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KISS THAT SPLOTCHED METAL CEILING DIFFUSER GOODBYE, SAY HELLO TO PLASTIC ROI: …. and embrace Eger Advantage, the Complete Plastic Ceiling Resource from Eger Products of Cincinnati. Full line of Plastic Ceiling Air Diffusers, Plastic Ceiling Tiles:

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Clean Me! .... or replace entirely with Eger Advantage the Complete Plastic Ceiling Resource from Eger Products

Clean Me! …. or replace entirely with Eger Advantage (below), the Complete Plastic Ceiling Resource from Eger Products.

Press Release – For Immediate Release: Eger Advantage The Complete Plastic Ceiling Resource from Eger Products of Cincinnati – 9.2.13 Press Release

The Eger Advantage, and the power of plastics

The ceiling industry’s worst-kept secret:

Your metal Ceiling Air Diffusers look terrible, and need to be replaced. Again.

Eger Advantage: Plastic Air Diffusers, saving users thousands in labor, maintenance.

Cincy manufacturer Eger Products Co. expanding in the summer of 2013 with new, multi-use facility.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Labor Day – September 2, 2013] We’ve all seen them. And their days are numbered: The ceiling air diffusers impossibly splotched with stains.

And the stains, usually, are just the beginning.

There’s the ubiquitous splattered/blast effect surrounding what used to be some kind of vent, growing in concentric orbs from the nucleus of the offensive component, the antiquated metal air diffuser. Rust seeps from its edges.

It’s enough to make you lose your lunch, particularly if you’re in a restaurant.

The gnarly factor persists, no matter the environment, but it can also be offensive at an office, medical facility, hotel, hospital, retail facility, convention center or similar setting.

Enter the Eger Advantage, manufactured in the U.S. by Eger Products Inc. of Cincinnati, the complete plastic ceiling resource, an innovative industry leader in the plastic air diffuser marketplace (

EGER ADVANTAGE: The Complete Plastic Ceiling Resource from Eger Products {}.

EGER ADVANTAGE: The Complete Plastic Ceiling Resource from Eger Products {}.

The Eger Advantage offers 100 percent plastic, waterproof and washable ceiling resources, highlighted by a line of Plastic Air Diffusers manufactured by Eger Products to serve restaurants, health care, food processing, hospitality and a slew of other industries. The Eger Advantage is sold through distributors, and it’s also marketed directly to customers.

We are the only manufacturer out there who can offer a 100 percent plastic ceiling package, something that you never have to replace, as a one-stop shop with everything under one umbrella,” said Josh Durden, vice president of Eger Advantage.

Research indicates Eger Advantage Ceiling Tiles pay for themselves after only two years. After five years, users realize 34% in cost savings (not having to continually purchase and replace); the ratio jumps to 116% after 15 years, and 211% after 20 years.

As the industry’s complete ceiling resource, Eger Advantage has proliferated by offering a complete line of Plastic Air Diffusers, Ceiling Tiles and associated products, for both the remodel and new-construction markets, serving hallmark American brands such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Arby’s, Starbucks and even the White House and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1969, Eger Products started in Cincinnati, relocating in the 1990s to nearby Clermont County (suburban Cincinnati) and a network of manufacturing, office, administration, distribution, warehouse and assembly plants. Most recently, Eger Advantage purchased a 15,000-square-foot facility to consolidate and expand distribution, warehouse and assembly functions.

Our business is built on relationships, and providing attractive, high-quality, clean-looking, waterproof, mold-resistant and stain-proof products,” said Durden.

We offer a wide variety, and our customers know these are the best, and only, Plastic Air Diffusers and Ceiling Tiles on the market. Companies will even send us their metal units, which we’ll build on spec, due to the quality of the products we are known to manufacture and represent.”

The Eger Advantage is poised to help customers today. For more information, please visit, send an e-mail to or call (513) 753-4200.

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Media Contact:

Mr. Josh Durden

Vice President, Eger Advantage

(513) 947-2533

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