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#TheBridgesOfHamiltonCounty Yo Gotti Brent Spence Edition IV, reprised

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introducing: the W. Alexander Group

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Press Release PDF – For Immediate Release (download —>>> introducing the W. Alexander Group – press release

Bill Goldberg and the W. Alexander Group Cincinnati Business Courier PR by Andy Hemmer

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Seeking: Companies Not For Sale

Introducing: The W. Alexander Group

Interim Alternative for Selling a Business with $3M – $15M in Annual Revenue

Experts at Building Next-Level Business Worth, for Companies in Need of Medium-Term Transition

The Biggest Obstacle: The ‘Do-Nothing’ State of Mind

The W. Alexander Group: Selling/Buying a Business, Business Exit, Succession Planning, Exit Planning, Business Valuation, Private Equity, Business Broker, Business Transition, Scaling a Business.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Sept. 26, 2018] Bill Goldberg isn’t a psychiatrist. But he does play one at work.

Goldberg is a local executive, entrepreneur and investor who leads the newly-minted W. Alexander Group.

Over the years, he’s been an officer/leader of a number of highly successful public and private companies.

Bill Goldberg Managing Principal of the W Alexander Group of Cincinnati PR Contact Andy Hemmer

Bill Goldberg, Managing Principal of the W. Alexander Group of Cincinnati. For more information, please visit http://www.WAlexanderGroup.com call (513) 666-8226 or send an e-mail to info@walexandergroup.com. For media inquiries please contact andy@andyhemmer.com (513) 604-5428 (txt-friendly)

He developed an affinity for companies with between $3 million to $15 million in annual revenue, a corporate sweet spot largely dominated by family-owned and closely-held companies.

There’s just so much more you can do to help businesses in that range, even if it’s opening their minds to the possibility of growth, building upon their own legacy, and embracing change when that time arrives,” Goldberg says.

Up to 90 percent of businesses with between $3 million to $15 million never get sold. Much less, it’s never even seriously considered,” Goldberg adds.

That, in a nutshell, is a reason for the W. Alexander Group.”

Goldberg is the founder and Managing Principal of the W. Alexander Group, a private operational investment firm he launched earlier this year.

Their specialty: helping these business owners address and resolve what are primarily emotional reasons for the indecision and resulting corporate ennui:

  • “What else then am I going to do with the rest of my life?”
  • “My company IS my family. What would they do without me?”
  • “I just can’t trust anybody else with my baby. This is my legacy. No one else will understand my business.”
  • “I will deal with this later.”

Reaping the Benefits, on an Owner’s Own Terms

The unfortunate result: doing nothing can put an owner’s family, employees, and clients at risk, potentially causing tremendous, irreversible financial harm to the true worth of their business.

It’s an entrenched mentality that can paralyze.

Many owners end up not communicating with family and/or professional advisors, isolating themselves and adding to the do-nothing dilemma,” said Goldberg.

The sad reality is, one way or the other, by design or default, all owners will exit their businesses. We want to help them reap the benefits of their efforts, on their terms.”

Goldberg has spent his career in a variety of ownership and executive roles at companies big and small, public and private.

He recently led a successful recapitalization effort at Relevate Health Group Inc., which offered him the opportunity to launch the W. Alexander Group.

Goldberg and his team have years of successful operating experience and buying and selling businesses.

His mission?

“To provide an interim alternative for owners having to sell their businesses, while still increasing business worth,” Goldberg said.

Our approach is on a private, operationally-based, investor-informed business model that protects an owner’s downside, while providing an upside appreciation. It’s a medium-termed solution to selling their business.”

The W. Alexander Group business model is not designed for a start-up.

We are looking for businesses in need of transferability, scaling, re-leveraging of various aspects of the business and appreciation of business worth,” Goldberg said.

Bill Goldberg in Cincinnati Business Courier for W Alexander Group

Business Courier link –>> http://bit.ly/WAlexanderGroup

Private Operational Investors: The W. Alexander Group

The W. Alexander Group is not a broker, banker, nor consultant.

The company gets involved with business owners in an operational, side-by-side mode through an agreement that allows owners to protect their equity, while building next-level business worth.

Jeff Spanbauer, Goldberg’s former partner and current CEO of Relevate Health Group, said “Bill’s personal mentorship, his ability to lead, partner, and quickly make sense of complex business issues, helped rocket Relevate from a start-up to one of the premier marketing/business service organizations in the United States.”

In the spirit of simplicity, openness, and to address engagement issues, W. Alexander Group employs an agreement that addresses common mutual protections without getting into complex voting, classes of stock, etc.

Jeremy Hayden, an experienced mergers and acquisitions attorney with Frost Brown Todd of Cincinnati, said “Bill has a true value proposition: it makes good business sense and is an uncommon approach. It also provides professional advisors another alternative for their clients selling their business now.”

ABOUT THE W. ALEXANDER GROUP: Founded in 2018 by Bill Goldberg, The W. Alexander Group of Cincinnati is a Private Operational Investor organization engaged in helping businesses with between $3 million and $15 million in annual revenue increase their business worth and transferability. For more information, please visit www.WAlexanderGroup.com call (513) 666-8226 or send an e-mail to info@walexandergroup.com.


Bill Goldberg, Managing Principal, The W. Alexander Group

(513) 666-8226info@walexandergroup.com

Media: andy@andyhemmer.com (513) 604-5428 (txt-friendly)

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covington catholic 42, beechwood 14

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Grant Hemmer #63


whatcha doin’ next thursday? #ERSLife

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Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) + Maple Knoll Communities present The $10M Meadows makeover

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The Meadows Makeover at MKV – Unveiled by Maple Knoll Village and Episcopal Retirement Services ERS – Press Release

The Meadows makeover at MKV: Unveiled

Maple Knoll Village and Episcopal Retirement Services pump $10M into The Meadows, fully renovating apartments and improving lifestyles at affordable living buildings for low-income seniors in Springdale

Grand Opening/Apartment Tours today has All-Star list of elected officials, local leaders.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Sept. 12, 2018] Maple Knoll Village (MKV) and Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) are holding a Grand Opening Open House today, Wednesday, September 12, featuring an exceptional lineup of elected officials and local leaders to celebrate a $10 million makeover of The Meadows.

The Meadows at Maple Knoll Village (www.mapleknoll.org) was recently renovated through a partnership with Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS).

The renovation was made possible by tax credits that were awarded by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) and financing  provided by Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing and Lancaster Pollard.

In addition, the project was awarded $350,000 in Hamilton County HOME funds and a $1.5 million OHFA equity bridge loan. The Meadows renovation:

The Meadows at Maple Knoll Village Media Alert from Andy Hemmer PR

“Maple Knoll is proud to be able to partner with Episcopal Retirement Services for what was a necessary and needed improvement to the living accommodations that previously existed.  These renovations will now allow the older adults we serve to safely age in their homes with updated security, handicap accessible accommodations, storage, functional common spaces and more.  Without the leadership of ERS, Maple Knoll would have not been able to provide this dynamic living environment for this fast-growing demographic,” said Megan Gresham-Ulrich, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Marketing and Development for Maple Knoll Village.

“I would like to state how proud we are of the Maple Knoll Village commitment to the elderly of the City of Springdale community, regardless of their financial capability,” said Springdale Mayor Doyle Webster. “This is what sets Maple Knoll Communities and Episcopal Retirement Services apart from other organizations. We are so proud to have them in Springdale, and you are a large part of what makes us a great community.”

The Model Group, an integrated property development, construction, and management company with a passion for revitalizing urban neighborhoods, was the construction partner. ERS and Model have partnered on more than a dozen high quality, affordable living projects for seniors.

The hallmark of these developments are modern apartments with energy efficiency, well-designed units and market-style finishes using the 67 years of expertise that ERS has developed in serving older adults.

ERS has been honored to be a development partner with Maple Knoll and The Model Group on this project. Our vision, mission and ministry are in close alignment. We were able to provide the development expertise and vital services including health and wellness support to provide safety and dignity for residents,” said Kathy Ison-Lind, Affordable Living by ERS VP Affordable Living and In-Home Services. “It’s one of the innovative differences that our organization is proud to offer.”

The Grand Opening has been scheduled for 2 p.m. today (Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018) at Maple Knoll Village, 11100 Springfield Pike, Springfield Ohio 45215. Expected to attend are:

  • Ohio State Rep. Jonathan Dever: Rep. Dever is expected to bring an official Commendation;
  • Ohio State Sen. Lou Terhar;
  • HUD Columbus Field Director Thomas H. Leach;
  • Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) Executive Director Sean Thomas;
  • S. Congressman Steve Chabot Deputy District Director Joseph Abner;
  • Hamilton County Commissioner Denise Driehaus;
  • City of Springdale Mayor Doyle Webster.

Originally built on West Court Street in downtown Cincinnati, Maple Knoll Village is owned and operated by Maple Knoll Communities Inc., a non-profit continuum of services provider dedicated to helping older adults live happy, health and active lives.

Maple Knoll Village partnered on The Meadows with ERS because of their extensive knowledge of tax credits and unique financing arrangements for similar projects as well as their reputation as an operator of affordable housing for low income seniors that include many services including transportation, social service coordination and more.

In addition to The Meadows, ERS is the owner and or operator of 27 affordable housing communities for seniors as well as community-based services for older adults and premier retirement communities such as Deupree House and Marjorie P. Lee in Hyde Park.


Ms. Megan Gresham-Ulrich 

MKV Vice President of Corporate Communications

(513) 782-2243   MUlrich@mkcommunities.org

Mr. Bryan Reynolds

ERS Vice President of Marketing and PR

(513) 979-2243   breynolds@erslife.org

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CovCath State Champs Ring

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