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Cincy farmer/inventor and The Farmboy featured in The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday edition

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The newest manufacturer in the Tri-State – a farmer/inventor/entrepreneur named Mark Altemeier and his brainchild, The Farmboy – were featured in The Cincinnati Enquirer this past Sunday.

Altemeier represents the classic American success story: a businessman who recognized a need, filled it, started selling, and never looked back.

Enquirer photo shoot - The Farmboy

His product: The Farmboy, a hydraulic hitch that fits on the front of a Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV).

Altemeier sells to the agricultural market: individual farmers, farm equipment dealers and manufacturers.

“I needed a tractor, but I didn’t really feel like dropping $20,000 to get one,” Altemeier said.

“I needed another tractor for a 3-row John Deere planter that I recently purchased, but I wasn’t willing to invest in another expensive piece of equipment,” said Altemeier, a farmer who grows sweet corn, beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, etc. through his Foster’s Farm Market.

“So I thought, how can I make better use of my Kubota RTV, which already has a standard hydraulic system?  I thought there must be a hydraulic 3-point hitch accessory for it, so I started searching, and to my surprise, there was nothing out there. Nothing.”

That’s when Altemeier headed out to his manufacturing complex …. err, the barn …. located on his Warren County property in Maineville.

“So, my 4-year old son and I headed out to the barn to invent ‘The Contraption,’ as he liked to call it.

“After I used ‘The Contraption’ to successfully plant my sweet corn, beans, and pumpkins, that’s when I realized I had something I could market to other farmers, dealers, landscapers, hunters, park maintenance, municipalities, the military, and utility companies alike,” Altemeier said.

The Farmboy was originally designed to fit the Kubota line of RTVs, but is adaptable to a number of manufacturers.

The original press release from The Farmboy ( is here:

…. and here’s the online story in The Cincinnati Enquirer: )

Here’s a sneak peek from The Cincinnati Enquirer photo shoot last week:

And … finally …. here’s a JPG of the original press release on The Farmboy:

The Farmboy press release - PR by

Cincy farmer/entrepreneur Altemeier manufactures The Farmboy in his barn, RTV hydraulic hitch for national agricultural market

Posted in RTV Hitchworks - The Farmboy on 10/27/2010 by @CincinnatiPR

Cincinnati farmer/entrepreneur Mark Altemeier and his son, Cincinnati farmer/entrepreneur Dylan Altemeier, inventors of The Farmboy.

It took but a few months for Ohio farmer/entrepreneur Mark Altemeier and his 4-year-old son Dylan to invent what the international Kubota and Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV) community can use for practically unlimited purposes.

Altemeier, the owner of Foster’s Farms produce markets dotted across Eastern Cincinnati, came up with a three-point hitch dubbed “The Farmboy,” converting Kubota and other RTVs from “glorified golf carts to mini-tractors, capable of doing almost anything a tractor can do,” Altemeier said.

The Farmboy - - front view.

Altemeier conceived, designed and manufactured the first of the “The Farmboy” series this past summer in his suburban Cincinnati farm, unveiling it last month at a trade show in Columbus, Ohio.

The Farmboy was most recently showcased in mid-October at the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition in Georgia.

“I needed another tractor, but financially I wasn’t real excited to invest $20,000 in another piece of equipment, especially during these financial times,” said Altemeier, a farmer who grows corn, beans and tomatoes, which he sells at his Foster’s Farms outlets.

The Farmboy: available at

“I thought there had to be a hydraulic hitch for my Kubota, so I started searching, and to my surprise, there was nothing out there.


Altemeier then contacted Kubota, which he said confirmed his suspicions.

“There was, and is, nothing like this out there.”

The Farmboy’s website ( features video demonstrations of its multiple uses.

“That’s when I realized I might have something I could market t other farms and landscapers alike,” Altemeier said.

“There’s a lot of RTVs in the world, but only one Farmboy.

The Farmboy, capable of handling loads of up to 600 pounds, fits on the front and/or back of the Kubota RTV and is being marketed to farmers and farm equipment dealers.

Users can attach planters, cultivators, watering systems, seeders, even snow plows. The system is delivered fully assembled, and can be installed in 15 minutes.

The RTV bed is fully operational when The Farmboy is attached on the rear.

The Farmboy - - side view.

To contact Mr. Altemeier, please call (513) 260-3705, visit or send him an e-mail at

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