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Primavista ~ TODAY IN THE SUNDAY ENQUIRER ~ CINCINNATI ENQUIRER ~ LEAD STORY, BUSINESS SECTION, Page 1F, Sunday December 17, 2017 ~ ‘A Rarity in the Restaurant biz, Primavista Chef on 25th Year’ ~ PR by Andy Hemmer

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JUMP PAGE – PAGE 2F – #Cincinnati @Enquirer Sunday 12.17.17



The @CincinnatiPR Minute for Monday, July 6, 2015 ~~ starring Brent Walker of Walker Homes at Riverview Estates, Anderson Township ~~

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Andrew Britt of The Smart Dash partners with Chris Tunmore, Roger Pellew PR Screen Tests for The FOX Business Network — shot by PR Consultant Andy Hemmer in Sarasota, Florida, on July 9, 2014 ~~ and …. SUCCESS!! …. Tunmore on The FOX Business Network July 30: [youtube]

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Holland Advertising: Interactive, Cincinnati’s original ad agency (1937), unveils ‘The Fast Track to ROI Marketing Plan’ + Holland-Hemmer PR Partnership announced ~~ featuring former Business Courier journalist, Andy Hemmer (me).

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Holland Advertising: Interactive and The Fast Track to ROI Marketing Plan

Cincinnati’s original ad agency offers path to marketing ROI in about 90 days.

Holland-Hemmer PR Partnership features former Business Courier journalist.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ April 4, 2014] Ninety days can be a lifetime in the wacky business world of 2014, with the life and death of a business on the line every waking moment.

Cognizant of change – arbiter of experience – and buffed-out by four generations in the advertising and marketing game, Cincinnati’s original ad agency, Holland Advertising: Interactive ( now offers a path to marketing ROI in that same timeframe – 90 days – using its proprietary Marketing Business Builder” and The Fast Track to ROI Marketing Plan.”

When we started in the business of building businesses, Howard Hughes was flying jets and FDR was still in the White House,” said Bryan Holland, principal of the Kenwood-based agency founded in 1937.

Bryan runs the shop with his brother, Mark Holland, and Mark’s daughter Lauren Bausano.

What we’ve learned, in conjunction with the legacy of so many Cincinnati companies, is how to strategically invest marketing dollars to successfully achieve a company’s business goalsThis is about identifying a company’s unique selling proposition, strategically crafting their brand story, reaching new customers, discovering new sales opportunities, and achieving real business change and results for your brand,” Mark Holland  said.

Cincinnati’s original and oldest ad agency grew up as a family, alongside The Queen City and its most famous brands, shaping a local industry along the way.

Holland recently relocated to CBank Office Park in Kenwood – this location offers ease and convenience for clients, colleagues and associates, at the Montgomery Road exit off Interstate 71.

The Holland-Hemmer PR Partnership

Late last year, Holland Advertising: Interactive created a new division, Holland-Hemmer PR, in conjunction with Cincinnati native Andy Hemmer (, a former journalist and reporter/editor who worked 10 years at The Cincinnati Business Courier.

Bringing Holland-Hemmer PR to our clients is a value-added strategy to provide them cutting-edge PR services with a journalistic pro,” Bryan Holland said of Hemmer, named “Insider MVP” at The Business Courier for seven consecutive years. “What we’ve done is formalize a partnership that we’ve had since 2007,” said Hemmer.

Holland Advertising: Interactive proudly offers Fresh ideas. Experienced Execution. Greater ROI (In about 90 days) to an esteemed clientele, and is open for additional new business.

For more information, please visit, call (513) 744-3001 or e-mail Bryan at








ScrogginsGrear in The Cincinnati Business Courier PR by Andy Hemmer









Mullaney's in Northwest Press PR by Andy Hemmer





Cincy Care to Share PR by Andy Hemmer


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ARREST THIS: The PLS Protective Services Explosion, in The Cincinnati Enquirer (Sunday edition) today ~ Cincy cop’s security company expanding locally in Cincinnati, statewide in Columbus, Cleveland, Mansfield – PR by Andy Hemmer

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Press Release – For Immediate Release:The PLS Protective Explosion – Cincy Cop’s Security Company Expands Locally, Statewide – Press Release by Andy Hemmer

PLS Protective Services in The Sunday Enquirer today:Paul Smith, PLS Protective Services in Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday Business Section – 12.16.12 – PR by Andy Hemmer

Paul Smith, PLS Protective Services in Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday Edition - 12.16.12 - PR by Andy Hemmer

Paul Smith, PLS Protective Services in Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday Edition - 12.16.12 - PR by Andy Hemmer

The PLS Protective Explosion

(Here’s your link to The Sunday Enquirer, Business section story)

Cincinnati security company PLS Protective Services expands with new hometown HQ, new jobs across Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Mansfield

Started by a former cop, high-quality security services for corporate, residential.

New Groesbeck headquarters for PLS Protective more than doubles current PLS company office.

Cincy native Paul L. Smith Jr. worked at several local police agencies, trained at DEA.

The PLS Protective Explosion - Press Release for PLS Protective Services - 12.16.12 - PR by Andy Hemmer

[Cincinnati, Ohio ~ Colerain Township ~ Dec. 16, 2012] It’s not the goal of Paul L. Smith, founder and CEO of PLS Protective Services, to rule the world.

But Ohio will do.

Early next year, the security services started in 2004 ago by the former Cincinnati-area cop will move into a new headquarters, more than doubling its space and functionality, while simultaneously opening new markets across Ohio in Dayton, Columbus and Cleveland, having opened in Mansfield earlier this Fall.

What we’re finding is an opportunity for PLS Protective Services to provide high-quality, responsive security services,” said Smith, a former police officer for several Cincinnati departments who has trained with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Enquirer photo shoot for Paul Smith Jr., PLS Protective Services.

Enquirer photo shoot for Paul Smith Jr., PLS Protective Services.

PLS Protective Services is currently relocating from its West Galbraith Road headquarters, a cramped storefront operation that has served it well, to a new office that provides more corporate and administrative space, as well as parking facilities for PLS security vehicles.

The new facility at 8263 Clara Avenue will officially open by the end of the year.

We’ve been scouting Greater Cincinnati for the perfect type of facility to accommodate our growing business model, and what we found was this nice little place right across the street,” said Smith.

Paul Smith Jr., founder and President of PLS Protective Services, featured in Sunday Enquirer today.

Paul Smith Jr., founder and President of PLS Protective Services, featured in Sunday Enquirer today.

Most of the PLS staff is certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA). All have real-life, in-depth experience providing an array of security options for shopping center and office/medical facilities; apartment buildings, HUD properties, air parks and community airports, construction sites, warehouses and educational campuses.

Personal security services are also available, as well as corporate accounts.

For more information, please visit, call (513) 521-3581 or send an e-mail to

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Here’s a few others on Paul and his company, The Mansfield News Journal 6.23.12

(immediately below)

and The Cincinnati Business Courier from 3.25.11

(below the Mansfield story)

PLS Protective Services in The Mansfield News Journal - 6.23.12 - PR by Andy Hemmer

PLS Protective Services in The Mansfield News Journal - 6.23.12 - PR by Andy Hemmer

….. and here’s your Business Courier story on PLS Protective Services:

PLS Protective Services in Cincinnati Business Courier - 3.25.11 - PR by Andy Hemmer

Paul Smith Jr. and PLS Protective Services in Cincinnati Business Courier - 3.25.11 - PR by Andy Hemmer

Multi-Use, Infill Developer Brandicorp Fills the Niche: Mike Brandy, Brandicorp featured in Cincinnati Enquirer today

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Brandicorp Press Release as a PDF: Brandicorp – Multi-Use, Infill Developer Fills a Unique Niche – Cincinnati Enquirer 12.5.12 – PR by Andy Hemmer

Enquirer Page A9 as a PDF: Brandicorp in Cincinnati Enquirer – Page A9 – 12.5.12 – PR by Andy Hemmer PDF

Banner Headline Page One Cincinnati Enquirer - 12.5.12

Business Banner Headline in Cincinnati Enquirer - 12.5.12

Mike Brandy, Brandicorp in Cincinnati Enquirer - 12.5.12

Mike Brandy, Brandicorp in Cincinnati Enquirer – 12.5.12

Mike Brandy, Brandicorp in Cincinnati Enquirer - 12.5.12 - Jump Page

Mike Brandy, Brandicorp in Cincinnati Enquirer – 12.5.12 – Jump Page

Today’s Brandicorp Press Release – For Immediate Release

Brandicorp: Multi-Use, Infill Developer Fills A Unique Niche

Bellevue Builder’s Sweet Spot Covers Restaurants to Retail, Shopping Centers to Hotels and Hospitals, Single-Tenant Buildings to Office/Medical Facilities

The Brandicorp Strategy: Developing Premium, High-Quality Commercial, any Place or Product.

When Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better: The Brandicorp Way.

[BELLEVUE, Ky. ~ Dec. 5, 2012] Amongst the brawny construction/development crowd in commercial real estate, some want, or need, to have it all.

Others seek just a small piece of the pie.

And then there’s Brandicorp, a specialized, niche builder of multi-use projects from shopping centers to hospitals and hotels, retail and restaurants, single-tenant buildings and office/medical facilities.

We do all the above, and oftentimes in very tight and trying circumstances, places where other developers have given up,” said Cincinnati native Mike Brandy, owner, founder, president and CEO of the multi-use niche builder ( founded in 1984.

“Our goal is not to have the biggest projects, but the best. We seek to develop the highest-quality, premium commercial real estate product possible for our core customers,” Brandy said. “Our expertise has evolved into the niche construction projects.”

Mike Brandy (Brandicorp) at Cincinnati Enquirer photo shoot.

Brandicorp plays to an audience primarily consisting of land owners; municipalities such as local cities, counties, townships and economic development entities; as well as other developers.

It’s a specialized niche, a strategy that has survived some of the toughest of economic times.

Closing out 2012, Brandicorp is reaping the rewards of its best year ever, on the heels of closing the biggest real estate deal of the year with the $36 million sale of Stone Creek Towne Center to a Chicago buyer in early 2012.

New construction has subsequently been launched by Brandicorp across the Tri-State with:

– new, multi-use infill projects on Beechmont Avenue in Anderson Township (bank, restaurant and office/medical);

– at the next-generation Rookwood product bordering Hyde Park and Norwood (hotel, office/medical, restaurant and retail);

– along the bustling Houston Road corridor in Florence (restaurants, retail and soon, office/medical);

– and at the signature Brandicorp development in Colerain Township, Stone Creek (new restaurant, retail and single-tenant office).

We’re pleased that so many economic development professionals, cities and townships, as well as fellow developers, have shown confidence in us that we can play a successful role in the bigger mixed-use developments, as well as being able to deliver an individual retail, hospital or restaurant component,” Brandy added.

Brandicorp is a leading brand in the Greater Cincinnati and Midwestern commercial real estate industry. In addition to the aforementioned projects, another dozen+ properties built, developed and managed by Brandy and his staff of 20 are available in Greater Cincinnati communities from Harrison to Mason.

For more information, please visit the Brandicorp website at, or contact Brandicorp President Michael Brandy at (859) 292-8040 and/or

For media inquiries regarding Brandicorp, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, aka TheWritingFiend@Large, at (513) 604-5428 or

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Brandicorp Press Release - 12.5.12 - PR by Andy Hemmer

Brandicorp Press Release – 12.5.12 – PR by Andy Hemmer

HiFive Development, architect of CityLink Center opening today in Cincinnati: ‘Construction Co. Designs Heavenly,’ from 2006 feature in The Cincinnati Enquirer

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Some might say, “Construction Company Designs Heavenly:

HiFive in Cincinnati Enquirer, November 2006.

Today’s opening of the CityLink Center in Cincinnati marks yet another milestone for one of the fastest-growing general contracting and design/build companies in the Nation, HiFive Development Services of Mason.

Congrats to the whole HiFive Development Services crew, starting with co-founder and CEO Mark Davis, President Brian Zilch, Chief Financial Officer Larry Long, Chief Operating Officer John Moses, Vice President of Pre-Construction Tom Lennon, Vice President of HiFive Church Group Steve Daniels, LEEP AP Senior Designer Blake Helms, Senior Designer Tim Hentz, AIA LEED AP Architect Sam Cain, Senior Project Manager/Director of Safety Phil Buck, Senior Project Manager James S. Dean, Senior Project Manager David A. Arnold, Marketing Director Tom Lempner, Site Manager Michael A. Holzmacher, Project Engineer Scott Gruber, Interior Designer Mary Milliken, Superintendent Glen Burkhardt, Superintendent Tom Gohs, Assistant Superintendent Jonathon Zilch, Project Manager Adam Arnold and Project Engineer Kyle Cowgill

The CityLink Center approach, from the website,

CityLink’s approach is based on the idea that support services are much more effective when they work together. This bundled services model comes from the Centers for Working Families (CWF) Model, developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation several years ago as a response to the challenges facing low-income, working adults and their families. CWF was built upon the realization that programs to help people climb out of poverty were often underutlized, for a number of reasons: scheduling conflicts, transportation barriers, the embarrassment of asking for help, and even lack of awareness that these programs existed. By offering employment services, access to publicly available resources and financial services under one roof and integrating them into a holistic solution, CWF began achieving promising results. Clients who received bundled services were three to four times more likely to achieve a major economic outcome than clients receiving one service.”

Continuing ….

“This bundled services model is now recognized as a best practice method for fighting poverty, with successful centers in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago and New York. And it’s just the starting point for the CityLink vision.”

For more information about HiFive Development Services, please call (513) 336-9280 or visit

HiFive Development 2006 Press Release exclusive to Cincinnati Enquirer

… and here’s a downloadable (Word doc) HiFive Press Release that landed The Cincinnati Enquirer feature in 2006, courtesy of PRA Community Brand of Builder – HiFive Development Services Inc. of Mason – 2006 Press Release exclusive for Cincinnati Enquirer – PR by Andy Hemmer, designed by HiFive Development, designed by HiFive Development, designed by HiFive Development, designed by HiFive Development, designed by HiFive Development, designed by HiFive Development, designed by HiFive Development

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