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Bramkamp publishes Mount Adams Steps book with Nesbitt, covering 150 years of climbin’ and prayin’ at Holy Cross/Immaculata

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For the last 150 years, the faithful have been climbing and praying The Mount Adams Steps at Holy Cross/Immaculata Church. For forty of those years, Cincinnati photographer Don Nesbitt has been there, capturing the sacred moment for Catholics winding down their Lenten season with a Good Friday climb high above the Queen City.

BRAMKAMP, NESBITT PUBLISH BOOK ON MOUNT ADAMS STEPS: Larry Kuhlman, left, is the President of Bramkamp Printing, which published "The Mount Adams Steps" for longtime Cincinnati photographer Don Nesbitt

“The people look the same. It’s as if they’re the same faces, the same people every year; just their clothes have changed,” said Nesbitt, a Cincinnati native who lives in Walnut Hills, and grew up in Norwood. Nesbitt lives through his camera, and made a living as a shutterbug, shooting for Cincinnati magazine back in the day.

To celebrate those 150 years – and all the faces Nesbitt has been framing along The Mount Adams Steps since 1970 – Nesbitt’s photos have been immortalized in a new book recently published by Nesbitt and Bramkamp Printing Co. of Blue Ash. Nesbitt will be attending a book signing this Saturday, April 3, at Findlay Market from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Bramkamp has been on a tear: the company, owned by Larry Kuhlman and Kevin Murray, received the Maxwell Award from the Printing Industries of Ohio/Northern Kentucky in January, 2010.  The award is given annually to a graphic arts organization that’s distinguished itself in the manner of the city’s first printer, William Maxwell.

“Here at Bramkamp Printing, we are extremely humbled, and honored, to receive this award,” said Kuhlman. “If he were around today, Mr. Maxwell would understand that the printing industry needs to be more customer-focused than ever, helping customers to succeed in all areas of the graphic arts.”

The book was recently featured as the cover story in the Life section of The Cincinnati Enquirer, in a story written by Amy Howell-Hirt.


Established in 1921, Bramkamp Printing has long been a fixture of the Cincinnati printing scene.  Previously based in Downtown Cincinnati, the company relocated to Winton Place in 2004, relocating and expanding again for bigger digs at its current place in 2007.

During that time the company has grown from $1.9 million in sales to nearly $7 million.  Investing in new technologies such as digital printing, 1-to-1 marketing, personalized URLs, and e-mail marketing have helped to fuel the company’s growth.

The move to Blue Ash provided Kuhlman with ample room to operate the printing side of the business, but it also gave him room to explore a vision he’s been formulating for several years.

The culmination of that vision – a strategic partnership of independent graphic arts companies co-located in a single facility – is helping these companies to survive and thrive in turbulent economic times.  And it is helping their customers find marketing solutions – easier, faster and more economically.

Among the companies included in the “Graphic Village” are DocuPros Digital Printing, Premier Mail and Fulfillment, Everything’s Image (silk-screening and embroidery), and MR Binders (vinyl binders and products).

Kuhlman is emphatic about his views on success in the printing industry.  “It is more than presses and people to run them,” he says, “it is also ideas to help customers succeed.”

As the first printer in Cincinnati, it is easy to imagine William Maxwell with similar viewpoints.

For interviews with the author or his printer, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, President of PR/Writing Services, aka The Writing Fiend@Large. Mr. Hemmer can be reached at or (513) 604-5428.

If you don’t wanna wait to buy it online (, head on up to Crowley’s, where they have a box of them behind the bar ($25). And Crowley’s takes plastic.

These old-time shots might look like 1950, but none are older than 1970.

Here’s the cover shot, below, my favorite. Here’s to Dec. 31, 1999 at this same church – my wedding day, and the church where my son Grant was baptized. And here’s to all the priests, deacons, lay folks and staffers who have worked at Holy Cross/Immaculata over all the years. Have a blessed Good Friday.

“Alleluia, alleluia; give thanks to the Risen Lord ~ Alleluia, alleluia, give praise to His Name.”

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