Multi-Use, Infill Developer Brandicorp Fills the Niche: Mike Brandy, Brandicorp featured in Cincinnati Enquirer today

Brandicorp Press Release as a PDF: Brandicorp – Multi-Use, Infill Developer Fills a Unique Niche – Cincinnati Enquirer 12.5.12 – PR by Andy Hemmer

Enquirer Page A9 as a PDF: Brandicorp in Cincinnati Enquirer – Page A9 – 12.5.12 – PR by Andy Hemmer PDF

Banner Headline Page One Cincinnati Enquirer - 12.5.12

Business Banner Headline in Cincinnati Enquirer - 12.5.12

Mike Brandy, Brandicorp in Cincinnati Enquirer - 12.5.12

Mike Brandy, Brandicorp in Cincinnati Enquirer – 12.5.12

Mike Brandy, Brandicorp in Cincinnati Enquirer - 12.5.12 - Jump Page

Mike Brandy, Brandicorp in Cincinnati Enquirer – 12.5.12 – Jump Page

Today’s Brandicorp Press Release – For Immediate Release

Brandicorp: Multi-Use, Infill Developer Fills A Unique Niche

Bellevue Builder’s Sweet Spot Covers Restaurants to Retail, Shopping Centers to Hotels and Hospitals, Single-Tenant Buildings to Office/Medical Facilities

The Brandicorp Strategy: Developing Premium, High-Quality Commercial, any Place or Product.

When Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better: The Brandicorp Way.

[BELLEVUE, Ky. ~ Dec. 5, 2012] Amongst the brawny construction/development crowd in commercial real estate, some want, or need, to have it all.

Others seek just a small piece of the pie.

And then there’s Brandicorp, a specialized, niche builder of multi-use projects from shopping centers to hospitals and hotels, retail and restaurants, single-tenant buildings and office/medical facilities.

We do all the above, and oftentimes in very tight and trying circumstances, places where other developers have given up,” said Cincinnati native Mike Brandy, owner, founder, president and CEO of the multi-use niche builder ( founded in 1984.

“Our goal is not to have the biggest projects, but the best. We seek to develop the highest-quality, premium commercial real estate product possible for our core customers,” Brandy said. “Our expertise has evolved into the niche construction projects.”

Mike Brandy (Brandicorp) at Cincinnati Enquirer photo shoot.

Brandicorp plays to an audience primarily consisting of land owners; municipalities such as local cities, counties, townships and economic development entities; as well as other developers.

It’s a specialized niche, a strategy that has survived some of the toughest of economic times.

Closing out 2012, Brandicorp is reaping the rewards of its best year ever, on the heels of closing the biggest real estate deal of the year with the $36 million sale of Stone Creek Towne Center to a Chicago buyer in early 2012.

New construction has subsequently been launched by Brandicorp across the Tri-State with:

– new, multi-use infill projects on Beechmont Avenue in Anderson Township (bank, restaurant and office/medical);

– at the next-generation Rookwood product bordering Hyde Park and Norwood (hotel, office/medical, restaurant and retail);

– along the bustling Houston Road corridor in Florence (restaurants, retail and soon, office/medical);

– and at the signature Brandicorp development in Colerain Township, Stone Creek (new restaurant, retail and single-tenant office).

We’re pleased that so many economic development professionals, cities and townships, as well as fellow developers, have shown confidence in us that we can play a successful role in the bigger mixed-use developments, as well as being able to deliver an individual retail, hospital or restaurant component,” Brandy added.

Brandicorp is a leading brand in the Greater Cincinnati and Midwestern commercial real estate industry. In addition to the aforementioned projects, another dozen+ properties built, developed and managed by Brandy and his staff of 20 are available in Greater Cincinnati communities from Harrison to Mason.

For more information, please visit the Brandicorp website at, or contact Brandicorp President Michael Brandy at (859) 292-8040 and/or

For media inquiries regarding Brandicorp, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, aka TheWritingFiend@Large, at (513) 604-5428 or

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Brandicorp Press Release - 12.5.12 - PR by Andy Hemmer

Brandicorp Press Release – 12.5.12 – PR by Andy Hemmer

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