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#tbt friends don’t let friends shoot vertical vids

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#tbt: did Van Halen breakup go down in Cincinnati?

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According to The Rolling Stone ….

Van Halen were the biggest hard-rock band on the planet in March 1984; the hit single “Jump” was in heavy rotation on MTV, and their sixth studio album, 1984, was on track to sell 17 million copies. Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth exchanged their usual ribbing when Rolling Stone writer Debby Miller caught up with them at a Cincinnati tour stop. “I‘m a musician, Dave’s a rock star,” said Van Halen, who would bring studio equipment on the road, and told a story about climbing into the closet of his hotel room at night to hum song ideas into a tape recorder. (He also talked about his uneasiness at being a guitar idol: “I am so much geekier than any of those kids dreaming about being me.”) Roth, for his part, belittled Eddie’s recent star cameo on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” (“He went in and played the same f****** solo he’s been playing in this band for 10 years. Big deal!”) Less than a year later, Roth was out of the band, replaced by singer Sammy Hagar.

Here’s the pic from The Rolling Stone story (below) ….


At which Cincinnati hotel did the photo shoot take place?

Did the breakup of Van Halen start in Cincinnati - Rolling Stone 424

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