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SCROGGINSGREAR, THE MERGER: Clayton L. Scroggins Associates and Grear and Company Have Joined Together, Creating Cincinnati-based CPA Powerhouse Brand ScrogginsGrear. The new, launched Jan. 1, 2014, Serves Privately Held Businesses and Individuals, and Provides Specialized Services to the Health Care Professions. Wilkommen Sie, ScrogginsGrear!

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Press Release – For Immediate Release – Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014: ScrogginsGrear – Clayton L. Scroggins Associates, Grear and Company Have Joined Together, Creating Cincinnati-based CPA Powerhouse Brand, Serving Privately Held Businesses, Individuals and Providing Specialized Services to the Health Care Professions

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ScrogginsGrear: The Merger

Clayton L. Scroggins Associates and Grear & Company Have Joined Together, Creating Cincinnati-based CPA Powerhouse Brand, Serving Privately Held Businesses, Individuals and Providing Specialized Services to the Health Care Professions

Scroggins Was One of the Largest Medical/Dental Consulting and CPA firms in the U.S.

Grear & Company Had an Expansive General Business and Non-Profit Clientele.

Together, ScrogginsGrear Offers Over a Century of Experience.

Third-Generation Cincinnati Firm to Provide Services in OH, IN, KY, IA, VA and WV.

The new Left to right, Robert Scroggins, Luke Trenz, Terry Grear, Paul Trenz and Mark Scroggins

The new Left to right, Robert Scroggins, Luke Trenz, Terry Grear, Paul Trenz and Mark Scroggins

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Jan. 2, 2014] The merger of Clayton L. Scoggins Associates and Grear & Company not only creates a Cincinnati-based CPA brand powerhouseScrogginsGrear will employ approximately 100 – the move also expands the marketplace for both, as a combined entity, by complementing and augmenting their individual strengths.

Clayton L. Scroggins Associates, a third-generation firm formed in 1945 and based in Springdale, had grown into one of the largest medical/dental consulting and CPA firms in the U.S., liberating physicians and dentists from the tedium of business issues within their practices.

Doctors are busy and want to direct as much time and attention as possible to their patients. We help them achieve this through our consulting and business support services, designed to ensure that the business matters of a practice are handled effectively,” said ScrogginsGrear Principal Rob Scroggins, one of four partners from Scroggins.

Grear & Company, based in Monfort Heights, was started in 1967 and brings a general business practice with a pronounced non-profit specialty tucked into its almost 50-year history.

Don’t worry about a thing, we’ll take care of the details,” is how Terry Grear, president of ScrogginsGrear, explains things.

Together, with almost a century of life, corporate living and its associated wisdom between them, ScrogginsGrear ( presents a treasure trove of corporate, medical, dental, general business and non-profit expertise in a single package.

In the spring of this year, Grear personnel will relocate to the longtime Scroggins headquarters building on Northland Boulevard.

Queried about long-term growth prospects and the associated business metrics – new offices? jobs? expansion of facilities? tripling of sales? – company officials declined comment on financial forecasting or business predictions, other than to say “Our priority is, and always has been, to provide the best service possible. If we focus on our clients’ needs, growth will take care of itself. That’s the power of service,” Scroggins said.

Grear, now president and managing partner of ScrogginsGrear, opts to emphasize the importance of culture.

ScrogginsGrear open for business Jan. 1, 2014

Culture always trumps strategy, and our culture is about positively impacting as many peoples’ lives as possible. Whether we accomplish that by working out of one office in Cincinnati, or multiple offices across the country, is not that relevant to us,” Grear said.

What matters is making a difference in peoples’ lives. We have a far greater chance of adding value to our clients, and impacting lives, by coming together, than we did individually. We spent 18 months together, meeting together, and praying together. We discovered that we shared the same values, commitment to service and our clients, and ultimately determined it would be a good fit.”

We see an opportunity for ScrogginsGrear to be uniquely positioned in the marketplace with our scope of services. Traditionally, we’ve offered payroll processing, retirement plan administration, accounts receivable management, HR and consulting services, which is not typical for a CPA firm,” added Scroggins, one of five partners at the new company, including Grear, Paul R. Trenz, Mark D. Scroggins and Luke R. Trenz.

Historically our focus has been on the healthcare sector, but now we’re able to offer these services and more, across a variety of industries and professions. The merger also opens up more opportunities in the healthcare space because of the capabilities and expertise brought to the merger by Grear & Company,” said Scroggins.

Press Release for - Page One

Press Release for – Page One

The companies first met almost 20 years ago, over a shared non-profit experience at City Gospel Mission in Downtown Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine neighborhood, where Grear was serving (and still serves) as the CPA firm engaged to audit City Gospel.

The merged firms started their lives together yesterday, Jan. 1, 2014.

Now one of the larger CPA firms in Greater Cincinnati, ScrogginsGrear is committed to a culture focused on service. The shared values of ScrogginsGrear are:

– People matter. Relationships matter.

– Doing the right thing no matter the cost.

– A quality of life that honors God and family.

– Being good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us.

–  An attitude of compassion.

Together, ScrogginsGrear will have a comprehensive offering of services covering management and business consulting; audits, reviews and compilations; tax planning and return preparation; bookkeeping; payroll processing; cash flow and budgeting analysis; financial forecasts, projections and statements; strategic planning, entity selection, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions; estate and financial planning; fraud prevention and detection; management advisory services; pension and profit sharing administration; retirement planning; employee benefit plan audits; estate and trust tax return preparation; IRS representation; medical practice billing and accounts receivable.

All are now available at

It’s just not all about the numbers,” said Bob Scallan of Starway Service in Cincinnati, a web-based performance management software tool based in Kenwood and client of ScrogginsGrear. “They understand accounting, but don’t settle for bean counting.”

They’re the whole package,” said Dr. Raj Maturi of the Midwest Eye Institute in Indianapolis, a clinical and surgical care provider deeply committed to academic excellence and research, well-known in the Greater Cincinnati market. “They provide honest, practical advice that keeps us heading in the right direction.”

For more information about ScrogginsGrear, please call (800) 359-3970 or visit Mr. Terry Grear can be reached at (800) 359-3970 or; Mr. Rob Scroggins can be reached at (800) 359-3970 or

For media inquiries, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or

Press Release for - Page Two

Press Release for – Page Two

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