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***introducing*** NEWSPAPERS ON VIDEO: first up, Primavista in The Sunday #Cincinnati @Enquirer

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Primavista ~ TODAY IN THE SUNDAY ENQUIRER ~ CINCINNATI ENQUIRER ~ LEAD STORY, BUSINESS SECTION, Page 1F, Sunday December 17, 2017 ~ ‘A Rarity in the Restaurant biz, Primavista Chef on 25th Year’ ~ PR by Andy Hemmer

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JUMP PAGE – PAGE 2F – #Cincinnati @Enquirer Sunday 12.17.17



#CINCINNATI @ENQUIRER: Executive Chef Chris Prince and Primavista Restaurant celebrate 25 years together

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Primavista Restaurant and Executive Chef Chris Prince in The Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday Edition - PR by Andy Hemmer







Cincinnati Enquirer story on Chris Prince and Primavista:

Press Release – For Immediate Release: Chris Prince and Primavista celebrate 25 years together – Press Release

25 Years an Executive Chef:

Chris Prince, Primavista … and That View

‘The greatest thing to happen’ to Primavista Restaurant, Cincinnati’s renowned eatery, started with a young chef from Beavercreek, working at WrightPat, and a story in Playboy Magazine 

First hired as Pasta Chef, Chris Prince was promoted to Executive Chef six months later.
Loyalty, and tenure, such as that of Chris Prince at Primavista, is unheard-of in the biz.
Resident of Northside and a father of two, Prince anchors perennial Cincy favorite.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Nov. 25, 2017] Perhaps Joan and Frank Lenkerd, husband-and-wife owners of Primavista, owe the late Hugh Hefner a thank-you card.

Chris Prince and Primavista celebrate 25 years together

Chris Prince, executive chef at Primavista Restaurant since 1992. Link to Cincinnati Enquirer story:

Twenty-five years ago, a young man from Beavercreek named Chris Prince, freshly graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park (Cincinnati), was reading Playboy magazine. Specifically, he had picked up on a story about the most romantic restaurants in America. On that list: Cincinnati’s own finest-in-dining legend, the nationally renowned Primavista Restaurant (

Just the week before applying for the Primavista job, Prince had graduated. His love for cooking and the kitchen began at home, and bloomed while working as a student at the officer’s lounge at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

I just loved it. Still do. I don’t think I was made for the 9-to-5 world,” says Prince. “The beauty of what we’ve been able to accomplish at Primavista is, in actually, very simple. We don’t do overly complex things, but we do execute extremely well. We make everything ourselves. We don’t take any shortcuts.”

Hands-On Executive Chef

Many people know about Primavista, and it’s true, people come for the view, but they come back for the food … and that’s all Chris Prince,” Ms. Lenkerd added.

He personally prepares all the food for our private parties. We hit the jackpot when Chris joined us 25 years ago. He’s the greatest thing to happen to this restaurant, and the reason we’re still flourishing. Doesn’t matter if it’s Saturday night, Tuesday night or New Year’s Eve: Chris stays calm, and keeps his head in the game.”

The advantage to working at a place like Primavista is the owners really have skin in the game. Joan is here every day; it’s her job too,” says Prince. “It’s not like we’re in a corporate setting with some GM who may, or may not really care about what they do. Primavista has always dedicated itself to the best interest of its employees and their guests.”

Still doing business at 810 Matson Place in Queen’s Tower, Primavista is a regular on the “Best Italian Restaurant” list from Cincinnati Magazine’s Reader’s Choice, and continues to win numerous public popularity categories such as “Best Dining with a View,” “Best Date Spot,” “Most Romantic,” etc. The restaurant can be reached at (513) 251-6467; for menu items, private-party information, and additional details on the food, the wine and The View please visit

Primavista Contact:

Ms. Joan Lenkerd, Owner

(513) 251-6467

For media inquiries regarding Primavista, please contact or (513) 604-5428.

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