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#ThrowbackTuesday, Anniversary PR Edition: — 10.25.09 — Scripps Center at 312 Walnut, Mayerson brothers Fred and Manny in The Sunday Enquirer

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Press Release: family-tradition-press-release-from-andy-hemmer-pr-for-312-walnut-and-mayerson-brothers-fred-and-manny-0-published-10-25-09-in-the-sunday-enquirer

Sunday Enquirer story for Mayerson brothers Fred and Manny and their Scripps Center at 312 Walnut - published 10.25.16

Sunday Enquirer story for Mayerson brothers Fred and Manny and their Scripps Center at 312 Walnut – published 10.25.16



Press Release for Scripps Center at 312 Walnut and Mayerson brothers Fred and Manny

Press Release for Scripps Center at 312 Walnut and Mayerson brothers Fred and Manny

#10YearsAgo: Anchor Properties, run by Steve Hemberger and Doug Hynden, lands in #LovTheCov and Sunday @Enquirer @EnquirerMedia ~~ Sunday Enquirer feature on Anchor Properties, May 7, 2006 ~~

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Cincinnati Enquirer photo shoot with Anchor Properties, May 2006

Anchor Properties foto shoot Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday edition PR by Andy Hemmer

THE BEFORE: Anchor Properties ( in Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday edition May 7 2006 ~~ Left to Right: Tom Bowers, Matt Grever, Bryan Blade, Mike Ricke and Gene Mello.

Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday edition May 7, 2006

foto shoot Anchor Properties and Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday edition PR by Andy Hemmer

THE AFTER: Publication Date 5.7.06 Left to Right Tom Bowers, Matt Grever, Bryan Blade, Mike Ricke and Gene Mello.

Full Article: Sunday Enquirer May 7, 2006 Anchor Properties

Anchor Properties in Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday edition PR by Andy Hemmer

Robert Lucke Homes, in 2003 Cincinnati Business Courier feature nine years ago today, now flexing towards HOMEARAMA 2013, marking 60 years of craftsmanship and detail

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Robert Lucke Homes Press Release: Robert Lucke Homes in Cincinnati Business Courier – 10.3.03 – PR by Andy Hemmer – This Is The Press Release as a PDF

Nine years ago today, Robert Lucke Homes was the cover story in “Growth Strategies,” published on Oct. 3, 2003, by the Cincinnati Business Courier, a feature now more commonly known as “Insight.”

The story delved into the expansion into office/condos, “Office Condos Lucke’s Break.”

Robert Lucke Homes in Cincinnati Business Courier – 10.3.03

And here’s the first page of the Press Release:

Press Release for Robert Lucke Homes, 2003.

Much has transpired since then, says Scott Lucke, representing the third generation of Luckes. For over 60 years, his company has been providing Greater Cincinnati families with exceptional custom-built homes.

Now known as the Robert Lucke Group, the company’s passion for craftsmanship and detail grows stronger with each new home built by:

celebrating its 60th year in business, now in its third generation of Lucke leadership;

flexing once again at HOMEARAMA 2013, the premier showcase of high-end living in Cincinnati;

finishing a major renovation of the old Western Row Golf Course Clubhouse for the Manor House in Mason.

For more information about Robert Lucke Group, please call (513) 683-3300 or visit

Protective deal at The Center at 600 Vine, profiled in Cincinnati Enquirer, ignited Downtown office market coverage

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Protective Insurance, The Center at 600 Vine in Cincinnati Enquirer - 1.20.06

Downtown Cincinnati has been making a comeback in recent years, on many fronts. Five years ago, the Downtown Cincy office market scored a centerpiece story in the region’s major metropolitan daily, The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Fountain Square is once again the recognized epicenter of the populus; nightlife has returned in many sub-districts; and the office market is holding its own.

The Center at 600 Vine

Formerly known as The Convergys Center, one of the largest buildings in the Downtown District is The Center at 600 Vine (

Five years ago today, The Center at 600 Vine began landing a string of tenants, starting with Protective Insurance of Alabama, a deal inked by David Ottenjohn with Jones Lang LaSalle.

Ottenjohn recently merged his commercial real estate brokerage company, Cincinnati Capital Properties, with the Cincinnati office of JLL.

The Protective lease, and a host of improvements at The Center at 600 Vine, resulted in a major, centerpiece feature in The Cincinnati Enquirer on Jan. 20, 2006.

Upgrades at The Center at 600 Vine included:

– a renovated, 455-car parking garage that cost $1 million;

– a life safety systems replacement estimated at $450,000;

interior finishes featuring wooden wall panels and ceiling details in the lobby and elevator facilities;

– all new restrooms and built-out tenant spaces.

David Ottenjohn - Jones Lang LaSalle

The building is currently 70 percent leased.

The largest tenant at The Center at 600 Vine is FirstGroup; it’s also home to Advantage IQ, Bartlett, Santen & Hughes; CR architecture + design, Wood & Lamping and Ulmer & Berne.

Back when Protective made the move from The Federated Building to The Center at 600 Vine, the company’s office was prodigious. The lease measured just over 15,000 square feet.

The office was comprised of a 25-person call center catering to stockbrokers, and 20 sales and management personnel coordinating a field force of about 130 sales reps.

The field reps spent their time canvassing the country, marketing Protective products.

Here’s the press release from Protective, Ottenjohn and the building’s owner, the Hertz Investment Group ( of Los Angeles:

Protective, The Center at 600 Vine press release - 1.20.06

New Year’s Day PR, Pt. 2: WagsPark in BizCourier, then Enquirer, then Forest Hills Journal

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WagsPark in The Cincinnati Business Courier - 1.1.09

Bob Slattery really digs his dogs, a love affair that’s extended to two of his companies, Perimeter Technologies Inc. and Pet Stop Pet Fence Systems, and helped develop them into state-of-the-art players in the national pet containment products game.

Two years ago today, Slattery and his private CC for the K-9, WagsPark in Newtown, were featured in The Cincinnati Business Courier.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Slattery is also fond of cutting-edge marketing (Reach USA, Reach Event Marketing), world-class professional sports (AVP Mason) and cultivating a hub of top-notch service companies (The Wedding Mafia).

WagsPark in Cincinnati Enquirer - 4.29.09

That unconditional love between Slattery and man’s best friend – combined with promotional prowess, decades of pet industry experience, superior technology and a three-acre slice along Newtown Road – have manifested themselves along the primary gateway to the Village of Newtown into a multi-million-dollar canine heaven, WagsPark.

“In Greater Cincinnati, we have at least 4,000 families and their dogs– and I’m sure there more dogs than that, because some PetStop customers have more than one dog – and we’re always on the hunt for new ways to provide them with value-added products and service,” said Slattery.

He launched Blue Ash-based Pet Stop, the only national pet containment system manufactured in the U.S., in 1992. Equipment and products are manufactured in Morgantown, Pa.

WagsPark in Forest Hills Journal - 6.24.09

“So here we are, with these 4,000 Cincinnati-area families and their dogs who stand behind Pet Stop,” Slattery continued.

“We have all kinds of opportunities put before us, but what we really wanted to do was add something of value for those families and their pets.

“We’re still working out the details, but as one example, a Pet Stop customer would receive a significant discount from the WagsPark annual membership.

“They may get free obedience school training. Or maybe some free tickets to one of our dock-diving events, a Frisbee exhibition or agility – speed, dog dancing and fly ball – competitions. Wait until you see one of these crazy dogs jump 20-30 feet off of a dock to catch something over the water,” Slattery said.

WagsPark: A 1st for Greater Cincinnati families, dog owners

WagsPark will be the first of its kind in Greater Cincinnati, a private, upscale park dedicated to the health and well-being of the hound.

WagsPark photo shoot with The Cincinnati Business Courier

Areas will cater to the leashed and unchained crowds alike.

Pet Stop will open its first retail outlet at the site selling:

training products;


pet toys;

dog food and …

– the best dog biscuits that can be found at an existing building being renovated into a training center and retail store.

Slattery and his partners began carving three distinct play areas at WagsPark in late 2008, with a projected opening of late Spring 2009.

Here’s the online press release announcing WagsPark:

…. and here’s the online version of The Business Courier story:

…. and here’s the actual press release itself, which paved the way for coverage in The Cincinnati Business Courier, The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Forest Hills Journal:

WagsPark press release - PR by

WagsPark is open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., with lighted areas at night.

Dogs must have proof of appropriate vaccinations and must pass a temperament test to establish membership.

Annual memberships cost $395, with $25 daily passes for members’ guests discounts for Pet Stop owners.

A campaign is currently afoot that provides financial incentives for those who pay for their annual membership early.

The topography at WagsPark includes a mini-amphitheater and performance area as well as a doggie lake, where the owners intend to leverage their promotional and events expertise (read: AVP Mason) into nationally televised dock-diving events and competition.

There will be pet drinking fountains, dog wash stations and bathroom facilities for the dog owners, shelters, play fountains, dog skateboarding runs, separate areas for active and timid dogs, spaces for dogs on leashes and those running free. Obedience classes are available. Expert trailers will be available for consultation and private sessions.

And finally ….. here’s a sneak peek at The Business Courier photo shoot:

New Year’s Day PR, Pt. 1: Cincy Enquirer, and bringing Little Kings home

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Little Kings in The Cincinnati Enquirer - 1.1.09

Greg Hardman, the Cincinnati beer baron dedicated to returning the legacy of Cincinnati’s brewing heritage to its former national glory, leaned back at his desk.

Profiled in The Cincinnati Enquirer on New Year’s Day, 2009, Hardman had just added Cincinnati beer legend Little Kings Cream Ale to his stable of craft beers, under the banner of The Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. (

Little Kings

“We finally did it. We have finally consolidated ownership of some of Cincinnati’s historic beer brands under a single, local owner,” said Hardman, CEO of Christian Moerlein. The deal had closed two days before, on Dec. 30, 2008.

With a flourish of Hardman’s signature, a flurry of faxes and legal papers, Hardman added one of the biggest names in the long, storied line of Cincinnati brewing brands with the purchase of Little Kings Cream Ale.

Little Kings has enjoyed almost a cult attraction amongst fans for years with its green-bottled, seven-ounce frame, the brand that helped propel Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co. to be one of the greatest regional brewers of its time. 

During its heyday, Hudepohl-Schoenling was a top 10 brewer nationwide. With a recent resurgence of retro-brands such as Pabst Blue Ribbon, the Hudepohl-Schoenling brands are now positioned for rapid growth in the marketplace.

Hardman, a graduate from Ohio University, has enjoyed a lengthy career in the beverage industry, and is a man on a mission: to bring back the Cincinnati beer brands that put the Queen City on the map more than a century ago.

Hardman cut his teeth with 25 years of industry experience and success, starting with a beer distributor in Athens after graduating from OU, then proceeding to 18 years of success with the Warsteiner Importers Agency

After Warsteiner, Hardman engineered the takeoff of one of the hottest-selling craft beer brands in the nation with Christian Moerlein, coupled with the recent re-release of Hudy Delight.

Here’s the online press release for the Little Kings announcement that led to the centerpiece feature in The Enquirer:

Hardman’s professional passion turned a new corner in March 2004 when he left Warsteiner and bought Christian Moerlein and the right of first-refusal for the legendary Hudepohl-Schoenling beers.

Two years later, he bought Hudepohl 14K, Hudy Delight and Burger. The Little Kings acquisition ends 2008 with a bang and closes the loop with the corralling of the Hudepohl-Schoenling brands, coming full-circle back into Hardman’s portfolio.

Little Kings owner Hardman on Fox19

Underneath the Christian Moerlein Brewing umbrella, and in conjunction with the Little Kings purchase, Hardman announced plans to establish a Moerlein Lagers & Ales Craft Brand Division, which will only handle the Moerlein hand-crafted brands of beer. A separate Hudepohl-Schoenling division will handle Little Kings and Hudepohl.

Here’s the original press release on the Little Kings acquisition:

Little Kings comes home - press release by

Cincinnati Magazine on Jimmy Gould: private equity king, pro football owner and agent …. and peewee football coach

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Jimmy Gould of The Walnut Group - and former head coach of the Indian Hill Pee-Wee Braves - profiled in Cincinnati Magazine, January 2004


The head coach, a self-made millionaire versed in the intricacies of private equity, corporate finance and acquisitions, sports management and entrepreneurial pursuits, also knows a little bit about the game.

Jimmy Gould, after all, has represented some of the finest talent to play in the National Football League.

The assistant head coach was vice president of external business development and global licensing for one of the largest manufacturers of consumer goods in the world, Cincinnati’s own Procter & Gamble Co.

Cincinnati Magazine - January 2004

The offensive line coach was a banker, the chief financial officer at Fifth Third Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the Midwest, where he spends his days supervising billions of dollars of investment, personal and corporate wealth via asset management and investment services.

On this night, however, these three captains of Cincinnati industry weren’t gnashing their teeth over the next big deal.

In the big picture of life, this was infinitely more important: the Indian Hill Pee-Wee Braves, where they coached.

The coaching staff of the Indian Hill Braves were more interested in communicating with their players, laying down some team rules, discussing vital health and safety information with the parents.

And perhaps, more than anything else, setting the tone and attitude before the Braves‘ first game of the season.

The players, for their part, were relaxed and nonchalant.

They’d turn their fortunes around from the previous season, after all, notching a 6-4 record and beating their arch-rival twice.

The accomplishment of the previous year’s team was considered even more impressive, since the prior team had only won a single game in two seasons.

The Indian Hill Braves, and their coaching staff, were profiled in the January 2004 of Cincinnati Magazine.

Jimmy Gould and the Indian Hill Braves - press release by

Meteoric Coldstream Financial hit mortgage market at its zenith: profiled in Cincy Enquirer

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Coldstream Financial profile in The Cincinnati Enquirer - 12.29.05

Anybody seen Coldstream?

Three young guns who met at Ohio Financial, then started their own company, struck when the mortgage brokerage industry was at its hottest, in 2005, and scored a centerpiece spread in The Cincinnati Enquirer five years ago today.

Coldstream Financial – website is a site unseen – also made the Fast 55 lists published in 2005 and 2006 by The Cincinnati Business Courier, until flaming out – allegedley – in 2008.

The company was run by Principals Jeff Herr, Nolan Marx and J. Scott Thompson, three young and motivated mortgage loan experts who built their business through an intense mix of recruiting, training and exclusive, industry-targeted marketing partnerships.

In just three years, from 2002 to 2005, Coldstream had set a pace to originate $246 million in mortgage volume, a 500 percent increase, on properties located specifically in Greater Cincinnati.

Coldstream targeted the first-home buyer in the $120,000-$150,000 range and had become the choice for thousands of local homeowners. The company recruited heavily on local college campuses, particularly at Miami University in Oxford.

“Our stated goal is to be the largest mortgage provider in Greater Cincinnati, which we believe we’ll be able to accomplish within a few years,” Herr said at the time.

“We realize the process of financial review for a mortgage can be a very stressful situation, so one of the ways that we’ve been able to create residual business is by making it a very positive experience,”  Thompson said in the 2005 press release (below). “Our people know what they’re talking about. They live and breathe this stuff.”

Various reports had Coldstream shutting its doors in 2008. Here’s a story from October 2008 in The Cincinnati Business Courier:

Coldstream Financial still pops up in Google searches as operating an office in Mount Adams; inquiries as to the connection to the Coldstream Financial once located in Springdale were inconclusive.

Here’s the Coldstream Financial press release that paved the way for the 2005 profile in The Enquirer:

CAFCO and That Green Thing: BizCourier profile boosts 65-year Cincy HVAC, cleaning company

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CAFCO Services in the Cincinnati Business Courier - 12.28.07

Three years ago today, CAFCO of Cincinnati announced its new shade of Green, turning to a Canadian manufacturer of cleaning products and The Cincinnati Business Courier to tell its story.

Founded in 1945, CAFCO Services ( further solidified its historical eco-friendly approach to doing business by striking a deal with Enviro-Solutions Ltd. of Ontario.

The company’s profile appeared in The Cincinnati Business Courier ( on Dec. 28, 2007; here it is online:

The agreement provided CAFCO with U.S. territorial rights to market the Canadian company’s lineup of environmentally-friendly cleaning supply products.

Founded in Cincinnati in 1945:

Clients old and new are receptive to CAFCO because they’re familiar with the company’s reputation, its membership in the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA), and its two-time track record of winning of the international trade association’s Clean Air Award, most recently in September of 2007.

“For more than 60 years, our name has been synonymous with a breath of fresh, clean air for thousands of buildings, restaurants and corporate clients throughout Greater Cincinnati and its surrounding regions,”  Mr. Marc Flick, president and second-generation owner of CAFCO, said at the time. “With CAFCO’s new emphasis on Green products, we are taking that one step further.

“It only makes sense. We will continue to help our clients by cleaning their air, and now we can clean their building, using the most recent, cost-effective solutions that embrace our natural environment and the Green movement,” Flick added.

The contract with Enviro-Solutions allows CAFCO to exclusively market products from Enviro-Solutions ( throughout Greater Cincinnati and Dayton.

CAFCO came across Enviro-Solutions only after a copious amount of due diligence.

To reach CAFCO, please call (513) 242-3400 or visit

Here’s the press release announcing CAFCO’s newest shade of Green:

CAFCO goes green - press release by

Christmas Day PR, Part 3: SpringDot in Dayton BizJournal on Dec. 25, 2009

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SpringDot in The Dayton Business Journal - 12.25.09

Alrighty then …. three straight years with clients making major news, in major metropolitan news outlets, winding up with last year’s Dayton Business Journal story on SpringDot.

So who’s up for making the papers on Christmas Day, 2010? We’ve got three days left … the possibilities are endless!

The SpringDot story in Dayton actually was the result of the same story running one week prior in Dayton’s sister paper in ‘The Natti, The Cincinnati Business Courier.

The Dayton and Cincinnati newsrooms operate independently, but since both are part of the same media company (American City Business Journals), they frequently share content. Usually it’s done the same week; on occasion, they’ll trail the other by a week.

Here’s The Cincinnati Business Courier on SpringDot, published one week before, on Dec. 18, 2009 …. press release below, serving both (you’ll also notice the same picture used in both papers, cropped differently):

Springdot in The Cincinnati Business Courier - 12.18.09

…. the online version of the Dayton Business Journal story is here:

…. the online version of the Cincinnati Business Courier story is here:

….. and the SpringDot press release, serving both papers, is online here ….

….. and, finally, the SpringDot press release is saved here as a JPG (page 1):

SpringDot Press Release announcing Litho Print acquisition - PR by

Happy Holidays!

And I’m serious … who’s up for making the Christmas Day papers this year?

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