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Cincinnati Enquirer photo shoot with United Audit Systems Inc. (UASI) – for Sunday edition, Nov. 13, 2011

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Press Release:

Commencing the Great Coding Conversion – United Audit Systems Inc. – UASI of Cincinnati

Link to print story:

Meet the Leadership: Prez Ty Hare, EVP Frank Kerley at United Audit Systems Inc. (UASI), featured in Sunday edition, Cincinnati Enquirer

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UASI Prez Ty Hare, EVP Frank Kerley at University Hospital

Meet two of the leaders at United Audit Systems Inc. (UASI) ….

On the left is Ty Hare, President, and a graduate of The University of Notre Dame.

Frank Kerley, Cincinnati native and Executive Vice President, is a graduate of Elder High School and Xavier University.

Here’s a quick shot from The Cincinnati Enquirer photo shoot:

United Audit Systems Inc. (UASI) at Cincinnati Enquirer photo shoot.


UASI in Sunday Edition, Cincinnati Enquirer - PR by Andy Hemmer

Commencing the Great Coding Conversion, the UASI Way – United Audit Systems Inc. makes Sunday edition of The Cincinnati Enquirer – PR by Andy Hemmer

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Press Release:

Commencing the Great Coding Conversion – United Audit Systems Inc. – UASI of Cincinnati

United Audit Systems Inc. (UASI) in Sunday edition, Sunday Enquirer - 11.13.11

Amidst many sore spots in the U.S. economy, one bright region of opportunity for growth within the health care industry is a Cincinnati company, United Audit Systems Inc., long a pioneer in the health care information management field.

At the dawn of 2012, United Audit Systems Inc. ( is once again on the cutting edge, preparing for a milestone expansion of the medical coding system.

In a word: ICD-­‐10.

Google it.

And yes, it’s true.

As noted in a recent Wall Street Journal article, an estimated 18,000 health care billing codes are about to be replaced by 155,000, an exponential of 800 percent+, courtesy of a federal mandate that starts in 2013. The drop-­‐dead launch is Oct. 1, 2013.

The newest chapter in health-care acronym fun stands for the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD‐10), replacing ICD-­9.

To thousands of physicians and hospitals, it’s as big a pain as the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) they were already supposed to have up and running.

United Audit Systems Inc. is keenly versed in the ways of the ICD-­9, and the ICD‐10 worlds.

Formed in 1986, UASI is a provider of revenue cycle solutions that’s:

– adding jobs;

serving hospitals and health-care systems;

skyrocketing from $20 million to $30 million over the next five years, largely due to the ICD‐10 conversion.

The bread­‐and-butter at the privately-held company ( is a Remote Coding division that’s doubled over the last three years, and is the prime accelerant for annual revenue to grow from $20 million now to $30 million in five years.

Meeting the biggest game­‐changer in health-care history is nothing new to UASI, a not-­so‐small (275 employees nationwide) medical billing and remote coding guru serving the largest hospital systems in the U.S.

UASI Press Release, Page One

Back in the late 1990s, at the height of the boom, UASI created its own proprietary online Remote Coding system, Valicode STAT®.

The national coding conversion dilemma marks yet another mammoth challenge, and milestone, for UASI, and its industry.


“This is going to turn the health care industry on its ear,” said Ty Hare, President and CEO of UASI. “Considering the number of codes is going up by such a large factor, medical coding systems are going to require physicians to be far more specific in the way they document their care.”

Enter UASI.

For clients such as the Mayo Clinic, Cancer Center Treatments of America, the University of Michigan, VHA Inc. of Irving, Texas, and University Hospital in Cincinnati, “the integrity of their financial process is our singular mission,” said Hare. “We are experts in the top 10 health information platforms and software available in the marketplace.”

“We needed to drastically accelerate the speed with which accurately-­coded records moved through our revenue cycle,” said Karen Chambers, Director of Health Information Management at Jackson Hospital. “UASI’s team has greatly contributed to our mission of serving the needs of patients in the Montgomery, Alabama area.”

We help people, most of whom are working at 300-­ to 400-­bed hospitals, identify their challenges with billing, solve those challenges, and maintain the efficiency of their systems,” added Frank Kerley, executive vice president of UASI and one of Hare’s five partners.

“In this industry, as in so many others, cash is king. It’s all about the integrity of your regular billing cycle. It is imperative that our health care providers get compensated properly for the services they perform,” Kerley said. “If you did it, you deserve to be paid for it.

If you didn’t, then you don’t.

We make sure clients are paid properly,” Kerley said.

UASI Press Release - Page Two

As a large teaching hospital with the only Level I trauma services provided in the community, our health information management system is critical to quality provision of care, revenue cycle results and industry transition such as the movement to the ICD-10 diagnosis classification system,” said Mr. Doug Arvin, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at UC Health-University Hospital in Cincinnati.

“We have invested in increasingly sophisticated technology to properly track the care our clinicians provide to our patients. The health information team from UASI has helped us achieve the benefits of this investment, by accurately interpreting the data with vastly improved turnaround times,” Arvin added.

The expertise provided by UASI allows us to stay focused on the care of our patients,” Arvin said.

What makes the staffing/personnel challenge even more acute is the glaring lack of available, trained personnel in the field.

Medical coding positions are more sophisticated than the standard, late-­night ads for data processors; locally, the University of Cincinnati is contributing with a renowned Health Care Information Administration field of study.

“There’s just an inherent shortage in the marketplace of coding professionals. They’re not replacing the people who are retiring fast enough,” said Hare.

About United Audit Systems, Inc.

UASI is a national provider of revenue cycle solutions, unique in its ability to fuse technology and professional services to deliver a superior financial performance. Based in Cincinnati, the company administers services on a national basis.

Services provided by UASI help healthcare facilities achieve the correct reimbursement for the services they provide, in the quickest possible timeframe.

UASI services include on-­site and remote coding services, health information management consulting, medical charge audit and the OC Suite billing compliance software application. For more information, please call (513) 723‐1122 or visit

For media inquiries regarding UASI, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, President of PR at (513) 604-5428 or

UASI HQ in Cincy: Cable House, Gilbert Avenue

Perhaps you’ve heard of United Audit Systems Inc. (UASI) of Cincinnati, remote coding and hospital billing gurus with a national clientele. Soon, you’ll hear more.

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UASI in Sunday edition, The Cincinnati Enquirer

In the meantime, check out their snazzy new website at

United Audit Systems Inc. (UASI) of Cincinnati is a nationally-recognized leader in the Health Information Management field.

The UASI biggie right now: the ICD-10 conversion. More on that later. Much, much more.

UASI weaves technology, knowledge and people together to create effective HIM strategies for each healthcare client.

For media inquiries regarding UASI, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, President of PR at (513) 604-5428 or



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