ATC and The Convergence: Darren DeMartino leads Northeast U.S. office of Advanced Technology Consulting, the IT/telecom partner – provider and preference – of C-Suites nationwide

Press Release – For Immediate Release

ATC and The Convergence

Darren DeMartino leads Northeast U.S. office of Advanced Technology Consulting, the IT/telecom partner – provider and preference – of C-Suites nationwide.

Telecom Consultants have arrived in today’s business world, and he/she lives in the C-Suite.

Not just gadgets/devices, but real savings with the latest in voice, data and cloud technology.

Business Value: at the heart of the ATC mission, for public and private corporate clients.

[HARTFORD, Conn. ~ December 7, 2016] A logistics company needs to equip 1,500 users with phones, equipment and connections across 44 sites in the U.S. A daunting proposition, indeed, for any IT/telecom vendor; made all the more complicated, considering aforementioned company’s 2016 growth plan: 33,000 total users by the end of this year, after a series of mergers.

A global firm with 90 locations worldwide needed a higher-quality global network from a single provider to support its critical business applications like Microsoft Lync, video conferencing systems and Oracle solutions, while also managing its substantial data back-up needs. With the guidance of ATC, Wabtec went with an advanced converged voice and data network to accomplish its goals.

After experiencing exponential growth, one of the largest parking operators in the U.S. with over 1,850 locations was saddled with a legacy – and expiring – master telecom agreement with a single major carrier. LAZ Parking engaged ATC Connecticut to rework and optimize its wireless, MPLS, POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and broadband services, resulting in a 30 percent-plus annual savings and better services.

Into these scenarios – and much more – enters Darren DeMartino, managing director and co-founder of Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC), a national IT telecom consultant with offices in Connecticut (Hartford) and Ohio, now in its 16th year (

DeMartino has found the key way to grow the ATC menu and portfolio of services, as well as its client list, by appealing to the language spoken in the C-Suite.

Today’s C-Suite answers to an ever-shifting chorus of voices, at times heeding the call of finance, IT, HR, perhaps even the client-hospitality team with playoff tickets.

Increasingly, however, a new voice has emerged in the C-Suite, and execs looking to keep their bottom line as a thought leader have heeded the advice of ATC.

We, In the early days we were simply transactional brokers,” DeMartino said. “Today, we are highly consultative in our approach, roadmapping IT and telecom services and pairing clients with the right providers. Our job is to put together a holistic strategy to handle all services, all locations, all contracts.”

DeMartino and ATC have evolved into a trusted advisor and solution identifier for complex IT network decisions. His expertise ranges from strategic consulting, project management, business-needs analysis, ongoing maintenance and support to voice and data service, cloud migration, VoIP phone systems, mobility, unified communications and expense management.

Back in the day, for the business world, this was a salesman with a shiny dial-up phone and a listing in the local Yellow Pages.

Today, it’s someone like Darren DeMartino.

This is our story: a relentless pursuit to provide customers with the absolute best technology solutions, at the most economical price, accompanied by the highest level of counsel and customer support in the industry,” he said.

To reach Mr. DeMartino, please call (860) 432-3200 or send him an e-mail at

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