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Salon Concepts and The Ultimate in 100% Sales Commissions open yet another Salontrepreneur City 2nite: Media Preview/VIP party 5-8 pm in Deerfield

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Salon Concepts featured in the Sunday Business section of The Cincinnati Enquirer - 5.23.10

Salontrepreneurs Continue to Unite! – tonight near Fields Ertel Road in Deerfield Township, Greater Cincy’s booming northern cousin, Salon Concepts opens its fifth of six Greater Cincinnati mini-malls devoted to Hair, Skin, Nails and Massage.

“Our salon owners are making more money, enjoying more flexibility, and ensuring themselves a better quality of life than slaving at some chain salon where they are at the mercy of their manager, or pay a significant percentage of their revenue to the house,” said Mia Williams, general of Salon Concepts (

Mia Williams, GM of Salontrepreneur City - dba -

“Some work days, some work nights, some work a combination of the two. It’s entirely up to the Salontrepreneur,” Williams said.

“Here, everything – from the music they play, to the mood they set and the schedule they keep – is entirely up to the owner. And here’s the fun part: THEY KEEP 100 PERCENT OF THEIR SALES!!”

Amidst a brutal recession and dismal employment figures, dozens of Cincinnati beauty professionals – some of whom have worked for years as employees – are living the American dream by owning their own salon at Salon Concepts, a high-end salon suite mini-mall of beauty services and products.






A locally-owned business (Cincinnati’s own Brent Van Lieu), Salontrepreneur City knocks out No. 5 in the Cincy market tonight at: 9950 Kings Auto Mall Road, Cincinnati OH 45249 – off Fields Ertel Road.

Next up: Florence.

The timing couldn’t be better for other stylists, nail experts and fashionistas. Lose that W-2.

Salontrepreneurs, Unite!

Team Salontrepreneur City - dba - West Chester, Ohio.

The four other Salon Concept stores already open are:

– West Chester (to the left, to the left);

– Montgomery;

– Oakley;

– Anderson Township;

The Florence outlet will be opening in September.

Each Salon Concepts mini-mall caters to about 30 Salontrepreneurs.

Salontrepreneur City is recruiting the following spots to join the party:

– 19 Salontrepreneurs needed in Deerfield (tonight’s new one);

– 17 Salontrepreneurs needed in Anderson Township;

– 22 Salontrepreneurs needed in Florence – three of 25 slots have been spoken for.

Beauty professionals pay weekly rent, between $175 and $285, for a 100 SF or 250 SF suite inside Salontrepreneur City. Each has separate utilities, tunes and vibe factor, completely furnished with a sliding glass door for private, fully fixtured (is that a word? …. should be) with cabinets, exquisite lighting, granite countertops, etc. Fifth of six shops in Greater Cincy opens tonight.

Beauty pros need only bring their clients and tools of the trade.

Tonight, No 5 joins the family.

The spot: 9950, Kings Auto Mall Drive.

The gig: Salontrepreneur City, Take Five.

The peops: Media and VIPs.

The biz: Hair, Nail, Skin and Massage, courtesy of Salon Concepts.

To contact Salon Concepts and The Mayor of Salontrepreneur City, please send an e-mail to

The original press release for Salon Concepts is at:

Media Alert

For media inquiries, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, aka TheWritingFiend@Large and President of PR/Writing Services at (513) 604-5428 or

Interested parties from our friends in the Greater Cincinnati media are welcome.

Feel free to download the Media Alert, circulated to Greater Cincinnati media outlets this morning, on the right.

Salontrepreneurs, Unite.

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