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“COMING UP: It’s a Money-Saver on Three Wheels, the new cars that cost less than $7,000, and …. they’re made right here in America,” announces Steve Doocy of The FOX News Channel {http://www.FOXNews.com}, co-host of “FOX and Friends,” as The Elio and http://www.ElioMotors.com took center-stage in midtown Manhattan last week. (FOX clip here)


Oh yeah.”

Look at that! She’s behind the wheel …. Lookin’ good!

(commercial break …. returning to EXTERIOR at FOX Studios, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10036):

Well, with the national average for gas prices at $3.69, how would you like to drive a car that you can get more than 80 miles per gallon?” asked Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host of “FOX and Friends” on The FOX News Channel.

In the midst of a cross-country promotional tour in advance of 2015 production, Elio Motors CEO Paul Elio was invited to share his story, aka The Next Greatest Thing In Transportation.

What kind of hybrid is that?” asked her co-host Brian Kilmeade. “What if I told you, the car only has three wheels?

The Elio promises to do just that. Joining us right now is the founder of Elio Motors, Paul Elio. Paul, congratulations!” Kilmeade said.

“It is a fun vehicle for sure, three wheels. And you say that the tandem seating is responsible for that great gas mileage?” asked Elisabeth.

Exactly,” said Paul Elio. “So, at highway speeds, most fuel goes to moving air. We’re half as wide, moving half as much air, we get double the mileage.”

Let’s take a walk around it ….It’s gonna be a long walk….. This it! …. It’s the width of two people, look at this. Now open up the trunk …” (Kilmeade)

Paul Elio, The Elio and Elio Motors on The FOX News Channel - FOX and Friends - 4.29.14

One in the front, one in the back …. ” adds Elisabeth. “You guys have also partnered up with Pep Boys, can you tell us about that, Paul?” Elisabeth asked. (Official Press Release: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/elio-motors-inc-names-pep-boys-as-official-service-provider-for-enclosed-three-wheeled-vehicle-set-to-launch-in-2015-257144941.html)

That is correct. So …. (New York City bus roars by, temporarily dissolving the audio portion of the proceedings) ….

Pep Boys has agreed to be our Authorized Service Provider, so we have 800 authorized service locations Day One,” said Elio.(MarketWatch on the Elio/Pep Boys news: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/elio-motors-inc-names-pep-boys-as-official-service-provider-for-enclosed-three-wheeled-vehicle-set-to-launch-in-2015-2014-04-29?reflink=MW_news_stmp

And how much will this cost Elisabeth, if she wants to surprise me for my birthday?” (Kilmeade)

$6,800.” ( http://www.ElioMotors.com ).

People usually make these kind of carsan ‘or’ car, but this is an ‘and’ car, you should have this ‘in addition?‘ ” (Elisabeth)

Paul Elio The Elio Elio Motors on The FOX News Channel - FOX and Friends - 4.29.14

Elio responds …..

Right, so, one of the reasons small vehicles are not made in America, is, we buy big cars for a reason. So you don’t have to get rid of your SUV. You can have this, AND your SUV.”

What are we in, Saudi Arabia? You can ride in the front,” jokes Kilmeade.

I’m giving you the front seat, my friend, right here ….” (Elisabeth)

So watch this, so she’s right behind me, she’ll take the back seat, I’ll take the front seat (Brian) …

(Paul provides the recline shift)

Are we there yet? (Elisabeth)

Wow. OK.”

Are we there yet?”

I can take the bike lane, and still have room …. I can still ride next to a Schwinn.” (Kilmeade)

It’s classified as a motorcycle, so you can still ride in the HOV (High-Occupancy Vehicle) lane?” asks Elisabeth.

It’s a motorcycle, technically, It has three air bags, two seat belts, air conditioning, power windows, power door locks standard. We’re building it in Shreveport, Louisiana, with 90 percent North American content, so it’s truly an American project.” (Elio)

How would I start it?” asked Brian.

Uh, with the key,” pointed out Elio, “right there.”

Paul Elio, this is a great concept here. And it’s going to be a reality for so many, coming up soon,” added Elisabeth. “I’m going to use this seat belt, and we are going to test the air bags …. oh my ….” (The Elio pulls out, Brian at the wheel)

Paul Elio The Elio Elio Motors on The FOX News Channel - FOX and Friends - 4.29.14

Look out! I only have three wheels!” screams Kilmeade, pulling away on West 48th Street.

Oh my golly ….. this is not a way to get revenge!” (Hasselbeck) …..

And that’s the last we saw of them,” says Doocy. “That is cool.Very nice ….”

You like more information about that car? Go to our website at FOXNews.com under FOX and Friends,” said Doocy,

Or, to http://www.ElioMotors.com.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Much love from PR Guy Hemmer, and the entire Elio Motors team, to our friends at The FOX News Channel and “FOX and Friends.”)

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