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@HuffRealty in your #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier: here’s the #Press #Release

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Link to @BusinessCourier story:

HUFF looking to add 125+ sales agents over next 5 years

‘Teaching Relentlessly, Serving Passionately’

Local Berkshire Hathaway affiliate grows to 450 agents by taking care of its own

Long the real estate king of Northern Kentucky, HUFF continues growth across southwestern Ohio. Renewed Anderson Twp. lease coincides with 20-year presence in Ohio market.

FORT MITCHELL, KY – June 15, 2017 — Local Berkshire Hathaway affiliate HUFF Realty is looking to expand in Greater Cincinnati with at least another 125+ agents over the next five years, in the same fashion as its corporate parent and the international icon behind it, billionaire Warren Buffett: “Slow and steady, acquire and keep.”

Instead of company-by-company, as they do in Omaha, our growth strategy here locally is agent-by-agent, and agent team-by-agent team,” adds DeVries, who runs three other Berkshire Hathaway real estate brands besides Huff ( through the HomeServices of America Inc. family.

Based on Beechwood Road and now deploying 450 sales agents in the Tri-State, the growth equates to an average 5 percent annual growth in agents, factoring in boom and bust factors. Recruitment at HUFF is a deliberate practice integrating a system of core values that culminates with a highly-motivated sales professional benefitting from a superior training system.

And, for DeVries and the HUFF leadership team, it’s more about quality than quantity.

I’m not overly interested in the individual being the number one salesperson in the region. I am interested in someone who recognizes the value of this operation, somebody who brings just as much as they take, who would be a great cheerleader, and encourage their fellow agents and staff,” said DeVries.

If they grow to be the number one salesperson in the region, that’s great. But we are more interested in the integrity and character of the individual, and their desire to be successful – their desire to serve the customer well.”

The five core values espoused by HUFF reflect the company’s commitment to agents by “teaching relentlessly and serving passionately,” and begins with DeVries’ original point emphasizing the firm’s most valued characteristic:

  • Honesty and Integrity: “Too many people sell on sizzle. The honesty and integrity of the person are their most important character traits. Whether male or female, old or young, matters not.”
  • Continual Pursuit of Excellence: “We are constantly trying to get better at everything we do.”
  • Mutual Respect and Caring: “We recognize the importance of working on a team. The Bengals QB is important – but so is his second-string center, and the team trainer.”
  • Family Takes Priority: “We talk long and hard about falling in love with the job. We don’t want our people working seven days a week, 365 days a year. Your loved ones will fall by the wayside.
  • Loyalty In Relationships: “We march together, arm-in-arm. We want people who respect that, who recognize and have mutual respect for the education and the training we provide, and who understand loyalty is a two-way street.”

DeVries is a Florida native and graduate of Centre College in Danville, Ky., who manages more than 1,200 agents at HUFF Realty as well as a triumvirate grid of realty firms in Louisville and Lexington (Rector Hayden REALTORS, Semonin REALTORS and Wakefield Reutlinger REALTORS).

He has worked in real estate for 25 years, and began his career with HomeServices of America Inc., corporate parent of HUFF Realty, in 1999.

Our job is to get the customer from Point A to Point B, as successfully and professionally as possible, with their mind intact, their emotions intact, the correct proceeds from their sale, or the right amount of money they are choosing to invest, while keeping everything as healthy as possible on both ends,” DeVries says.

All brokers essentially play the same role of having their agents under that umbrella of education, protection, guidance and support. When we bring them in, we keep them, by teaching them relentlessly and serving them passionately,” says DeVries.

In an Era of Technology, People Have Never Been As Important

Real estate sales agents have never been more valuable than they are today, despite the plethora of tools, websites, software solutions and television shows who say they aren’t.

As anecdotal evidence, DeVries recalls a late 1990s, company-wide concern for the future of real estate.

There were all these urgent meetings behind closed doors, and it was all about this big, monstrous thing called ‘The Internet,’ which was going to put us all out of business,” DeVries says.

Everybody was horrified about all these websites going up, that we were not going to be relevant or necessary for long, that we needed to have all this figured out with a new model. It was going to annihilate us.

Nothing could have been further from the truth,” DeVries adds.

Back then, about 88 percent of the market used an agent, with about 10 percent FSBO (For Sale By Owners). Today, we know that up to 92-93 percent of the market now uses an agent, and only about six percent are sold by the owner,” said DeVries.

We think that’s because people need us. Contracts that used to be 2-3 pages now take up a binder. There’s never been more complications, never been more fraud, more disclosures, never been more layers to a transaction than there are right now.

“Agents – the right agents – educated, well-trained agents who can make a sometimes-brutal process easier to bear – have never been more essential to the equation than they are today.”

ABOUT HUFF REALTY: Based in Fort Mitchell, Ky., with 450 sales agents deployed at 13 offices throughout Greater Cincinnati, Huff Realty was created by former owner Jim Huff and his wife, Bert Huff, to be the dominant commercial and residential real estate force in Northern Kentucky. HUFF Realty is a one-stop service shop providing products and services for Home Sales, Commercial Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance, Relocation, Title, Home Warranties, Rentals and Auctions. Offices are in Anderson Township, Cincinnati, Downtown Cincinnati (OTR). Fairfield/Hamilton, Florence, Fort Mitchell, Highland Heights, Hyde Park, Lawrenceburg (IN), Mason/Deerfield Township, Montgomery, Union Centre and Western Hills. For more information, please visit or call (859) 341-7400.

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spotlight on Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC), the #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier feature article published online 2.21.17: ‘Here’s How One of Cincinnati’s Largest Contractors Rebuilt Itself’ ~ thx @TomCincyBiz

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Press Release PDF: constructing-the-100m-developer-by-design-press-release-from-cincinnati-united-contractors-cuc-2-23-17

(click —->> for Business Courier story

Online Release:

Constructing the $100 Developer, By Design

Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC) diversifies design offerings, credits relationships with municipalities and business owners: Reputations earned, and kept, dealing with real-world issues.

Municipalities Remain: The Infrastructure and Backbone of the Queen City.

Smart Growth with Exceptional Schools: “Winners Want To Be With Winners.’

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Feb. 23, 2017] One of Cincinnati’s best-known developers has once again hit the $100 million mark by sticking to old-school principles, while offering a diverse palette of new buildings, new product and design at Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC) Inc., soon to be celebrating a 40-year anniversary. Revenue growth has remained consistent between 10-20 percent annually since the crash of 2008.

We’ve been fortunate to be above $100 million for the last several years by applying our skills and talents to any project type,” says Chance Truemper, vice president of Cincinnati United Contractors – CUC (

There’s a saying around here: We’ll build anything from your doghouse to the penthouse,” Truemper says.

Whatever it takes – and, sometimes, it takes building that doghouse, for someone to get to know you, in order to get the opportunity to build their penthouse.”


Chuck Kubicki, founder and President of Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC), left, with Vice President Chance Truemper at Summit Woods in Sharonville. Photo: PR


Like every other year since 1978, CUC has earned its stripes through relationships earned, and promises kept, with the many and various corporate clients, business owners and municipalities located throughout Greater Cincinnati.

It’s not just a strategy at Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC). It’s a cornerstone block. “Particularly with the cities,” Truemper says.

Municipalities are key to being successful in construction and development. Taking the city, county, and/or township on as a partner is critical,” Truemper says.

Municipalities are in charge of buying police cars, fire trucks, snow plows, and many other aspects of city needs. Usually they’re one of the biggest employers. If you have a good city manager and a pro-business council, you will be able to attract great businesses. Business interests can, in turn, pour all kinds of tax money back into the community.”


A manufacturing rebound has boosted CUC, as well as light industrial, and office work such as the new $20 million Blue Ash headquarters for Integrity Express Logistics on Cooper Road. CUC recently added another office building at the popular Summit Woods Office Park in Sharonville; construction recently wrapped up on the East Side in Milford (UC Health and Roney’s) and in Mount Orab (new AutoMall for Mark Williams Auto Group).

We’re still doing a wide variety of projects. So much of our business is referral-based, so we actually do enjoy the variety,” Truemper says.


Cincinnati United Contractors – CUC is a Cincinnati native and development/construction company owner who learned the business literally from the group up: he spent his early years in the business behind the steering wheel of a bulldozer for Gallenstein Co. Truemper has been a vice president at Cincinnati United Contractors – CUC for seven years; he’s a University of Cincinnati graduate from the renowned UC College of Applied Science.

Cincinnati is comprised of a quirky network of cities, counties, villages, townships, and states – a terrain few know better than Kubicki, Truemper and their home-grown team at CUC. “The success of local school districts, in particular, remains a prime catalyst for the success of any real estate project,” Kubicki says.

When school districts require a levy, home owners need to understand the positive impact it will have on their property values,” Kubicki adds.

Whether it’s for your own living expenses, or for passing wealth on to the next generation, having a house in a good school district is critical. It’s a tremendous advantage, to development, if the Superintendent is running her or his school district like a municipality. Just like a City Manager, a School Superintendent is running a large company.”

Winners want to be with winners,” concluded Kubicki.

There are many who will vote down levies simply because they don’t have children in the school district anymore. However, that home is probably one of their biggest investments, and they need it to be worth as much as possible when it’s time to sell.”

ABOUT CUC: Cincinnati United Contractors ( is the premier commercial real estate developer in Greater Cincinnati, having developed and redeveloped thousands of acres of land and millions of square feet of office, industrial, retail, owner-occupied, specialty-use properties and facilities for the faithful (churches). For more information, please call (513) 677-0060 visit, find CUC on Facebook or follow on Twitter @CintiUnitedCUC.

For media inquiries regarding CUC, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or

Mr. Chance Truemper
Vice President, Cincinnati United Contractors Inc. (CUC) 7143 East Kemper Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249 (513) 677-0060


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Third-Generation Ackermann Group of Cincinnati Continues to Expand: in Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis and Kentucky. Press Release! Photos! Video! @BusinessCourier story! ~~ v. 2015 by @CincinnatiPR

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PDF: Third Generation Ackermann Continues To Expand in Cincy Dayton Columbus Indianapolis and Kentucky – Press Release 8.31.15

Cincinnati Business Courier story published 8.28.15: BizCourier on Ackermann 8.28.15

on Third Generation Ackermann Group Continues to Expand – Press Release 8.31.15

Third-Generation Ackermann Group Continues to Expand

Projections have Ackermann Group building, developing or acquiring 500 units annually.

Cincinnati-based Ackermann Group continues expansion in Greater Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Columbus and Dayton markets

Ackermann Group execs (left to right) Greg Long, Lasserre Bradley and Dobbs Ackermann ~~ Courier story:

Ackermann Group execs (left to right) Greg Long, Lasserre Bradley and Dobbs Ackermann ~~ Courier story:

[NORWOOD, Ohio ~ August 31, 2015] Seventy-five years after the Ackermann Group first opened shop as an apartment builder and single-family homebuilder in Cincinnati’s suburbs, this real estate services company is now a savvy force in its hometown and beyond, a third-generation builder and developer expanding across multiple Midwestern markets.

Ackermann Group of 2015 is a robust, diversified residential and commercial developer, looking to expand in major fashion by adding, building or buying as many as 500 apartment units annually.

Emphasizing the “Stay, Work and Play” mantra that the community-based developer has become, “growth today can come from several different avenues, whether by acquisition, new construction or value-add renovations,” says CEO Dobbs Ackermann of the Norwood-based company (

“There are just some incredible opportunities that we are seeing every day with our partners, investors and the communities; opportunities happening in the same places we’ve been fortunate enough to work previously, as well as in new markets,” said Ackermann.

Growth in such specific, defined terms only occurs when a slew of social and economic factors favorably align with a developer’s stars.

That mix of timing, cash and opportunity has particularly coalesced over the last year or so, as Ackermann Group gears up in its hometown and for a sustained Midwestern expansion into Dayton, Indianapolis, Columbus and eventually further south into Kentucky.

The path to progress for Ackermann Group has picked up with the following:

  • The Fort in Indianapolis, a 226-unit apartment complex recently acquired in Lawerence, Indiana;
  • The Flats at Fishers Marketplace is a $35 million, 306-unit multi-family residential new development connecting lifestyle and convenience north of Indianapolis;
  • Austin Park in south Dayton (Miamisburg, next to Austin Landing) will soon provide more than 226 luxury apartments ringed by commercial, retail and restaurants;
  • University Station in Cincinnati just recently delivered (late last year) a high-end community near Xavier University with 480 student housing residences, office and retail;
  • The hiring of Lasserre Bradley III as Vice President of Real Estate, to spearhead new development opportunities.
Ackermann Group on the @BusinessCourier app

Ackermann Group on the @BusinessCourier app

For more information about Ackermann Group, please call (513) 842-3100 visit or send an e-mail to

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Third Generation Ackermann Group Continues to Expand - 8.31.15 press release by Andy Hemmer

Third Generation Ackermann Group Continues to Expand – 8.31.15 press release

THE FLATS AT FISHERS (NORTH INDY) IS NO LONGER ON FIRE: Ackermann Group of Cincy rebuilding – while still building, and opening new apartments – on the same site. 84 new units delivered last month (July 2015) ~~ ~~ (317) 567-4949 ~~ Next phase to be delivered early 2016 ~~ and how, btw, can you get developers to smile like this?

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Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens new 84-unit phase for The Flats at Fishers Marketplace ~

Ackermann Group of Cincinnati opens new 84-unit phase for The Flats at Fishers Marketplace ~ ~ This photo was taken inside the new, rebuilt section of The Flats at Fishers, site of an unoccupied building fire earlier this year.

The fire’s out at The Flats at Fishers Marketplace.

Been out, since shortly after it started, earlier this year.

Yeah, it did some damage.

So what’s it take to get the developer, Ackermann Group of Cincinnati, to smile like this? (that’s COO Greg Long, left to right, with Vice President Ginger Collins and President/CEO Dobbs Ackermann):

  • a successful rebuilding program, on the same site, building with the same people in the same community;
  • a really, really good insurance company;
  • opening another wing of the same project last month – The Flats at Fishers Marketplace – offering the same unique, live-work-play environment and atmosphere;
  • leasing up about one-third of that new wing, which brings 84 new apartments to this booming suburb northeast of Indianapolis.

This is a major milestone for the Ackermann Group and for The Flats at Fishers,” said Dobbs Ackermann, president and CEO of Cincinnati-based Ackermann Group.

We were able to restart construction after a devastating fire of an unoccupied building, which will result in the delivery of a new building on the same site in early 2016.”

Ackermann Group designed The Flats at Fishers Marketplace with an eye on integration of services for the community within a lifestyle center, Fishers Marketplace.

The Flats is able to provide grocery shopping, restaurants, bars, retail and a host of amenities that are all within walking distance, as part of the service-based environment we’ve built around our residents,” Ackermann said.

After we had the fire in January, the community response was just unbelievable. We received tremendous support from the Fishers and surrounding fire departments, and people were literally calling us every day wishing us encouragement, and continuing to welcome us to Fishers,” Ackermann added.

We were able to get cleaned up pretty quickly and get back to work on construction. We feel extremely grateful that nobody was hurt. We feel as if all that community support will lead us to a very bright future, for us and our partners and the whole community here at The Flats.”

For more information about Ackermann Group, please call (513) 842-3100 or visit The Flats at Fishers Marketplace can be reached at (317) 567-4949 or by visiting

For media inquiries, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or


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SpringDot CEO Josh Deutsch, honored with John F. Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Cincinnati (@EOCincinnati) ~~ presented by LEAD Cincinnati magazine and Venue Magazine

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On August 6, LEAD and Venue Magazines presented 16 honorees with The John F. Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award at The Center.

Each honoree nominated exemplified vision, strength of character and determination in their journey as an Entrepreneur and a business-owner.

John F. Barrett, president and CEO of Western & Southern Financial Group spoke a few words to open the event.

Keynote speaker Virginia Drosos, president and CEO of Assurex Health, Inc. spoke to the crowd about the importance of entrepreneurial spirit, endurance and continuing to grow and evolve over time.

If you would like to nominate someone for next year’s Entrepreneur Vision Awards, please e-mail for more information.

Congratulations to the 2015 honorees:

Josh Deutsch, president & CEO of SpringDot

Jamie Gerdsen, CEO of Apollo Home

David Goodwin, managing partner & co-founder of Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC)

Terry Grear, president of ScrogginsGrear

Tillie Hidalgo Lima, president & CEO of Best Upon Request

Bob Krejci, president of Riverside Construction Services, Inc and Riverside Architectural Millwork

Dora Manuel, owner & event designer for Viva Bella Events

Richard Palmer, president of Nehemiah Manufacturing Company

Jim Salters, CEO of The Business Backer

Edgar L. Smith, Jr., chairman & CEO of World Pac Paper, LLC

Mike Ward, president of Mike Ward Landscaping

Todd Wilkins, president & owner of Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership, Fairway Leasing, LLC

Greg Wolf, president & CEO of Midwest Sports

Jennifer Wolfe, founder & president of Wolfe Domain, a Digital Brand Strategy Advisory Firm

Steven Wolterman, president of Wolterman Law Office LPA & Mason Painting

Michael Zipfel, president & owner of Zipfel Mortgage Group.

(Information courtesy of LEAD Cincinnati …. thanks Steve!)

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The @CincinnatiPR Minute for Monday, July 6, 2015 ~~ starring Brent Walker of Walker Homes at Riverview Estates, Anderson Township ~~

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