The Death of ‘Insider’: Column by Dan Monk (@BizCourierMonk) ran 900 weeks (approx.) for 17 years in the Cincinnati @BusinessCourier, covering innumerable people, places, companies and industries.

Well now, we can’t just let the termination of a Business column published for over 17 years,”Insider” – in one of the most prominent Cincinnati publications, The Cincinnati Business Courier – running many times on the front page – just go away, without paying our proper respects, now can we?

The “Insider” column by Senior Reporter Dan Monk (@BizCourierMonk) started on May 29, 1995. The column ran for approximately 900 weeks.

Here’s the original, from that inaugural May 29, 1995 issue:

….. and the full column on that Business Courier front page, May 29, 1995:

The inaugural Insider column by Dan Monk, Cincinnati Business Courier – 5.29.95

….. the first “Insider” column debuted on the Front Page of The Cincinnati Business Courier, where it stayed for many years, prior to becoming an anchor on Page Three.

Look at the bottom right of this, the Front Page from May 29, 1995, featuring the first “Insider” column bearing the byline of Senior Reporter Dan Monk (he’s on Twitter @BizCourierMonk, btw) ….

Inaugural ‘Insider’ column, bottom right, in the May 29, 1995 Cincinnati Business Courier.

The “Insider” feature was terminated in lieu of a new effort to more thoroughly rebrand The Business Courier product, founded in 1984through individual reporters at The Courier, dubbed “Reporter Pages,” ( as reported here on the first day of the paper’s redesign, Nov 2.

….. and so, without further adieu, here’s The New Dan, perched high above Page One in the most recent edition of The Business Courier, published just this past Friday, Nov. 16 …..

….. quite an improvement on the old “Insider” pic (below), no? ……

The Old Dan. Yeah, a little scary.

…. which brings us to the final “Insider” column, from The Cincinnati Business Courier edition of Oct. 26, 2012, the last of approximately 900 “Insider” columns. 

Dan Monk Insider column in Cincinnati Business Courier – The Finale – Oct. 26, 2012

“It served its purpose for many years and it was fun to do. But nothing is permanent, not in media or any other business. Plus, I like the new format. The reporter pages will work well for all of us, I think. It’s a new way to relate to readers and it should be fun to experiment with blog, digital, print and social media as a way of telling stories,” Monk said in an e-mail request for a quote.

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