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❤️ #thebridgesofhamiltoncounty ❤️ Taylor-Southgate edition ❤️ s/o Tina and Ike Turner

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WineSociety on The FOX Business Network today – ‘Mornings With Maria’ Bartiromo – PR by Andy Hemmer

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Natalie FlyGirl Kelley: on WCPO-TV Channel 9 (ABC in #Cincinnati) with Reporter Paola Suro, Good Morning Tri-State ~ thx @PaolaSNews and @WCPO

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A FAMILY OF FLIGHT: Natalie Kelley of Cincinnati, aka FlyGirl Kelley, launches #FemaleEmpowerment Brand, scholarship and website, offering aviation gear and opportunities for female pilots

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natalie kelley forms flygirl brand women in aviation scholarship

Natalie Kelley

FlyGirl Kelley Takes Flight

Pilot, Mom, Entrepreneur Natalie Kelley was born into a Family of Flight. With launch of $5,000 scholarship, website and motivational brand, she seeks to inspire.

First $5,000 scholarship for female pilots at Sporty’s Academy.

#SecondAct for Mom: What to do, when all the kids are now in school?

Born in Tennessee, based in Cincinnati, probably in the air somewhere right now: FlyGirl Kelley.

[MARCH 15, 2018] As a proud mother of three young boys, Natalie Kelley has displayed courage, intelligence, character and cunning. She is, of course, still the head of this East Side Cincinnati household, in charge of academics, athletics, hunting, bros and girlfriends.

For her #secondact, however, Kelley, 44, was looking for something completely different. Natalie 2.0, as it were.

Something more entrepreneurial. An enterprise that could lift the soul, perhaps, and incorporate her first love: flying.

Now a licensed General Aviation pilot, Kelley has literally, metaphorically, spiritually and in totality taken flight.

The founder and CEO of FlyGirl LLC today unveils her flagship website,, from which she is spreading a message of motivation and female empowerment, education, entrepreneurialism and opportunity.

I would love to talk about planes all day long; but in the bigger picture it is not just me, nor is FlyGirl just about the career-slash-industry of flying that has me motivated,” said Kelley.

This is about all women, everywhere, pursuing their dreams. I have experienced a rebirth, as do women of all ages, once you realize there really are no bounds to what we can achieve.”

For Starters: Fashion, Gear, and a $5,000 Scholarship for Female Pilots

A cornerstone of the new FlyGirl brand is a new $5,000 scholarship being offered exclusively to female pilots through a strategic partner of FlyGirl LLC, Sporty’s Academy, the world-renowned flight school in Batavia, Clermont County, where Kelley earned her first pilot’s license.

The FlyGirl LLC mission is to encourage and inspire women and young girls to open their hearts and minds to their potential and to help their dreams take flight.

“That is the message. And never, ever give up on your dreams taking flight!”

Kelley arrived in Cincinnati a decade ago when her husband, Shawn Kelley, was named Managing Partner of the Cincinnati and Dayton offices of the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. They settled in Montgomery, fielded their sons to Sycamore High School, Moeller High School and All Saints School, and now Ms. Kelley is looking to blaze her own trail.

Natalie Kelley of FlyGirl Kelley and her uncle Robert Langford Red Thunder aerobatics pilot in Nashville

Former U.S. Army parachutist Robert Langford earned his Pilot’s License using the G.I. Bill and now flies aerobatics for Red Thunder of Nashville.

A native of Nashville, Ms. Kelley grew up in a family devoted to flight, with a father flying P-3s during the Cold War and her uncle, Robert Langford, a former U.S. Army parachutist who used the G.I. Bill to earn his license as a pilot. Uncle Robert continues to be an aerobatic pilot at the age of 76.

Beginning around age 9, she spent many years in the cockpit besides Uncle Robert, who now flies for the Red Thunder aerial acrobatics team based in Nashville.

Her father, Larry Fiser, earned his U.S. Navy wings in 1971 and set about the world hunting Soviet subs during the Cold War.

Natalie Kelley aka FlyGirl Kelley and father Larry Fiser US Navy Pilot

Former U.S. Navy Pilot Larry Fiser with his daughter Natalie FlyGirl Kelley in Nashville.



His advice to his daughter: “The training is hard, and you probably will get tired of all the training hours and regimented training,” says Mr. Fiser, still living in Charlotte, Tennessee, about an hour west of Nashville.

It is hard, but you really need to know the basics of the airplane, the basics of aerobatics, if you really want to be proficient as a pilot,” Mr. Fiser said.

US Navy Pilot Larry Fiser, father of Natalie FlyGirl Kelley

U.S. Navy Pilot Larry Fiser, father of Natalie FlyGirl Kelley


FlyGirl Kelley plans to spread her message through speaking engagements, school and community outreach programs, and good old-fashioned industry networking to reach women and girls “regardless of their age.”

A Family of Flight: from Nashville to Cincinnati to Points Known and Unknown

So what is the best advice she remembers?

Uncle Robert always told me to keep my eyes on the outside. He was really glad that I had to learn flying by using paper charts. I think maybe he thought I was learning by using all the gadgets.

And while I do like the gadgets – I fly with two iPads and my phone – I can always still hear Uncle Robert, in the back of my mind, reminding me over and over again, to keep your eyes on the outside.”

The $5,000 FlyGirl scholarship has been organized through Sporty’s Academy on Sporty’s Drive in Clermont County.

The deadline for scholarship entries is April 15. Applications are to be sent to Eric Radtke at Sporty’s at (513) 735-9100 (ext. 352) or by e-mail at

Applications will be reviewed by committee and finalists will be invited to interview with Kelley.

Funds will be disbursed to Sporty’s on behalf of the recipient on a pre-determined schedule to be used during the 2018 calendar year for flight training at Sporty’s. For more information, please visit this link on the Sporty’s website:

FlyGirl LLC is also a fashion destination: aviation gear for the female pilot is available on the website.

A speaking engagement bureau is being organized.

And at age 44, FlyGirl Kelley is just getting started.

Becoming a pilot has been a tremendous accomplishment and has further inspired me, and with that, I am hoping to provide, perhaps even the smallest encouragement, to maybe a young girl, a young woman who is dreaming about being a pilot or possibly pursuing some other aspiration: Go for it!”

For media inquires, please contact Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or

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Natalie Kelley

50 DAYS AND COUNTING: follow @MattBrennanEverest on #Facebook ~ The Quest for Mount Everest launches March 25, 2018, 50 days from today ~ anticipated summit six weeks later for Cincinnati businessman, tackling the greatest of the world’s Seven Summits

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….. that’s Matt on top of Denali.

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON: 50 Days from today, Saturday, February 3, 2018, Matt Brennan of Cincinnati launches his trek up Mount Everest on March 25, 2018.

Follow Matt on Facebook at @MattBrennanEverest and on Twitter at @CincinnatiPR and/or @CinCenterAutism.

Born in Columbus and adopted by The City of Cincinnati, Matt Brennan is the owner of Loveland Excavating and Paving Inc.

His personal challenge to summit seven of the world’s tallest peaks was recently chronicled on WCPO-TV Channel 9:


Rab Equipment:


Horter Investment Management:

Loveland Excavating and Paving Inc.:

THE LOVE BETWEEN A FATHER, AND HIS SON: Matt Brennan, husband to Susan Brennan and daddy to Blake, pursues Mount Everest climb. Co-Founder of The Cincinnati Center for Autism, owner of Loveland Excavating and Paving. 29,000+ feet up: The First for a Cincinnatian?

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WCPO-TV Channel 9 story

Follow @MattBrennanEverest on Facebook

Cincinnati’s Matt Brennan, veteran climber, local business owner

First Sponsors: Rab Equipment, EverestNews/, Horter Investments, Loveland Excavating and Paving

Climb starts March 25, for a total of two months; six weeks up Everest and two weeks down. Native of Columbus moved to Cincinnati in 1979 to attend UC (graduate, Class of 1984)

Matt Brennan of Cincinnati seeks to conquer Everest PR by Andy Hemmer

EVEREST OR BUST: Matt Brennan of Cincinnati training at Loveland High School, where he previously served as an Assistant Football Coach.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio – Dec. 14, 2017] Sometime in the spring of the coming year, Matt Brennan of Cincinnati plans to ascend the last of the 29,029 feet up mighty Sagarmatha, known outside of Nepal as Mount Everest (Chomolungma in Tibet).

At the summit, he’ll kneel down, and say a prayer.

He’ll then thank his creator, for having blessed he and his wife Susan with a family, their own business, “and just life in general. I have been blessed,” says Brennan.

But this? I’m there for the challenge. This is something I was born to do. The fact that I may become the first Cincinnatian to conquer Everest is gravy.”

Brennan, 56, is from Columbus, having matriculated to Cincinnati in 1979 to attend UC (he’s a 1984 graduate). Moving on four decades now, “I’m here for good, so yeah, I am from Cincinnati,” he jokes.

Brennan has tapped one of the finest in the mountain climbing business, internationally recognized Everest guide Dave Hahn, as well as Alpine Ascents, a climbing consultant in Seattle, to solidify his strategy.

It all started, actually as a child: Brennan has dreamt of conquering the Everest challenge since he first donned hiking boots as a toddler.

After Everest, Brennan plans to resume his regular life as a business owner (Loveland Excavating and Paving, Inc., based in Fairfield), and a father. He takes special care of his 17-year-old son Blake, born with Autism.

Brennan and his wife, Susan Brennan, have dealt with the insidious Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in an innovative and proactive fashion: they launched a non-profit years ago, when Blake was young, to help other parents, families, and people with autism.

Brennan’s Everest quest is a personal challenge.

Though his son will remain constantly on his mind, the journey is not a benefit expedition, nor some cause-related initiative (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”).

In many ways, Brennan – a wrestler back in the day, he was also an assistant football coach at Loveland High School – believes he was meant to conquer one of the world’s truly great adventures.

Blake will be with me every step of the way. Through what we’ve learned, and what we’ve started with The Cincinnati Center for Autism, we have been able to reach a whole lot of people who are going through the same thing, and don’t know which way is up, much less which way to turn,” said Brennan.

We were the same way. We started off in a fog. But we kept talking to a lot of the right people, the right doctors and professionals with experience in the field and knowledge of the day-to-day challenges.”


After a rigorous search and consultations with contacts in the climbing industry and profession – Brennan has already conquered Mount Elbrus in Russia (the tallest mountain in Europe), Denali and Kilimanjaro – no public record exists of a Cincinnatian conquering Mt. Everest.

Though Brennan is a Columbus, Ohio, native, he considers himself a Cincinnatian, having moved to The Queen City in the 1980s to attend the University of Cincinnati.

His right-hand man, spiritual guide and climbing mentor and companion is the famed Dave Hahn, he of Sherpaesque legend, having conquered Everest 15 times, the most for any non-Sherpa guide.


Brennan is planning for a typical trip to Mt. Everest, which consists of two months on the mountain; six weeks up, two weeks down. The launch is scheduled for March 25, 2018. Brennan will keep in touch with his family, sponsors, friends and family primarily through Facebook (@MattBrennanEverest) and Twitter (@CinCenterAutism). Brennan would also like to acknowledge his first sponsors:

RAB EQUIPMENT: From the early days in Patagonia and Sheffield where Rab Carrington harnessed his knowledge of clothing and equipment design, to one of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of mountaineering clothing and camping equipment, Rab is a world leader in high-quality gear designed for high-altitude trips. For more information, please call (877) 567-5135 or visit

EVERESTNEWS/EVERESTGEAR.COM: What started as a small backpacking and climbing gear online retailer has morphed into an international sensation out of Granville, Ohio, now with a retail store. sells the finest in outdoor apparel and equipment, brands such as Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Millet and Asolo. For more information please call (740) 587-1490 or visit

HORTER INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT: Founded by Drew Horter more than three decades ago, Horter Investment Management seeks to secure a better financial future for its clients, whether pre-retiree, retiree or conservative investor. Cincinnati-based, with more than 200 advisors nationwide and $1 billion in assets, Horter Investments can be reached at (513) 984-9933 or by visiting

LOVELAND EXCAVATING & PAVING: Founded by UC grad Brennan (Class of 1984) and based in Fairfield, Loveland Excavating and Paving ( provides reliable site-development services at a competitive price. Matt Brennan’s company proudly counts more than 80 percent of its business from repeat customers. For more information please call (513) 965-6600 or visit

For media inquiries please contact Andy Hemmer @CincinnatiPR at (513) 604-5428 or



Mr. Matt Brennan

(513) 956-6600

Owner and President, Loveland Excavating and Paving

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@HuffRealty in your #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier: here’s the #Press #Release

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Jon Reischel, 513.237.7758

Link to @BusinessCourier story:

HUFF looking to add 125+ sales agents over next 5 years

‘Teaching Relentlessly, Serving Passionately’

Local Berkshire Hathaway affiliate grows to 450 agents by taking care of its own

Long the real estate king of Northern Kentucky, HUFF continues growth across southwestern Ohio. Renewed Anderson Twp. lease coincides with 20-year presence in Ohio market.

FORT MITCHELL, KY – June 15, 2017 — Local Berkshire Hathaway affiliate HUFF Realty is looking to expand in Greater Cincinnati with at least another 125+ agents over the next five years, in the same fashion as its corporate parent and the international icon behind it, billionaire Warren Buffett: “Slow and steady, acquire and keep.”

Instead of company-by-company, as they do in Omaha, our growth strategy here locally is agent-by-agent, and agent team-by-agent team,” adds DeVries, who runs three other Berkshire Hathaway real estate brands besides Huff ( through the HomeServices of America Inc. family.

Based on Beechwood Road and now deploying 450 sales agents in the Tri-State, the growth equates to an average 5 percent annual growth in agents, factoring in boom and bust factors. Recruitment at HUFF is a deliberate practice integrating a system of core values that culminates with a highly-motivated sales professional benefitting from a superior training system.

And, for DeVries and the HUFF leadership team, it’s more about quality than quantity.

I’m not overly interested in the individual being the number one salesperson in the region. I am interested in someone who recognizes the value of this operation, somebody who brings just as much as they take, who would be a great cheerleader, and encourage their fellow agents and staff,” said DeVries.

If they grow to be the number one salesperson in the region, that’s great. But we are more interested in the integrity and character of the individual, and their desire to be successful – their desire to serve the customer well.”

The five core values espoused by HUFF reflect the company’s commitment to agents by “teaching relentlessly and serving passionately,” and begins with DeVries’ original point emphasizing the firm’s most valued characteristic:

  • Honesty and Integrity: “Too many people sell on sizzle. The honesty and integrity of the person are their most important character traits. Whether male or female, old or young, matters not.”
  • Continual Pursuit of Excellence: “We are constantly trying to get better at everything we do.”
  • Mutual Respect and Caring: “We recognize the importance of working on a team. The Bengals QB is important – but so is his second-string center, and the team trainer.”
  • Family Takes Priority: “We talk long and hard about falling in love with the job. We don’t want our people working seven days a week, 365 days a year. Your loved ones will fall by the wayside.
  • Loyalty In Relationships: “We march together, arm-in-arm. We want people who respect that, who recognize and have mutual respect for the education and the training we provide, and who understand loyalty is a two-way street.”

DeVries is a Florida native and graduate of Centre College in Danville, Ky., who manages more than 1,200 agents at HUFF Realty as well as a triumvirate grid of realty firms in Louisville and Lexington (Rector Hayden REALTORS, Semonin REALTORS and Wakefield Reutlinger REALTORS).

He has worked in real estate for 25 years, and began his career with HomeServices of America Inc., corporate parent of HUFF Realty, in 1999.

Our job is to get the customer from Point A to Point B, as successfully and professionally as possible, with their mind intact, their emotions intact, the correct proceeds from their sale, or the right amount of money they are choosing to invest, while keeping everything as healthy as possible on both ends,” DeVries says.

All brokers essentially play the same role of having their agents under that umbrella of education, protection, guidance and support. When we bring them in, we keep them, by teaching them relentlessly and serving them passionately,” says DeVries.

In an Era of Technology, People Have Never Been As Important

Real estate sales agents have never been more valuable than they are today, despite the plethora of tools, websites, software solutions and television shows who say they aren’t.

As anecdotal evidence, DeVries recalls a late 1990s, company-wide concern for the future of real estate.

There were all these urgent meetings behind closed doors, and it was all about this big, monstrous thing called ‘The Internet,’ which was going to put us all out of business,” DeVries says.

Everybody was horrified about all these websites going up, that we were not going to be relevant or necessary for long, that we needed to have all this figured out with a new model. It was going to annihilate us.

Nothing could have been further from the truth,” DeVries adds.

Back then, about 88 percent of the market used an agent, with about 10 percent FSBO (For Sale By Owners). Today, we know that up to 92-93 percent of the market now uses an agent, and only about six percent are sold by the owner,” said DeVries.

We think that’s because people need us. Contracts that used to be 2-3 pages now take up a binder. There’s never been more complications, never been more fraud, more disclosures, never been more layers to a transaction than there are right now.

“Agents – the right agents – educated, well-trained agents who can make a sometimes-brutal process easier to bear – have never been more essential to the equation than they are today.”

ABOUT HUFF REALTY: Based in Fort Mitchell, Ky., with 450 sales agents deployed at 13 offices throughout Greater Cincinnati, Huff Realty was created by former owner Jim Huff and his wife, Bert Huff, to be the dominant commercial and residential real estate force in Northern Kentucky. HUFF Realty is a one-stop service shop providing products and services for Home Sales, Commercial Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance, Relocation, Title, Home Warranties, Rentals and Auctions. Offices are in Anderson Township, Cincinnati, Downtown Cincinnati (OTR). Fairfield/Hamilton, Florence, Fort Mitchell, Highland Heights, Hyde Park, Lawrenceburg (IN), Mason/Deerfield Township, Montgomery, Union Centre and Western Hills. For more information, please visit or call (859) 341-7400.

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