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#TBT with stu lichter of IRG and The Guv (O-H-I-O) at #Huhtamaki press conference in batavia ohio (#cincinnati)

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#TBT stuart lichter IRG at @ElioMotors GM Shreveport

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School Choice is a Civil Right: Charter Schools, Chartering Success

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Press Release – For Immediate Release

National Developer, Charter School Advocate Stu Lichter:

Charter Schools, Chartering Success

For 70 years, public schools have sought to educate, inspire inner-city students. It’s time to open up the competition: enter Public Charter Schools, Educational Alternatives.

‘The inner-city public-school system is a broken-down relic of an apartheid past.’

Lichter: Supporter of “I Can Schools,” a Public Charter School system in Cleveland.

‘We can do better, or we can just let another generation of minority students rot.’

[LOS ANGELES, California ~ Nov. 2, 2016] Seventy years of neglect. Funding deficiencies. A lack of options, and an undercurrent of racism. The ghost of George Wallace is still haunting the American public school system.

This Tuesday, you – me – we, can all do something to change that,” said Stu Lichter, national developer and a Public Charter School advocate.

The benefits are clear when considering the value of a Charter School education, vs. what our policy makers have been doing for decades: more choices, competition is encouraged, and Charter Schools are renowned for developing innovative new ways to teach,” Lichter said.

Lichter, a national developer with multi-million-dollar projects across the U.S., is deeply involved in the Charter School experience, as a supporter of multiple Public Charter Schools. He owns Industrial Realty Group (IRG) of Los Angeles and is the spearhead for projects such as the new Goodyear USA headquarters in Akron, and the new $500 million Pro Football Hall of Fame redevelopment in Canton.

Lichter also produced a video, “School Choice Is A Civil Right,” which he is offering to media outlets.

We can do better, or we can just let another generation of minority students rot,” Lichter said.

There’s a reason why Charter Schools are becoming so popular, and that’s because they outperform public schools for less money.”

Lichter listed several other attractive options, such as: smaller class size, distance learning opportunities, curriculum flexibility and a “specialty” education.

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Mr. Stu Lichter

Press Contact:

Andy Hemmer (513) 604-5428

@CNNMoney on Paul Elio, Elio Motors, Stu Lichter, IRG (Industrial Realty Group) and adaptive reuse of iconic, albeit outdated U.S. industrial facilities: ‘Rebirth of America’s Dead Factories’ ~~ Reporter Parija Kavilanz (@ParijaKavilanz) writing for @CNNMoney ~~ thx, Parija and CNN Money !! ~~

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The Elio from at the former GM Shreveport and Assembly Plant on Jan. 3, 2013, announcing The Next Greatest Thing In Getting You From Here To There. The Elio, based in Phoenix, was featured in a @CNNMoney story posted yesterday:

IRG and The Elio: Sealing the GM Plant Deal Opens Up American Automotive Industry, Starting in The Bayou State. Development Pact Between Caddo Parish (LA) and IRG’s Stu Lichter at former GM Assembly and Stampling Plant Clears the Way for the Next Greatest Thing in Transportation:!

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Press Release – For Immediate Release – Monday, January 6, 2014: IRG and The Elio – Sealing the GM Plant Deal Opens Up American Automotive Industry Starting in The Bayou State – 1.6.14 Press Release from IRG

Shreveport adding 1,500 jobs, Elio Motors and the national leader in adaptive reuse: Industrial Realty Group (IRG)

IRG and The Elio:

Sealing the GM plant deal opens up American automotive industry, starting in The Bayou State

Caddo Parish Industrial Development Board Inks Development Pact with IRG.

Elio Motors: First New American Car Plant in Decades at ex-GM Assembly & Stamping plant.

Full Speed Ahead in Shreveport: Community Leads Its Own Economic Development Revival.

[SHREVEPORT, Louisiana ~ Jan. 6, 2014] The sealing of the Shreveport GM/Elio Motors/IRG plant deal has opened the doors for a rebirth in the American automotive industry – say hello again to The Elio, 84 MPG and Elio Motors of Arizona – at a sparkling-fit former General Motors plant, now run by the national leader in adaptive reuse, Industrial Realty Group and its pointman Stuart M. Lichter of Los Angeles.

GM Shreveport is simply an incredible property, with incredible potential, for Elio Motors as well as for a wide variety of other users,” said Mr. Lichter, president and chairman of IRG (

We’re very excited about having Elio Motors, a revolutionary car concept, as our anchor tenant at GM Shreveport, as we move forward towards getting The Elio into actual production.”

The creation of a new, state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing facility – inside of another – is the embodiment of IRG.

The new Elio Motors plant, expected to stretch 1.5 million square feet, converts “the absolute gem of the former GM facilities available worldwide,” says Mr. Lichter.

Such is the IRG adaptive reuse motif:

– maximize the potential of existing industrial facilities;

– keep your eye on the ball (jobs, jobs, JOBS!); and

– try to make every community touched by IRG a financially happier, economically healthier place.

Lichter and IRG express their since thanks, and extend their utmost admiration, to the people, leaders and supporters of Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

We can’t thank them enough. Caddo Parish has steadfastly believed in Elio Motors, in IRG, and themselves, and that our combined firepower will deliver 1,500 jobs and the next best thing in transportation: The Elio,” said Lichter, supervisor of an IRG portfolio spanning 100 million square feet nationwide including the new Goodyear headquarters.

It took us a year to close this deal, which is typical, for a transaction this large and a facility as valuable, and complex, as the GM Assembly and Stamping Plant.”

Late last month, the Caddo Parish Industrial Development Board – the economic development engine of Caddo Parish ( – closed a $7.5 million deal to purchase the 4.1 million-square-foot GM Shreveport Assembly and Assembly Plant.

Press Release from

Press Release from

At the heart of the deal: IRG, and its adaptive reuse mission.

My dream has been to build a new kind of safe, reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle here in the U.S. and Caddo Parish was the ideal location,” said Paul Elio, chairman and CEO of Elio Motors. “Acquiring this plant, and all of the equipment in a fully operational state, will allow Elio Motors to thrive right off the bat once commercial vehicle production begins in 2015.”

Close with a quote from Paul Elio,” said Paul Elio, president of Elio Motors (

IRG Contact:

Mr. Stu Lichter(310)

Chairman, President of Industrial Realty Group (IRG), Los Angeles, CA

IRG Video News Releases on Mr. Lichter:

Elio Motors Press Conference at Shreveport (embedded Press Release):

Live on FOX Business re: American industrial facilities adaptive reuse:

Former GM Assembly and Stamping, Shreveport, LA, new home of The Elio.

Former GM Assembly and Stamping, Shreveport, LA, new home of The Elio.

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