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The power of the ride, by jamie hoffpauir, creator of the pauir Workout Top and pauir athletic apparel: Because when I’m moving, I’M ALIVE.

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The power of the ride

It’s time. NOW. To stop talking, quit whining and start moving. Where some hear “time is up”, I hear the crack of a pistol. Head down, eyes straight, not looking left or right. NEVER BACK. Even when I’m flirting a boundary or venturing off the grid, I am always on the track of never backing down or quitting.

Meditating on goals I’ve visualized, methodical in my pursuit, my mantra steers me towards my reality. Negative, self-defeating thoughts = loser. I’m thriving, not surviving, fuck you very much.

Hills, wind, heat, exhaustion … none are reasons for turning around. Draw a line in front of me and I’ll roll, run, jump, climb or crawl over it … whatever it takes.

I welcome pain, letting it knock up against me and rebounding into the brush. My body is and was never my enemy — it’s a vehicle I’m building to carry me forward.

My spirit does the real work, churning through a race I didn’t sign up for but I’m sure as hell gonna win.

Jamie Hoffpauir of Bellevue, Ky., presents the pauir Workout Top by pauir athletic apparel -

Jamie Hoffpauir of Bellevue, Ky., presents the pauir Workout Top by pauir athletic apparel –

You’re either with me or I don’t know you. Naysayers, yoga pants and sad-eyed ribbon wavers, just … don’t. I don’t need an assist. I graciously leave you and all resentments by the roadside (not so graciously: eat my dust).

I forge pacts with conquerors. Via gritty determination, intelligence and a love for all that seems “wrong,” we beauties laugh without restraint, cry when we want and marvel at our imperfections. We are raw, real, graceful and forever fearless.

I wear a face of perseverance, not a mask of fear. My soul is tattooed with vigilance. My veins are wrought iron. My gaze is unblinking. I’ve earned what you see on me, and what I choose to wear is my armor, my badge.

jamie hoffpauir

jamie hoffpauir

I breathe in the poetry of sidewalk chalk, exhale graffiti spray can fumes and bask in the noon and neon light.

I am stronger than I ever imagined I could be and I’ll figure out what I need to do.

And it will always be revolve around motion.

Because when I’m moving, I AM ALIVE.


Warriorwear as Daily Duty: The pauir of The Anti-Pink* ~~ Her mind and her body, working in concert, stopped her cancer. The Pauir Athletic Top is the start of Act II for Jamie Hoffpauir, Cincinnati fitness freak/entrepreneur ~~

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Press Release – For Immediate Release: The pauir of The Anti-Pink – pauir Workout Top and Warriorwear as Daily Duty – Press Release from pauir athletic apparel – 11.19.14


Warriorwear as Daily Duty:

The pauir of The Anti-Pink*

Her mind and her body, working in concert, stopped her cancer.

The pauir Workout Top is the start of Act II for this entrepreneur.

*Anti-Pink: Those not embracing the marketing and the mockery of the message.

The message: LIVE! LOVE! LIFE! ….. and did you work out today?

The pauir Workout Top: Act II for this Cincinnati entrepreneur/fitness fanatic.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Nov. 19, 2014] When Jamie the fitness fanatic was told, with baby Jack barely two months-old in her taut, professionally trained belly, her world didn’t cave in. But it spit out one nasty bitch.

That Jamie Hoffpauir still remains. But she’s has been benched by a new face for this warrior of a woman, one who doesn’t buy Madison Avenue’s version of a cancer “survivor,” and cringes at the very word.

It’s everywhere you look. The survivor franchise is being bought and sold like cattle,” said Pauir.

The reality is cancer is coming out of the shadows, but there is a growing resentment amongst those directly affected with the ‘survivor’ language. It’s time for a change.

“I’m not a survivor. I’m a warrior, and this is my battle. While everyone appreciates the support, there is an individual aspect to this journey that remains unrecognized. These women are the heroes of their own stories, and they don’t need to be saved.”

To this Cincinnati mother of two – Jack made it just fine, he’s now looking at high schools – breast cancer cost her personal relationships, a whole lotta heartbreak, and a profound level of innocence.

Every young mother wants the perfect world for her family. When the real world intervenes, is where the warrior within emerges.

With Hoffpauir, Act II came with a new company, pauir athletic apparel (, and a line of experience-inspired athletic apparel, generated by the difficulty it took just to get dressed for the gym during recovery.

ENTER THE pauir Workout Top

Jamie’s workouts saved her world. But that didn’t mean putting on the gear got easier, in the midst of surgery, rehab and scar tissue.

Just putting on a workout top was a struggle, and the look teetered between hobo and homeless chic.

We do, however, need the right tools, like functional active wear that will meet our needs throughout the entire journey with cancer,” Pauir said.

The pauir Workout Top is an ally. We’re filling a genuine need while celebrating not just something to wear, but something to believe in.”

The healing that Pauir has delivered, in the form of the pauir Workout Top, is a product that:

  • Is, first and foremost, NOT colored pink;
  • Celebrates the individual warrior within;
  • Fills a functional, clinical void;
  • Offers women style, without the orthopaedics.

The pauir Workout Top is helping people move away from pink. We’re acknowledging the realities that women face in their personal journey with breast cancer by being there for this moment of the day – this very critical moment, the workout, the thing that CAN keep you going,” said Pauir.

Ms. Hoffpauir, now engaged, is not just looking for a high school for Jack. Her ex-husband remains a best friend and consigliere. Her first child, daughter Madison, 17, is now looking at colleges. Madison is also a contributor to the Kickstarter campaign organized to fund the first round of production for the pauir Workout Top.

Pauir Athletic Top from Pauir Athletic Apparel - Get To The Other Side

pauir Workout Top from pauir athletic apparel – Get To The Other Side

For details on pauiring up the Kickstarter, please refer to

We’re not forming any movement, we’re not creating any new cause. We’re providing a product with a real purpose, without the outreach. We’re focusing on the woman as an individual, and heping her reach within, to get across that bridge,” Pauir said.

This is where the real fight takes place, by understanding that once the journey starts, it may not have a tidy ending.”

about pauir athletic apparel

pauir athletic apparel ( celebrates the migration of women with breast cancer from survivor to warrior. The pauir Workout Top allows women with breast cancer to zip easily into an elegant, fashionable top, from athletic to social scenario. No more restrictions and exclusions, and no baggy, makeshift shift for workout clothes. For more information, please call (859) 802-2354 or send Jamie an e-mail at

For media inquiries, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, President of PR at (513) 604-5428 or

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