue Devils this Saturday, Sept. 15 at Chestnut Hill (12:30 p.m.);

– the Demon Deacons from Wake Forest on Oct. 1;

– the Fighting Irish at South Bend, Nov. 19.

Reached for comment in the Quad, “It still sucks 2BU,” some random BC student said.

BC Eagles: 2nd-brainiest sked in 2011 NCAA Division One football

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