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#Cincinnati @BusinessCourier EXCLUSIVE: The $1 Billion #Upshift to the Independent Workforce of Tomorrow: introducing #Upshift of Cincinnati, starring Elder HS grad Steve Anevski, Alex Pantich and Nikola Jordanovski

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Steve Anevski Upshift in Cincinnati Business Courier PR by Andy Hemmer

Press Release Introducing Upshift The One Billion Dollar Upshift to the Independent Workforce of Tomorrow – Press Release from Andy Hemmer and Upshift

 link to @BusinessCourier story:


Introducing Upshift of Cincinnati

The $1 Billion Upshift to the Independent Workforce of Tomorrow

West Side lawyer/MBA, meets Akron/Ohio State tech wiz. Commence commerce.

REVENUE PROJECTION: $1 Billion in annual revenues within first five years.

Upshift: The Cincinnati-based startup connects businesses and workers directly. 

New office openings in Dayton and Columbus; 18 total new markets to open in two years.

[Cincinnati, Ohio ~ July 10, 2017] Upshift CEO Steve Anevski got his start on the West Side of Cincinnati in the family business: bars and restaurants. Like every other restaurant/bar owner, his biggest problem was staffing. From Fridays where he couldn’t find enough people, to Tuesdays when he couldn’t find enough hours for his staff, it was always a balancing act. After many years of dealing with these issues, Anevski committed himself to finding a solution.

When Steve met Alex

Enter Alex Pantich.

Alex, a graduate of Ohio State and native of Akron, Ohio, teamed up with Steve to make Upshift a reality.

Alex’s business partner in Kinetiq Solutions, Nikola Jordanovski, also joined as a founder and the three started the business with a bang: being accepted to The Brandery with just an idea on a napkin.

In October of 2016 the trio officially launched the beta of Upshift and have been going gangbusters ever since.

Upshift simply, and conveniently, connects businesses and Upshifters through a mobile and web application.

Businesses can post shifts at the click of a button and Upshifters can make their own schedule working when, where, and how they want.

The partners have set the stage for a dramatic expansion of Upshift, differentiated from the plethora of noise in the marketplace because the Cincy startup:

  • Actually hires people as W4 workers covered by workers’ compensation insurance and payroll taxes;
  • Is Exclusive, all with all hiring done by algorithm and fewer than 30 percent of applicants accepted;
  • Packs a first-rate investor’s pedigree with credentials from The Brandery;
  • Has posted revenue increase of at least 50 percent monthly  every month in 2017, with this growth rate expected to remain steady.

Employers, not just in the restaurant/hospitality industry where Anevski grew up, but in the logistics, transportation, warehousing and light-industrial genres, are all users of Upshift.

And the independent workforce is born: Upshift will enter 18 U.S. markets within two years; within the last three months it has launched in both Dayton and Columbus.

Upshift is just the first step in a movement towards workers’ independence,” says Anevski.

The company counts an A list of clients: Aero Fulfillment in Mason and Fairfield, Riverbend Music Center in Anderson and Miami Valley Gaming among others.

One of the best things about Upshift is that it allows flexibility for both people and businesses,” says Pantich.

Businesses can post shifts at the click of a button and people can make their own schedules and choose which shifts to take from the convenience of their phones.”

Introducing Upshift The One Billion Dollar Upshift to the Independent Workforce of Tomorrow - Press Release from Andy Hemmer and Upshift

Upshift Contacts:

Mr. Steve Anevski, Upshift CEO cell: (513) 314-2382

Mr. Alex Pantich, Upshift COO cell: (330) 814-7561

Alex Pantich, left, and Steve Anevski - Upshift foto TWO - foto credit Andy Hemmer

#Upshift co-founders Alex Pantich, left, and Steve Anevski were featured in The Cincinnati Business Courier – link:

Upshift Press Contact:

Mr. Andy Hemmer (513) 604-5428

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@HuffRealty in your #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier: here’s the #Press #Release

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Jon Reischel, 513.237.7758

Link to @BusinessCourier story:

HUFF looking to add 125+ sales agents over next 5 years

‘Teaching Relentlessly, Serving Passionately’

Local Berkshire Hathaway affiliate grows to 450 agents by taking care of its own

Long the real estate king of Northern Kentucky, HUFF continues growth across southwestern Ohio. Renewed Anderson Twp. lease coincides with 20-year presence in Ohio market.

FORT MITCHELL, KY – June 15, 2017 — Local Berkshire Hathaway affiliate HUFF Realty is looking to expand in Greater Cincinnati with at least another 125+ agents over the next five years, in the same fashion as its corporate parent and the international icon behind it, billionaire Warren Buffett: “Slow and steady, acquire and keep.”

Instead of company-by-company, as they do in Omaha, our growth strategy here locally is agent-by-agent, and agent team-by-agent team,” adds DeVries, who runs three other Berkshire Hathaway real estate brands besides Huff ( through the HomeServices of America Inc. family.

Based on Beechwood Road and now deploying 450 sales agents in the Tri-State, the growth equates to an average 5 percent annual growth in agents, factoring in boom and bust factors. Recruitment at HUFF is a deliberate practice integrating a system of core values that culminates with a highly-motivated sales professional benefitting from a superior training system.

And, for DeVries and the HUFF leadership team, it’s more about quality than quantity.

I’m not overly interested in the individual being the number one salesperson in the region. I am interested in someone who recognizes the value of this operation, somebody who brings just as much as they take, who would be a great cheerleader, and encourage their fellow agents and staff,” said DeVries.

If they grow to be the number one salesperson in the region, that’s great. But we are more interested in the integrity and character of the individual, and their desire to be successful – their desire to serve the customer well.”

The five core values espoused by HUFF reflect the company’s commitment to agents by “teaching relentlessly and serving passionately,” and begins with DeVries’ original point emphasizing the firm’s most valued characteristic:

  • Honesty and Integrity: “Too many people sell on sizzle. The honesty and integrity of the person are their most important character traits. Whether male or female, old or young, matters not.”
  • Continual Pursuit of Excellence: “We are constantly trying to get better at everything we do.”
  • Mutual Respect and Caring: “We recognize the importance of working on a team. The Bengals QB is important – but so is his second-string center, and the team trainer.”
  • Family Takes Priority: “We talk long and hard about falling in love with the job. We don’t want our people working seven days a week, 365 days a year. Your loved ones will fall by the wayside.
  • Loyalty In Relationships: “We march together, arm-in-arm. We want people who respect that, who recognize and have mutual respect for the education and the training we provide, and who understand loyalty is a two-way street.”

DeVries is a Florida native and graduate of Centre College in Danville, Ky., who manages more than 1,200 agents at HUFF Realty as well as a triumvirate grid of realty firms in Louisville and Lexington (Rector Hayden REALTORS, Semonin REALTORS and Wakefield Reutlinger REALTORS).

He has worked in real estate for 25 years, and began his career with HomeServices of America Inc., corporate parent of HUFF Realty, in 1999.

Our job is to get the customer from Point A to Point B, as successfully and professionally as possible, with their mind intact, their emotions intact, the correct proceeds from their sale, or the right amount of money they are choosing to invest, while keeping everything as healthy as possible on both ends,” DeVries says.

All brokers essentially play the same role of having their agents under that umbrella of education, protection, guidance and support. When we bring them in, we keep them, by teaching them relentlessly and serving them passionately,” says DeVries.

In an Era of Technology, People Have Never Been As Important

Real estate sales agents have never been more valuable than they are today, despite the plethora of tools, websites, software solutions and television shows who say they aren’t.

As anecdotal evidence, DeVries recalls a late 1990s, company-wide concern for the future of real estate.

There were all these urgent meetings behind closed doors, and it was all about this big, monstrous thing called ‘The Internet,’ which was going to put us all out of business,” DeVries says.

Everybody was horrified about all these websites going up, that we were not going to be relevant or necessary for long, that we needed to have all this figured out with a new model. It was going to annihilate us.

Nothing could have been further from the truth,” DeVries adds.

Back then, about 88 percent of the market used an agent, with about 10 percent FSBO (For Sale By Owners). Today, we know that up to 92-93 percent of the market now uses an agent, and only about six percent are sold by the owner,” said DeVries.

We think that’s because people need us. Contracts that used to be 2-3 pages now take up a binder. There’s never been more complications, never been more fraud, more disclosures, never been more layers to a transaction than there are right now.

“Agents – the right agents – educated, well-trained agents who can make a sometimes-brutal process easier to bear – have never been more essential to the equation than they are today.”

ABOUT HUFF REALTY: Based in Fort Mitchell, Ky., with 450 sales agents deployed at 13 offices throughout Greater Cincinnati, Huff Realty was created by former owner Jim Huff and his wife, Bert Huff, to be the dominant commercial and residential real estate force in Northern Kentucky. HUFF Realty is a one-stop service shop providing products and services for Home Sales, Commercial Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance, Relocation, Title, Home Warranties, Rentals and Auctions. Offices are in Anderson Township, Cincinnati, Downtown Cincinnati (OTR). Fairfield/Hamilton, Florence, Fort Mitchell, Highland Heights, Hyde Park, Lawrenceburg (IN), Mason/Deerfield Township, Montgomery, Union Centre and Western Hills. For more information, please visit or call (859) 341-7400.

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@BusinessCourier spotlight on: Joshua One and Managing Partner Paul Zeltwanger ~ “The List” story ~ Largest Luxury Condo Developments ~ page 17 March 17, 2017 Edition ~

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Joshua One in BizCourier - 3.17.17 - PR by Andy Hemmer

page 17 #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier 3.17.17:

in your Cincinnati Business Courier (print) 2day: THE ROBERT LUCKE GROUP and CAMARGO RIDGE IN MADEIRA: ‘Attracting a Village’ ~~ ~~ thx to Senior Reporter @TomCinciBiz and The Cincinnati @BusinessCourier

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Camargo Ridge from Robert Lucke Group in your Cincinnati Business Courier today, print edition, 10.7.16 ~

Camargo Ridge from Robert Lucke Group in your Cincinnati Business Courier today, print edition, 10.7.16 ~

For IMMEDIATE RELEASEpress-release-from-robert-lucke-group-and-camargo-ridge-in-madeira-10-7-16

Camargo Ridge story in your Cincinnati Business Courier :

Madeira: Attracting a Village


Joe Linz, Star ONE Realtors

Scott Lucke, Robert Lucke Group

— Young buyers join the neighborhood at Camargo Ridge, upscale community linking Indian Hill to Madeira, potentially the fastest-selling project in Robert Lucke Group history

— Urban Living meets country charm: Younger buyers embracing old-school features. Robert Lucke Group offering homes starting at $650,000, up to $3 million.

[CITY OF MADEIRA, Ohio ~ October 7, 2016] Reflecting a national trend of younger, Millennial-aged home buyers drifting a tad further from the urban core, the city of Madeira has emerged – specifically, the Camargo Ridge development bordering Indian Hill – as a new hot spot for the next generation.

TEAM CAMARGO RIDGE LOOKING FOR THE SELLOUT: Joe Linz with Star ONE Realtors, left, and Scott Lucke, president of the Robert Lucke Group.

TEAM CAMARGO RIDGE LOOKING FOR THE SELLOUT: Joe Linz with Star ONE Realtors, left, and Scott Lucke, president of the Robert Lucke Group. Cincinnati Business Courier story:

Madeira is made for Millenials,” says Joe Linz, vice president and partner at Star ONE Realtors Inc., the marketing agent working in tandem with the builder of Camargo Ridge, Robert Lucke Group. Camargo Ridge was recently featured in The Cincinnati Business Courier.

You don’t always have buyers in their 30s moving into a neighborhood with an entrance price of $650,000, but Camargo Ridge is not your everyday community, which is reflected in the incredible demand that we’ve seen for our lots,” Linz said.

Late this summer, the RLGStar ONE team notched a major milestone by surpassing the 50 percent sold mark, a little less than one year after the streets were opened.

At the third-generation Robert Lucke Group – building homes throughout Greater Cincinnati for more than a half-century – Camargo Ridge could end up being the fastest-selling community in the company’s history, dating back to 1953.

We were looking for something that was closer to the old neighborhood feel, that village concept, which is why we started looking at Madeira in the first place. Camargo Ridge gave us that feeling immediately,” said Chris D., a Camargo Ridge buyer along with his wife, Linda D. (last names withheld to protect privacy).

There aren’t many places left in Cincinnati where you can still get that, but this is one of them.”

Camargo Ridge from The Robert Lucke Group: Midway Between the Flight from Suburbia to Downtown

We came from suburbia, a 250-home neighborhood in Mason, and that was great, as was Mason, but we were just looking for something different now,” Linda D. added.

We had always heard about the reputation of the Robert Lucke Group. Put that together with Camargo Ridge …. and I think we just got Lucke,” her hubby joked.

When we first stumbled across Camargo Ridge, it was just a hillside and some trees, but credit the Robert Lucke Group and Star ONE for doing such a great job of visualizing what this could be,” said John C., another Camargo Ridge buyer, along with his wife, Shelly B. (last name also withheld, per privacy concerns).

Working with the Robert Lucke Group has taken, what is considered to be a nightmare for most people, building your own custom home, but for us, it was an absolute joy to work with Scott (Lucke) and his people,” John C. continued.

When most people hear you’re building a home, the first thing they say is, ‘Oh, I feel so sorry for you.’ But we found that to be the exact opposite,” said John C.

Their contractors were highly professional. There was such incredible coordination throughout the building process. From the first day, to the day they handed us the keys, they were a well-oiled machine, with activity it seems every single day. They kept us informed and updated throughout the entire process. The Robert Lucke Group never lost sight of making us part of the process, and remember that we were the homeowners, and they wanted us to feel absolutely wonderful about our new home,” John C. said.

Custom Homes from The Robert Lucke Group starting at $650,000

Camargo Ridge is tucked between Madeira and Indian Hill at the corner of Camargo Road and Shawnee Ridge.

Located a few miles from Kenwood and Interstate 71 – as well as providing excellent access to Madison Road and the rest of East Side Cincinnati – Robert Lucke Group and Star ONE are offering custom homes starting at $650,000, to upwards of $3 million.

The embrace that the market has extended to Camargo Ridge has been incredible,” added Linz from Star ONE.

Linz and his team at Star ONE have been on the Camargo Ridge development team since the project was conceived, having provided invaluable land acquisition expertise to RLG.

Older buyers will always be looking to downsize, and we’re had a tremendous reception from that segment of the market, but it does appear that we’re seeing more Millennials looking for this product,” Linz says.


I would put builders in three categories,” concluded Chris D.

There are some builders, about whom you hear nothing but negative.

“There are many, many others about whom you’ll hear both good and bad.

“It’s the very rare few that I would put in the category of the Robert Lucke Group, which is, all you ever hear about that company and their people is good.”

For more information about Camargo Ridge, please contact Mr. Linz at (513) 300-6663 or

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Mr. Joe Linz
Star ONE Realtors (513) 300-6663

Business Courier photo shoot 2day: Nathan Kosman of Rosselot Financial Group

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Press Release posted on

Business Courier online story, posted Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Print story is scheduled to run in The Cincinnati Business Courier  this Friday, January 15, 2016.

Here’s some media from the photo shoot today, starring Mark Bowen, Shutterbug to the Stars and owner of Mark Bowen Media:

Nathan Kosman, president of at the Cincinnati Business Courier photo shoot on Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016.

Nathan Kosman, president of at the Cincinnati Business Courier photo shoot on Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016.

Cincinnati Business Courier tweet on

Cincinnati Business Courier tweet on

1 press release, 2 papers

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Robert Lucke Group in your Cincinnati Enquirer today, yesterday and on the App:

Cincinnati Enquirer story on the app (above – how about that photo credit!) and online at here:


Cincinnati Enquirer story online and on the app:



Online press release posted on


….. and on Local 12 WKRC-TV the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati ….

ON THIS DAY IN CINCINNATI, November 28, 2003: CDS Associates Inc. of Blue Ash, Florence in the news — popular Growth Strategies Feature in The Cincinnati Business Courier. Written by @KarenBells, former @BusinessCourier writer and editor, now Copy Desk Chief at The Cincinnati @Enquirer. PR and Press Release by Andy Hemmer aka @CincinnatiPR.

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The Rebirth of CDS Associates – Press Release and PR by Andy Hemmer – Exclusive to Cincinnati Business Courier

The Rebirth of CDS Associates - Press Release and PR by Andy Hemmer - Exclusive to Cincinnati Business Courier

The Rebirth of CDS Associates – Press Release and PR by Andy Hemmer – Exclusive to Cincinnati Business Courier

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