Michael A. Folkes, Patchy and Mighty In Character: Jamaican/American success story, writing a book, creating new Foundation, The Melbourne and Michael Folkes Foundation: http://www.MightyInCharacter.com ~~ http://www.DrivenByDesperation.com ~~ http://www.MandMFoundation.org ~~ Gratitude Truth Faith Courage Kindness

Friday 1.9.15 Press Release – For Immediate Release: Michael Folkes introduces Mighty In Character Patchy and The Melbourne and Michael Folkes Foundation – Press Release 1.9.15

Mighty In Character: Introducing Patchy

The man from Friendship, his Faith, and new futures being built by entrepreneur/philanthropist Michael A. Folkes in Jamaica and Ohio.

Like his clothes, Patchy’s life is full of holes – and an undeniable, unstoppable hope.

College dropout builds multi-million manufacturing/logistics firm for Fortune 500.

Now, it’s time to give back: The book feeds the Foundation, which aids mankind.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Jan. 9, 2015] What happens when the American Dream really does come true? When a man’s faith, alternately shaped and shattered by family and those closest to him, fortifies one for life?

His name is Michael A. Folkes. He’s a college dropout, born out of wedlock to a 16-year-old Jamaican mother, raised on a Jamaican farm.

Folkes has an internal combustion unlike most, however, which fueled this former Caribbean cruise line bartender’s rise to owner of a multi-million-dollar Midwestern manufacturer well-versed in packaging, distribution and logistics, serving the Fortune 500. Now, it’s time to give back.

A story like mine, right off the banana boat, only happens when you believe in The Almighty,” said Folkes, 46, a Christian who immigrated at 18, now a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Born in Friendship, Jamaica, Michael Folkes is proof that the American Dream is alive and well; that one CAN succeed if things are done right, that one CAN build a successful business, AND positively impact the lives of others.

His secret sauce is a personal/professional blend of faith, discipline, entrepreneurialism and hard work. “The Golden Rule hasn’t changed in thousands of years,” Folkes says. “That’s my guiding principle.”

Michael’s story is tragic and heroic, hence the title of his new book, “Driven By Desperation,” which is helping finance his next chapter, The Melbourne and Michael Folkes Foundation.

Foundation goals are fundamentally to support educational opportunities, and hope, for youth in Jamaican and U.S., by:

  • Introducing the Foundation through brand character Patchy, modeled after a schoolboy Folkes;
  • Providing material support (food, clothes, books) for kids to become Mighty In Character;
  • Building a new auditorium at Mount Waddy Primary School in Friendship, Michael’s school;
  • Designing a 15,000-square-foot Youth Center in Hamilton, Ohio, at Folkes’ Midwestern HQ;
  • Starting a Health Fair program, featuring U.S. medical professionals traveling to Jamaica.

Patchy’s name is derived by the condition of his clothes. Abandoned by his parents, abused and starved, Patchy’s mother wouldn’t let him call her mom, but he’s still smiling and happy. Raised by loving, Christian grandparents, Patchy never stopped dreaming of America and a better life, stargazing at a bottomless Jamaican sky.

For Folkes, that meant paying for an interview to get his cruise line bartender job; working his way into America, gaining a work permit, then three jobs in Upstate New York; and finally, starting his own company, M.A. Folkes Co. Inc.

With the book, and the Foundation, and Patchy, I am challenging the world: what have you done to change the world, to make it better?” Folkes asks.

It’s easier than you think. You need only make life better for one child. A single caring adult can help a single child, thereby changing everything, and giving them hope.”

Mr. Michael Folkes can be reached at (513) 737-9888 or at media@mafolkes.com.


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