‘CELEBRATING THE WORK’ – Green Hills Community President and CEO Mike Ray at grand opening of renovated Green Hills Apartments in West Liberty, Ohio

Today we are celebrating the completion of the renovation of our affordable housing,” said Mike Ray, president and CEO of Green Hills Community in West Liberty, Ohio.

It’s a process that began with construction in September of 2014, and over the past 14 months, we have renovated 76 apartments, along with our rec center. And today we’re going to celebrate that.”

Mike Ray, president and CEO of http://www.greenhillscommunity.org

Mike Ray, president and CEO of http://www.greenhillscommunity.org

Green Hills Community  (http://www.greenhillscommunity.org) is about “Enriching All Seasons of Life.”

The community provides faith-based care and specializes in lifestyle design that enhances the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual aspects while respecting the need for independence, privacy and self-esteem.

The original apartments were constructed in 1975, and the second phase in 1980,” continued Mr. Ray, “we had identified that, although we had done a good job in maintaining them, there were just certain features of the apartments that needed some major renovation, which could not be completed inside the operating budget.

“We needed to seek another source of funding to complete that. In 2011 we began the process of looking at options.”

The Team

The Team

In 1968, a group of people in West Liberty had a dream to build a “senior citizen village.” Armed with their vision and strong determination, they set forth to make that dream a reality.

The first tangible step came from the West Liberty Sewing Circle which stepped up with a bake sale that raised $2,322 and the rest …. as they say ….. is history.

Today we’re going to have the parties involved in the funding of the project make a few comments, celebrate the work we have done today, and we’re gonna do a ribbon-cutting of our rec center and then we’re going to take a look at some of the newly-renovated apartments,” Mr. Ray said.

Green Hills Community is located a little less than an hour east of Dayton, Ohio, at 6557 U.S. Route 68. For more information, please call (937) 465-5065 or visit http://www.greenhillscommunity.org. For media inquiries, please contact Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or andy@andyhemmer.com.

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