Freeze The Moment! ~~ Freeze Yogurt Bar in West Chester (Cincinnati), coming soon to Cincy’s East Side and the southeastern U.S. ~~ Independent, All-Natural, Organic Enterprise from Christina and Lance Francis is Frozen Yogurt, flavored with Social Consciousness ~~ ~~ @FreezeYogurtBar

Press Release – For Immediate Release: Freeze The Moment! – Freeze Yogurt Bar of Cincinnati (West Chester) targets Cincy East Side, southeastern U.S. for expansion – Press Release 6.11.14

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Freeze The Moment!

Fat-free frozen yogurt ~ and everything else under the roof ~ is served Au Naturale at the Freeze Yogurt Bar, Cincinnati’s original organic treat

ORGANIC CINCINNATI: Born and raised in West Chester, owned by local couple.

ALL-NATURAL NATIONAL NETWORK: Product, ingredients, suppliers, distributors.

EXPANDING SOON NEAR YOU: New stores in 2014.

NEW MARKETS: 2ND Locally on East Side, 3rd in southeastern U.S.

[WEST CHESTER, Ohio ~ June 11, 2014] Squeeze out a dish of deliciousness.

Top it with heaps of healthy.

Share it with organically grown friends and family, and what you’ve just helped yourself to is a cup of life from the “Freeze the MomentTM team at Freeze Yogurt Bar in West Chester, expanding soon to the East Side of Cincinnati and southern U.S.

Freeze the Moment,” representing an all-natural approach to life, liberty and the tastiest frozen yogurt possible, is the mantra at Freeze Yogurt Bar (

Amidst a landscape of fads, phonies and faux-healthy ingredients, Freeze is an all-American organic original, emanating from the northern suburbs of Cincinnati:

– All Freeze ingredients are sourced through a meticulously researched Freeze ecosystem, tapping local networks as effectively as possible;

– All Freeze ingredients are natural: no artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, additives, or corn syrup. Even the T-shirts are sewn under sustainable design;

– All the yogurt is organic with the toppings (fruit, granola, chocolates, cookies, etc.) either being natural or organic.

( …. and yes, they do have sprinkles. And gummy bears, and jellybeans, and just about every other kind of topping you love. The difference is the treats or ingredients are void of the usual artificial content – courtesy of Surf Sweets, SunRidge Farms™, Lets Do Organic, and local businesses such as Cavu Coffee and Grateful Grahams. Last year they added an organic coconut milk based vegan option to the lineup of organic yogurts and sorbets).

At the heart of all this all-natural madness is a quiet, family-first Cincinnati couple, Mr. and Mrs. Lance and Christina Francis, who have channeled a background in business and engineering (both licensed engineers and local business owners) with their inner entrepreneur to create Freeze.

Both graduates of Auburn University, they met while working at the same engineering firm in Georgia.

Freeze Expansion Targets Cincy’s East Side, one in southeast U.S.

When most people think about getting frozen yogurt, they automatically think it’s healthy for you, but the truth is you might want to read the label before you take that next bite,” said Christina Francis. “There is definitely a lot of confusion in the marketplace.”

When we first experienced the new self serve frozen yogurt craze in, we assumed, like everybody else, it would be a fad similar to the craze in the 80’s,” said Lance Francis.

What we saw, we liked, in terms of a business model. What we didn’t like was what was being passed off as ‘healthy’ when all you have to do is look at the ingredients to see the truth. So we believed the only way to build a sustainable business in this space was to create a true differentiator. We started with organic yogurt and when we found organic and natural toppings that fit our mission we set out to create the overall social experience. Having an all organic and natural product offering is where consumers see and taste the difference.”

Surprisingly, some folks shy away form organic products in the belief that it doesn’t have the same flavor, texture, or experience, but usually it just takes a sample to convince them otherwise and the health benefits are just a bonus,” added Christina.

The Francis family invested months in market research throughout the South, Midwest, East and West Coast markets, including international offerings sampling every frozen yogurt store/chain they could to assimilate best in class in as many details as possible.

Then they built Freeze from the ground up.

The owners have children who – yes, you guessed it – are committed to the family business. Like their parents, they’ve grown accustomed to healthy choices as a lifestyle.

And the evidence supporting the Freeze concept is clear:

– Commercially available frozen yogurt is one of the most processed foods on the planet,” The Food Babe:;

– “You might not want to fill your body with ingredients you can’t pronounce,” Smart & Sassy Sisters:;

–       “Why Artifical Colors, Sweeteners and High Frucose Corn Syrup are the worst ingredients in food,”N;

–       “All-fruit smoothies can be sensible, unless they’re a 1,000-calorie diet destroyer with more calories than 20 Double Stuf Oreos,” FOX News,;

The “Freeze the Moment” expansion will take place in late 2014, into eastern Cincinnati.

A site search for the latter location is honing in on hot spots in places like Deerfield Township, Kenwood, Madeira, Hyde Park and Anderson Township.

Friends, Family, and ‘Freeze The Moment

Freeze Yogurt Bar opened in March of 2012.

As a parallel movement, its owners have positioned the Freeze experience as a chance to stop the frantic pace of life, slow down and savor something healthy, enjoyed with family and friends.

The markerboards at Freeze are festooned with messages and drawings left by customers, happy to share in the experience.

Freeze as a company, and its staff, also support (both financially and in volunteering) a rotating global and local non-profit cause every year. In 2014, this includes charity:water and locally, Cancer Free Kids, respectively.

Hence, ‘Freeze the Moment.’ Time passes quickly,” said Lance.

Our children – your children –grow up quickly. Realize that – celebrate that – and just for a moment, perhaps at Freeze, appreciate the gifts of healthy treats, family and friends,” added Christina.

Some unexpected market niches have proven to be very loyal.

We were surprised by how many customers were seeking an allergy friendly option and our ability to serve a product that is free of dyes, gluten and corn opened up a distinctive customer base.

When we added an organic coconut milk based vegan yogurt we were pleasantly surprised by its popularity even with non-vegetarians,” Christina said.

Freeze Yogurt Bar can be found in the Voice of America shopping center between Panera, Chipotle, and Chick-fil-A near the Tylersville Road exit off of Interstate 75 in West Chester, Ohio.

For more information, please visit, call (513) 777-9999 or send an e-mail to Freeze also maintains a lively presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and regularly texts discounts, specials and new-menu alerts to an opt-in clientele via a rewards program.

For media inquiries regarding Freeze Yogurt Bar, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, TheWritingFiend@Large and President of PR at (513) 604-5428 or

Official Press Release from Freeze Yogurt Bar - 6.11.14 - Business Courier story:

Official Press Release from Freeze Yogurt Bar – 6.11.14 – Business Courier story:

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