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Moerlein Lager House, and Life in Losantiville, at Cincinnati’s Riverfront Park: ‘To the River we return’

Posted in Christian Moerlein Brewing Company on 07/14/2010 by @CincinnatiPR

Simply put, “A Better Beer.”

And here in Losantiville, we return to the River.

Details released today confirm the Moerlein Lager House at Cincinnati Riverfront Park ….. aka, Flanigan’s flies again …. thanks, Greg Hardman and the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company.

Cincinnati’s newest beer baron has been all over the media …. here’s a New Year’s Day 2009 Cincinnati Enquirer cover story (Business) when Hardman – an OU grad – completed his purchase of Little Kings Cream Ale:

Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. feature in Cincinnati Enquirer Business, centerpiece story on New Year's Day 2009

….. and here’s a quick shot of Greg during the Enquirer photo shoot:

Greg Hardman, Owner, Prez and CEO of Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. at his favorite place in the world: on Fountain Square, with some of his beers.

A scant nine months later, news broke about the Moerlein Lager House at Cincinnati Riverfront Park:

Christian Moerlein Brewing Company breaks news of the Moerlein Lager House in April 2010.

All hail The Hardman – Cincinnati’s newest beer baron!

Little Killah: The one and only.

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