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THE LOVE BETWEEN A FATHER, AND HIS SON: Matt Brennan, husband to Susan Brennan and daddy to Blake, pursues Mount Everest climb. Co-Founder of The Cincinnati Center for Autism, owner of Loveland Excavating and Paving. 29,000+ feet up: The First for a Cincinnatian?

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WCPO-TV Channel 9 story

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Cincinnati’s Matt Brennan, veteran climber, local business owner

First Sponsors: Rab Equipment, EverestNews/, Horter Investments, Loveland Excavating and Paving

Climb starts March 25, for a total of two months; six weeks up Everest and two weeks down. Native of Columbus moved to Cincinnati in 1979 to attend UC (graduate, Class of 1984)

Matt Brennan of Cincinnati seeks to conquer Everest PR by Andy Hemmer

EVEREST OR BUST: Matt Brennan of Cincinnati training at Loveland High School, where he previously served as an Assistant Football Coach.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio – Dec. 14, 2017] Sometime in the spring of the coming year, Matt Brennan of Cincinnati plans to ascend the last of the 29,029 feet up mighty Sagarmatha, known outside of Nepal as Mount Everest (Chomolungma in Tibet).

At the summit, he’ll kneel down, and say a prayer.

He’ll then thank his creator, for having blessed he and his wife Susan with a family, their own business, “and just life in general. I have been blessed,” says Brennan.

But this? I’m there for the challenge. This is something I was born to do. The fact that I may become the first Cincinnatian to conquer Everest is gravy.”

Brennan, 56, is from Columbus, having matriculated to Cincinnati in 1979 to attend UC (he’s a 1984 graduate). Moving on four decades now, “I’m here for good, so yeah, I am from Cincinnati,” he jokes.

Brennan has tapped one of the finest in the mountain climbing business, internationally recognized Everest guide Dave Hahn, as well as Alpine Ascents, a climbing consultant in Seattle, to solidify his strategy.

It all started, actually as a child: Brennan has dreamt of conquering the Everest challenge since he first donned hiking boots as a toddler.

After Everest, Brennan plans to resume his regular life as a business owner (Loveland Excavating and Paving, Inc., based in Fairfield), and a father. He takes special care of his 17-year-old son Blake, born with Autism.

Brennan and his wife, Susan Brennan, have dealt with the insidious Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in an innovative and proactive fashion: they launched a non-profit years ago, when Blake was young, to help other parents, families, and people with autism.

Brennan’s Everest quest is a personal challenge.

Though his son will remain constantly on his mind, the journey is not a benefit expedition, nor some cause-related initiative (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”).

In many ways, Brennan – a wrestler back in the day, he was also an assistant football coach at Loveland High School – believes he was meant to conquer one of the world’s truly great adventures.

Blake will be with me every step of the way. Through what we’ve learned, and what we’ve started with The Cincinnati Center for Autism, we have been able to reach a whole lot of people who are going through the same thing, and don’t know which way is up, much less which way to turn,” said Brennan.

We were the same way. We started off in a fog. But we kept talking to a lot of the right people, the right doctors and professionals with experience in the field and knowledge of the day-to-day challenges.”


After a rigorous search and consultations with contacts in the climbing industry and profession – Brennan has already conquered Mount Elbrus in Russia (the tallest mountain in Europe), Denali and Kilimanjaro – no public record exists of a Cincinnatian conquering Mt. Everest.

Though Brennan is a Columbus, Ohio, native, he considers himself a Cincinnatian, having moved to The Queen City in the 1980s to attend the University of Cincinnati.

His right-hand man, spiritual guide and climbing mentor and companion is the famed Dave Hahn, he of Sherpaesque legend, having conquered Everest 15 times, the most for any non-Sherpa guide.


Brennan is planning for a typical trip to Mt. Everest, which consists of two months on the mountain; six weeks up, two weeks down. The launch is scheduled for March 25, 2018. Brennan will keep in touch with his family, sponsors, friends and family primarily through Facebook (@MattBrennanEverest) and Twitter (@CinCenterAutism). Brennan would also like to acknowledge his first sponsors:

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