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WLWT-TV Channel 5 NBC Cincinnati coverage of Ronnie Grandison Sports Academy opener

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❤️ MEDIA ALERT ❤️ Ribbon-Cutting + Open House: 1 WEEK AWAY! NBA vet Ronnie Grandison (Celts, Heat, Knicks) opens new, rebranded, HUGE AND EXPANDED Ronnie Grandison Sports Academy next Sunday, January 5, 2020, from 1-4 pm

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12.29.19 —- download: MEDIA ALERT – ribbon-cutting Open House for Ronnie Grandison Sports Academy Sunday Jan 5 2020

Ex-NBA vet Ronnie Grandison expands, launches the new Ronnie Grandison Sports Academy with Ribbon-cutting, Open House next Sun., Jan. 5, from 1-4 p.m.


Ronnie Grandison of Cincinnati, NBA vet of five teams (Celtics, Knicks, Heat, Hawks, Hornets), opens new Ronnie Grandison Sports Academy (fdba RG Basketball Academy)




RG Basketball Academy, part of Kids First Sports, rebrands as Ronnie Grandison Sports Academy, doubling with 6 new basketball courts, eight volleyball courts.


ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020 – 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


RG Basketball official LOGO

7900 East Kemper Road, Cincinnati OH 45249 (Sycamore Township).


Coach Ronnie has been training Cincinnati athletes for 20+ years. More classes, more kids, more families = a screaming demand for more space. Problem solved!


Grandison tapped Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC) for the new 50,000 SF facility.

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Robbie Grandison Basketball Academy exterior

The new Ronnie Grandison Sports Academy opens January 5, 2020, with a Ribbon-Cutting and Open House from 1-4 p.m.


Andy Hemmer (513) 604-5428 (txt-friendly)


WLWT-TV Channel 5 NBC in Cincinnati on Kids First Sports, Ronnie Grandison Basketball Academy, Bob Herman at North Side Bank + Trust and CUC Cincinnati United Contractors starring Chuck Kubicki: thx WLWT reporter/anchor Natalie Clark, anchor Mike Dardis #ItCameFromCincinnati

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GROUNDBREAKING 10:30 a.m. TUES. 5.14.19: Kids First Sports Center and RG Academy (NBA vet Ronnie Grandison) tap CUC (Cincinnati United Contractors), North Side Bank + Trust to expand largest private childrens’ sports center in the U.S. in Sycamore Township, Cincinnati, USA – thx Erin Caproni, @erincincybiz Digital Producer, #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier

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Link to Cincinnati Business Courier article

Jeff Metzger Kids First Sports PR by Andy Hemmer.jpg

link to Kids First Sports story in The Cincinnati Business Courier —>

Press Release – For Immediate Release: Kids First Sports taps Cincinnati United Contractors + North Side Bank for $6 Million Expansion – PRESS RELEASE

Kids First: Always, and Forever

Former UC gymnast Jeff Metzger has never lost sight of his kid-first mission

Groundbreaking set for 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday May 14 at largest private kids’ rec center in the U.S. ~ Kids First Sports taps Cincinnati United Contractors for new, $6 million East Kemper Road facility.

[SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, OHIO (CINCINNATI) ~ May 12, 2019] Kids First Sports Center and its builder, Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC), have launched a $6 million expansion to further diversify and grow one of the largest privately-owned recreational sports centers in the nation.

The new, 54,000-square-foot facility ( will sit next to its current East Kemper Road HQ and will more than double capabilities for basketball and volleyball, allowing for six basketball courts or eight volleyball courts.


With completion, the Kids First campus will occupy 162,000 square feet on 13 acres, a wonderland of academics, sports, and healthy choices for local kids.

Behind it all: a professional relationship between Kids First and CUC ( dating back eight previous construction assignments to their first collaboration in 1983.

The current expansion will allow the Ronnie Grandison Basketball Academy and Kids First volleyball services to exponentially expand.

But, it wasn’t without its challenges.

Property had to be acquired, zoning had to be worked out, and financing had to be secured.

That’s where Kids First once again turned to CUC.

After a more than 20-year relationship with one lender, Kids First was not able to secure favorable financing, so they turned to CUC who brought in North Side Bank & Trust.

North Side Bank jumped at the opportunity to partner with Kids First on the project and closed on the financing in record time.


CUC was also able to help Kids First navigate the zoning process to achieve the approvals needed for the project to move forward.

Metzger is a decorated, multi-sport athlete hailing from Woodward High School and former University of Cincinnati gymnast.

When a baseball injury derailed his career in gymnastics, he took a job teaching tumbling at a dance studio and the proverbial seed was sown. Metzger launched Kids First from a church basement in 1973.


Since then, it’s blossomed into an athletic and academic beast, with two dozen programs such as TumbleBees (gymnastics) drawing upwards of 1,600 kids every week.

Our foundation is our Mission, ‘To give kids the tools to grow into a happy, healthy, responsible adults,’ ” said Metzger.

A 1998 rebranding changed the company’s name from Queen City Gymnastics to Kids First Sports Center, paving the way for the current, 108,000-square-foot campus.


Kids First also drew upon its Seven Unifying Principles for inspiration.

One of those principles is continual, perpetual growth, to create new opportunities for all of our kids,” said Metzger.

It’s been an amazing journey, with some incredible families. We’ve trained the grandparents of some of these kids.”

We are thrilled to assist Kids First once again, in their continual quest for every child to grow up happy, healthy, and physically active,” said CUC President Chuck Kubicki.

We were there 36 years ago, we will be there for Jeff forever.”



Mr. Jeff Metzger, Founding President, Kids First Sports (513) 489-7575

Mr. Chuck Kubicki, President/CEO, Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC) (513) 677-0060 


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spotlight on Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC), the #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier feature article published online 2.21.17: ‘Here’s How One of Cincinnati’s Largest Contractors Rebuilt Itself’ ~ thx @TomCincyBiz

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Press Release PDF: constructing-the-100m-developer-by-design-press-release-from-cincinnati-united-contractors-cuc-2-23-17

(click —->> for Business Courier story

Online Release:

Constructing the $100 Developer, By Design

Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC) diversifies design offerings, credits relationships with municipalities and business owners: Reputations earned, and kept, dealing with real-world issues.

Municipalities Remain: The Infrastructure and Backbone of the Queen City.

Smart Growth with Exceptional Schools: “Winners Want To Be With Winners.’

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Feb. 23, 2017] One of Cincinnati’s best-known developers has once again hit the $100 million mark by sticking to old-school principles, while offering a diverse palette of new buildings, new product and design at Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC) Inc., soon to be celebrating a 40-year anniversary. Revenue growth has remained consistent between 10-20 percent annually since the crash of 2008.

We’ve been fortunate to be above $100 million for the last several years by applying our skills and talents to any project type,” says Chance Truemper, vice president of Cincinnati United Contractors – CUC (

There’s a saying around here: We’ll build anything from your doghouse to the penthouse,” Truemper says.

Whatever it takes – and, sometimes, it takes building that doghouse, for someone to get to know you, in order to get the opportunity to build their penthouse.”


Chuck Kubicki, founder and President of Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC), left, with Vice President Chance Truemper at Summit Woods in Sharonville. Photo: PR


Like every other year since 1978, CUC has earned its stripes through relationships earned, and promises kept, with the many and various corporate clients, business owners and municipalities located throughout Greater Cincinnati.

It’s not just a strategy at Cincinnati United Contractors (CUC). It’s a cornerstone block. “Particularly with the cities,” Truemper says.

Municipalities are key to being successful in construction and development. Taking the city, county, and/or township on as a partner is critical,” Truemper says.

Municipalities are in charge of buying police cars, fire trucks, snow plows, and many other aspects of city needs. Usually they’re one of the biggest employers. If you have a good city manager and a pro-business council, you will be able to attract great businesses. Business interests can, in turn, pour all kinds of tax money back into the community.”


A manufacturing rebound has boosted CUC, as well as light industrial, and office work such as the new $20 million Blue Ash headquarters for Integrity Express Logistics on Cooper Road. CUC recently added another office building at the popular Summit Woods Office Park in Sharonville; construction recently wrapped up on the East Side in Milford (UC Health and Roney’s) and in Mount Orab (new AutoMall for Mark Williams Auto Group).

We’re still doing a wide variety of projects. So much of our business is referral-based, so we actually do enjoy the variety,” Truemper says.


Cincinnati United Contractors – CUC is a Cincinnati native and development/construction company owner who learned the business literally from the group up: he spent his early years in the business behind the steering wheel of a bulldozer for Gallenstein Co. Truemper has been a vice president at Cincinnati United Contractors – CUC for seven years; he’s a University of Cincinnati graduate from the renowned UC College of Applied Science.

Cincinnati is comprised of a quirky network of cities, counties, villages, townships, and states – a terrain few know better than Kubicki, Truemper and their home-grown team at CUC. “The success of local school districts, in particular, remains a prime catalyst for the success of any real estate project,” Kubicki says.

When school districts require a levy, home owners need to understand the positive impact it will have on their property values,” Kubicki adds.

Whether it’s for your own living expenses, or for passing wealth on to the next generation, having a house in a good school district is critical. It’s a tremendous advantage, to development, if the Superintendent is running her or his school district like a municipality. Just like a City Manager, a School Superintendent is running a large company.”

Winners want to be with winners,” concluded Kubicki.

There are many who will vote down levies simply because they don’t have children in the school district anymore. However, that home is probably one of their biggest investments, and they need it to be worth as much as possible when it’s time to sell.”

ABOUT CUC: Cincinnati United Contractors ( is the premier commercial real estate developer in Greater Cincinnati, having developed and redeveloped thousands of acres of land and millions of square feet of office, industrial, retail, owner-occupied, specialty-use properties and facilities for the faithful (churches). For more information, please call (513) 677-0060 visit, find CUC on Facebook or follow on Twitter @CintiUnitedCUC.

For media inquiries regarding CUC, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or

Mr. Chance Truemper
Vice President, Cincinnati United Contractors Inc. (CUC) 7143 East Kemper Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249 (513) 677-0060


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