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Path Forward IT in BizCourier 2day, on WKRC Ch. 12 Sunday: New HQ, website and market expansions in Columbus, Memphis for Cincy-based IT, EMR wizard

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New HQ for Path Forward IT: Governor's Hill

What better way to announce a new website and corporate HQ expansion/relocation than the local business press?

Read all about the business growth and expansion plans of Path Forward IT in your Cincinnati Business Courier today. Here’s the story, on Page 5 …. thanks, James!

Path Forward iT in Business Courier - 6.17.11

Path Forward IT, owned by Cincinnati native Nick Recker, is equipped to handle the complete range of needs for IT initiatives at medical practices.

Services range from long-term strategic planning to everyday technical needs. Path Forward IT is comfortable playing the roles of CIO, implementation guru, networking expert, cell phone troubleshooter and everything in between.

Path Forward is focused on providing the best IT solution for specific medical practices. The company’s depth of experience and unmatched industry knowledge combine to create a custom IT solution that increases a practice’s efficiency, maximizes its profitability, and minimizes its downtime.

Path Forward brings physician practices a trusted team of advisers. The company understands the IT issues that keep clients up at night, and is able to solve them.

Path Forward IT professionals are certified in all major EMR products, and have dealt with just about every medical specialty under the sun. The company understands what it takes to achieve “meaningful use,” using the parlance of our times.

And that’s just the beginning. Let Path Forward IT put its unmatched expertise to work for you.

The Roselawn office for Path Forward IT at 7162 Reading Road is still open.

The new Governor’s Hill complex is in Symmes Township, near the busy Fields-Ertel Road interchange, at 8790 Governor’s Hill Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45249.

Look for Path Forward IT on the inaugural broadcast of the Business Courier’s new program on WKRC-TV Ch. 12 this Sunday, June 19, “U.S. Bank Business Watch.”

‘Meaningful Use’ and Path Forward IT: cover girl in Cincinnati MD News, trade pub ‘about physicians, from physicians, for physicians’

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Path Forward IT: cover story in Sept. edition of Cincinnati MD News.

Take a handful of working folks in any field – not just health care or IT, our subject du jour – and try to define “Meaningful Use.”

What’s the Meaning? How is it Used?

'Sticker Shock' - cover story on Path Forward IT, Cincinnati MD News, Sept. 2010.

If you’re a physician or health care professional, you know all about “Meaningful Use,” and the $60,000 – at least that’s the current amount – that the U.S. Government will reimburse you for successfully implementing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

EMRs are the lifeblood at Cincinnati’s Path Forward IT, featured as the cover story in the September edition of Cincinnati MD News (

Owned by Nick Recker, Path Forward IT capitalizes on the experience Recker earned during IT jobs he worked at Ohio University and Xavier University, where he earned his B.A. and Master’s Degrees, respectively.

Path Forward IT prides itself on independence, with its consultants trained on multiple EM formats.

The company ( is not financially affiliated with any hardware/software vendor, allowing Path Forward IT to operate as a true consultant.

As a mediator between the private physician and the federal government’s march toward adoption of EMRs, Recker and his staff have become The Health Care IT Referee.

“Asking a physician to completely change the way they practice medicine, so that they can now accommodate an EMR into their lives and make no bones about it, this is a profound change in their professional lifestyle and can quickly lead to a challenging conversation,” Recker said.

The multi-billion-dollar ?: What does 'Meaningful Use' mean, and who does the defining?

Recker and his EMR guru, Jeff Lowrance, are preparing their colleagues and medical industry for the shock of a lifetime, courtesy of the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology.

“The physicians that we are talking to, they know it’s coming, but the timing has been accelerated,” Recker said.

“The challenge is to get the word out. The traditional physician is dealing with things they have never had to think about,” Recker added.

“The money is great. The Obama Administration has provided the means for physicians to invest in their own practices with some up-front money, which is really what the incentives are, but this will be a real challenge for physician practices.”

Recker said many physicians have never run a compliance report. Many physicians haven’t had to continually monitor every physician in their practice.

“We are here to help make that problem go away, by creating a virtual dashboard that will monitor compliance all year long, keep it in your face, and help  you address issues as a solution, not just another problem.”

The ONC is at the forefront of health IT efforts. It’s a resource to support the adoption of a national EMR. The ONC has employed a three-pronged approach to the EMR issue, a thorny debate for some; the national evolution of an overburdened, paper-dependant industry to others.

EMR guidelines released in July will be updated by the U.S. Government in the Fall.

Both Recker and Lowrance have worked with computer-savvy physicians and their precursor generation.

They strive to help deliver a safety net that will provide and deliver positive health care outcomes emphasizing collaboration, training and the best tools/services that technology can provide.

Lowrance is the CIO/CEO of Ohio Shared Information Information Services – a non-profit Health Center Controlled Network representing more than 40 federally qualified Community Health Center locations.

The publisher’s contact for Cincinnati MD News is Kim Sherlock, who can be reached at (513) 478-1734 or The Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky edition of MD News is delivered to more than 5,000 local physicians.

MD News is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The trade journal was created to help medical doctors and health care executives discover new, amazing content from around the world and within their community.

Its tagline: “A national physician resource with local relevance exclusively about physicians, from physicians, for physicians.”

To reach Mr. Recker or Path Forward IT, please call (513) 924-5500, visit or send an e-mail to

Docs: get the news you want from the source you trust, at Cincinnati MD News!

Path Forward IT of Cincinnati: The Health Care IT Referee, mitigating relationships between physicians and the U.S. mandate for Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

Nick Recker and Path Forward: health care’s IT referee preserves the peace between physicians and their EMRs

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Dr. Randy Drosick, seated, with OHC, and PathForward's Nick Recker

Oncologist Randy Drosick, M.D., with Oncology Hematology Care, and Path Forward owner Nick Recker.

Nick Recker knew he had a solid business model when he launched Path Forward IT of Cincinnati in 2002, capitalizing on experience earned during IT jobs at OU and Xavier.

The striped, black-and-white shirt that he’s been wearing recently, however, strictly comes with the territory.

The catalyst for the explosive growth that the Madeira native and his team have logged at Path Forward ( is a health care unit providing turnkey solutions for medical practices installing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. And to some physicians, it’s a painful process.

Enter health care’s IT referee, preserving the peace between physicians and their EMRs.

“Putting physicians on an EMR is a brutal, bloody, extremely challenging and difficult proposition, politically and logistically,” Recker sez. “It’s like taking your skeleton out of your body, and putting it back in.”

Something’s going right.

After relocating and expanding his office earlier this Spring, Recker and Path Forward IT are careening down a growth pattern to double their workforce of 33. The company has tripled revenues since 2006.

Nick Recker, owner of PathForward IT - headshot

Cincinnati native (Madeira) Nick Recker, owner of fast-growing Path Forward IT.

The Path Forward IT solution starts with the first steps of software review and selection. And considering the breadth and depth of Path Forward, it never really stops. The company with ops in Dayton, Columbus and Lexington provides consulting for network design, implementation and support, as well as custom software development, web design and a help desk.

“Asking a physician to completely change the way they practice medicine, so that they can now accommodate an EMR into their lives, can quickly lead to a challenging conversation,” Recker added.

“New physicians often fear the extra time required to properly use an EMR could inhibit the growth of their practice. Established physicians worry about sacrificing the quality of the doctor-patient interaction.

“The hook is ease-of-use, but some doctors have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, through implementation. We’re here to ease the pain of the entire process, from A to Z, using the absolute best hardware and overall solution for the individual client,” Recker said.

PFI_Final_2For clients such as Oncology Metaology Care Inc. of Cincinnati, Path Forward provides its 47-physician roster with a comprehensive turnkey IT solution that integrates day-to-day support with EMR implementation services, project management and support.

The Path Forward process allows the practice to leverage all of its software investments to provide the highest level of care possible to its patients.

For Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine of Sharonville, Path Forward’s work on its EMR was outstanding, according to Medical Director Tim Kremchek, M.D., who’s also the orthopaedic surgeon for the Cincinnati Reds.

“We have worked with Nick and Path Forward for many years, and not just with our EMR. They have been instrumental in helping us develop our website, and at my age, with a non-sophisticate like myself, it has allowed us to be more confident with our use of technology and to really be on the cutting-edge,” Dr. Kremchek said.

PathForward featured in The Cincinnati Business Courier - 10.23.09

Path Forward in the Cincinnati Business Courier - PR by

“We have been able to use the EMR for things such as day-to-day patient care, prescriptions, and for better communication between Beacon physicians and our patients. We have a very educated clientele, and our patients have been able to understand the processes of what we do, while educating themselves on the pathologies with insight and links on our website we have set up to help them,” Kremchek said.

Cash incentives help: every private physician committed to implementing an EMR can reap up to $42,000 in stimulus money from the Feds. Medical practices with patients tapping into Medicare will find out – sooner or later – that an EMR is a prerequisite.

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