WE BID THEE ADIEU, 162, THIS DAY IN CUBBIES HISTORY: Chicago, The Second City, The City with The Big Shoulders, Home of Urlacher and Halstead Avenue, hosts the Astros today. (pin drops here)

Cubbies wind it down with a tilt at Wrigley, against the Astros. 

The Chicago Cubs moved into Wrigley in 1916, fdba Weegham Park, “where the evening sun streams through the cross-hatching above home plate and the creeping shadows form a web that has ensnared the club for a century, where sometimes the wind blows in and sometimes it blows out, and the only constant is disappointment.”

“Most importantly, the Cubs won there (West Side Park, at Taylor and Wood on Chicago’s West Side). The glory years before Wrigley are like the age before the floood, when exotic species thrived on the Earth, among them the feared Chicago Cub.”

Three Reasons Why:

1. The park is schizo;

2. Wrigley Field is too damn nice;

3. Losing some of the time makes you want to win; losing all of the time makes you a loser.

Missing you, Miss Crosley !!

Crosley Field, Cincinnati, first MLB night game on May 24, 1935.

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