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Upshift Raises $3.7M in Series A Financing, Led by Indeed’s HR Tech Investment: On-Demand Staffing Platform Expands with New Round of Funding

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Upshift in Cincinnati Business Courier Nick Jordanovski Alex Pantich Steve Anevski



DOWNLOAD OFFICIAL UPSHIFT/INDEED PRESS RELEASE AS WORD DOC here —>>> Official Release Upshift and Indeed March 3 2020

[COLUMBUS, Ohio ~ March 3, 2020]  Upshift, the leading on-demand staffing platform, has closed $3.7 million in Series A funding to expand its team and accelerate growth across the country.


Upshift’s smartphone- and web-based platform connects people looking for extra work or new jobs with understaffed employers in the hospitality and light-industrial sectors, helping meet the nation’s high demand for temporary staffing solutions.

Online job platform Indeed’s investment arm, HR Tech Investments, led the funding round with participation from Columbus-based Rev1 Ventures and Data Point Capital.


We look for innovation, and the Upshift team is transforming the future of work. Upshift is leading the transformation of the staffing industry, and we see tremendous growth potential,” said Ryan Helon, executive vice president of investment funds at Rev1 Ventures.

And with its tremendous revenue growth, Upshift is certainly showing just how important serving the needs of the gig economy is shaping up to be.”

People in 15 cities in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and North Carolina rely on Upshift to find work that supports their needs and fits their schedules. There are now tens of thousands of employees using Upshift’s platform to find shifts at over 1,000 businesses ranging from medium-sized hotels to Fortune 500 companies.

Takeya, COSI and the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center are just a few of the many companies in the hospitality and light industrial sectors partnering with Upshift in Columbus.

Unlike most gig economy companies, Upshift directly employs all those who work on its platform. This means that people working are covered by traditional employment relationships including workers’ compensation, unemployment and other employee protections.

That also means Upshift’s business clients do not take on the liability typically associated with 1099 staffing models.

Upshift’s pre-screening process for employment is rigorous and includes an in-person interview with a staff member. Only 12 percent of those who apply to Upshift successfully complete the screening process.

This, combined with Upshift’s intuitive, easy-to-use technology and strict disciplinary policies, means over 95% of Upshifters successfully complete committed shifts. That’s more than double the industry standard for success.

We’re thrilled to partner with Indeed, Rev1 and Data Point as we continue to partner with more companies and help people find work,” said Alex Pantich, Upshift co-founder and COO and 2014 graduate of The Ohio State University.

Alex Pantich cofounder Upshift

Alex Pantich, Cofounder of Upshift

I’m glad that so many of our partners and Upshifters have found success with Upshift in central Ohio, and we are excited to serve our clients and employees even more in the future!”

About Upshift: America’s leading on-demand staffing platform, Upshift services the hospitality and light industrial sectors and helps connect people to both flexible and long-term work. Its industry-leading success rates of over 95 percent are more than double industry standards. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Upshift helps connect people and businesses in 15 major metro markets.

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Upshift Raises Three Point Seven Mill Series A Indeed Rev1 Ventures Data Point Capital Official Press Release

Official Press Release from Upshift, Indeed, Rev1 Ventures and Data Point Capital

Walworth Junction HOMEARAMA® 2020 on WLWT-TV Channel 5 starring T.J. Ackermann

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#allAboardCincinnati Walworth Junction from T.J. Ackermann and Ralph Meierjohan – in Cincinnati’s East End and Columbia-Tusculum neighborhoods – featured on The Varney and Company Show, FOX Business Network (FBN)

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Walworth Junction in Business Courier PR by Andy Hemmer







Fifty Three Years, and a $50 Million Deal:

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The Thoroughly Cincinnatian Story of the Kanter Family, Bob and Lynne’s conversation, and Rookwood Properties

Milestones abound at company – now 53 – that began with a husband and a wife, and a dinner-table talk: Why Not You?

PRESS RELEASE PDF FOR DOWNLOAD —–>>>> Fifty Plus Years Later and a $50M Deal – The Thoroughly Cincinnatian Story of Rookwood Properties

link to Cincinnati Business Courier story: (thx Tom!)

[CINCINNATI, Ohio – July 18 , 2019] Bob and Lynne Kanter saw it all, btw, way before any of you.

Fifty-plus-years later after the creation of Rookwood Properties Inc., the Cincinnati startup launched in 1966 after a dinner-table conversation between man and wife, the milestones abound:

  • Last month, Rookwood Properties closed a $33 million acquisition of six multi-family properties with 750 apartment units, primarily local, boosting its multifamily portfolio by 40 percent;
  • Shortly after the deal closed, Rookwood launched a $17 million capital improvement campaign across the new properties, effectively creating a $50 million deal;
  • This Fall, Rookwood will take the wraps off 1010 On The Rhine, its 8-floor, 139-unit apartment segment of the $90 million, 18-story Kroger super-site in downtown Cincinnati, the 3CDC-developed community that Rookwood spent 35 years helping make a reality, offering residential, retail and parking (other partners: North American Properties, NorthPointe Group);
  • Late last year, Rookwood introduced its version of adaptive reuse with the conversion of the historic Crane-Hawley factory (former Hamilton County Board of Elections Building) on Broadway Avenue into Crane Factory Flats, a six-story, 69- unit compilation of studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and townhome apartments.

The six-property, 750-unit package Rookwood Properties acquired in June became available through the national commercial real estate brokerage community.

The largest apartment community in the package is the 144-unit Versailles Village Apartments of Forest Park, followed by the 157-unit Mont Michel Apartments in University Heights; the 144-unit Garden Woods Apartments in Dayton (OH), the 120-unit Fairway Park Apartments Independence (KY), the Knolls Apartments in Beavercreek (108 units); and the Colonial Gardens Apartments (70 units) in Sharonville.

With the recent apartment acquisition, and the flurry of activity at the new downtown Kroger, one might think Rookwood Properties has shifted into overdrive.

That would be an incorrect assumption.

Because, even though the deals are flowing, Rookwood Properties of Cincinnati has quite successfully endorsed the turtle in his/her longstanding duel with the hare.

In a sense, it might seem like the growth has been fast and furious, because the opportunities have been incredible,” says Annie Kanter, marketing and property manager of Rookwood Properties, headquartered in Montgomery, also active throughout the Midwest.

Yes, this is the biggest acquisition in the 53-year history of Rookwood Properties, but we remain committed to a slow-but-steady growth mantra, as we were taught,” said Rookwood Properties President Fred Kanter, son of company founders, Robert and Lynne Kanter.

Annie is Fred’s niece, daughter of Fred’s brother Mark Kanter; the third-generation is also represented by Jeremy Kanter, director of acquisitions and multifamily for Rookwood ( Jeremy is Fred’s son.

Now in its third generation of family leadership, Rookwood Properties has proven that success is built on a strategy of long-term growth.

In an era when investment trends promote investing for short-term growth, Rookwood Properties goes against the grain.

The recent $50 million acquisition and capital improvement campaign, with the six new properties, is entirely indicative of the modus operandi of Rookwood Properties since Day One: it’s a long-standing strategy of buying and improving existing properties for appreciation over time.

This strategy has led not only to the company’s longevity, but also to significant residential and commercial improvements in the region over the past five decades.

Cincinnati was an ideal place for Rookwood Properties to get its start because of its conservative nature,Fred Kanter states.

We believe in real estate investments for the long term. There will be good times and bad times, but if you are willing to re-invest in your properties, they can be good long-term investments.”

That strategy pays off not only for investors, but for the local community as well.

Many of the long-term investments in the Rookwood Properties portfolio are long-established properties in the Cincinnati landscape today.

One such example is Lytle Tower at Fourth and Broadway.

The company purchased the building in 1973, under the leadership of company founder Robert Kanter. Until that time, Rookwood Properties was focused exclusively on real estate management.

With the acquisition of Lytle Tower, however, the company began its long-standing tradition of purchasing properties with an eye for long-term improvement.

In the 44 years since, Lytle Tower has become a premier rental location for those seeking high-end living in an urban setting, providing what Kanter calls “an excellent location with high-end finishes at a competitive price point.”

A Tradition of Family Leadership and Steady Regional Growth 

In 1965, Robert and Lynne Kanter were inspired by an article they read in TIME Magazine, about entrepreneurs.

Robert Kanter left his corporate accounting job to launch a real estate property management company with a line of credit cosigned by a former employer, Robert Block Jr.

Kanter quickly developed a reputation for rigorous and disciplined analysis of potential acquisitions, unswayed by the hype and wishful thinking rampant in the field. His integrity and unfailing honesty inspired loyalty among his many business partners.

As the company grew, so did the size of its acquisitions. Steady growth and acquisitions led to investments in retail, warehouses, office buildings, and new and renovated apartment communities.

Rookwood Properties now owns, manages and leases portfolio properties in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Louisville, and Northern Kentucky. As Rookwood Properties has grown, so has the region itself.

An example of the company’s long-term investment strategy paying off for the community at large is The Enclave, a luxury apartment development in Sharonville.

The Enclave development has not only been successful for Rookwood Properties; it’s been incredibly beneficial to the Sharonville community as well.

It was the first apartment development in Sharonville in quite some time,” Fred Kanter explains.

By providing an attractive housing alternative for people who work in Sharonville or the surrounding areas, The Enclave contributes to Sharonville’s overall livability.”

Rookwood Properties Today: Imagining the Next 50 Years

As the Kanter brothers welcome a third generation into the business, Jeremy and Annie Kanter, they can’t help but reflect on the success of the past 51 years and their hopes for the company’s future.

Real estate development can be a risky business, but by managing the business in a cautious manner for long-term results, we have stayed out of risky development. That has contributed to the company’s success over time,” Fred says.

Whatever the future holds in store, one thing is certain: the Kanter family has no intention of veering from Robert Kanter’s original, long-term strategy for growth.

Says Mark Kanter, “Over the next 50 years, Fred and I hope the company will continue to grow in a slow, but sure, manner.”

ABOUT ROOKWOOD PROPERTIES Rookwood Properties ( is a diversified developer, owner and manager of residential and commercial properties in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Dayton and Columbus markets. Established in 1966, Rookwood Properties prides itself on professional service, a responsive, dedicated staff, and attention to detail. Whether you are looking for office, retail, warehouse space or an apartment, Rookwood Properties offers the most exceptional value in the market. For more information, contact

For media inquiries regarding Rookwood Properties, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or

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Kanter crew at Lytle Tower foto by andy hemmer

Kanter Crew at Lytle Tower, left to right: Jeremy, Annie, Fred, Bob, and Mark Kanter.



WLWT-TV Channel 5 NBC in Cincinnati on Kids First Sports, Ronnie Grandison Basketball Academy, Bob Herman at North Side Bank + Trust and CUC Cincinnati United Contractors starring Chuck Kubicki: thx WLWT reporter/anchor Natalie Clark, anchor Mike Dardis #ItCameFromCincinnati

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Press Release – For Immediate Release:

Enter: Crane Factory Flats

#DowntownCincinnati Living,


Rookwood Properties’ Crane Factory Flats unveils luxury living at century-old factory

Originally a Factory, Adaptive Reuse Creates 69 New Luxury Apartments.

Grand Opening Date and Ribbon-Cutting with City Officials on December 5.


[CINCINNATI, Ohio – November 15, 2018] With the grand opening of the Crane Factory Flats coming up fast on Dec. 5, today’s downtown Cincinnati living enthusiast has the opportunity to experience new urban living apartments, with a local history dating back more than a century.

The Crane-Hawley Co. opened its factory in 1914, producing water and plumbing fixtures. Most recently, it was home to the Hamilton County Board of Elections until early last year. Under the management of Cincinnati-based Rookwood Properties, Crane Factory Flats is a multi-million-dollar adaptive-reuse development breathing new life into an old building, creating its own unique community.

The response of the market has been fantastic, particularly during our early stages of construction, as we gear up for our grand opening and ribbon-cutting in early December,” said Annie Kanter, property manager at Crane Factory Flats.

She reports strong market interest from several different segments of the apartment-hunting public, from young professionals to college students, empty-nesters and Millennials alike.

Tucked into the Design District on Broadway between East Ninth and East Eighth streets, Crane Factory Flats ( is opening amidst a historic rebirth of Downtown Cincinnati.

The six-story property now offers 69 high-end apartments built with an industrial aesthetic, emphasizing exposed brick with high ceilings.

Apartments are being offered in 1- and 2-bedroom options, from loft-style living to spacious townhomes; rates range between $1,185-$3,170, for homes offering between 625-1,669 square feet.

“When the Board of Elections left, we discovered was what, in essence, what we already knew: Downtown Cincinnati is the epicenter of urban living options. Crane Factory Flats is just delivering what the market demands,” said Kanter.

Now, a 24-hour fitness and yoga center are ready.

The pet washing stations are poised.

A bike room will be built shortly; the coffee/espresso bar is complete, the Business Center geared up, as Crane Factory Flats welcomes new residents, neighbors and friends.

Amenities are copious and well-tended, from covered parking, walk-in closets and extra storage to wide hallways, ceramic tile showers and an industrial aesthetic.

Kitchens have quartz countertops and stainless-steel appliances, with floor plans emphasizing open-concept flats, featuring wood-style and carpeted floors.

Crane Factory Flats offers on-site management, 24/7 controlled access. Fully wired for WiFi and all modern comforts (dishwasher, washer, dryer), Cincinnati’s newest downtown lifestyle is pet-friendly and designed with Lounges, a Business Center, Coffee Bar, 24/7 Yoga/Fitness Center, a collaborative Workspace and roof deck.

For more information, stop by the Crane Factory Flats office, 824 Broadway, open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; or please visit or call (513) 832-7639.

Contact: Property Manager-Annie Kanter, Rookwood Properties (513) 832-7639

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introducing: the W. Alexander Group

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Press Release PDF – For Immediate Release (download —>>> introducing the W. Alexander Group – press release

Bill Goldberg and the W. Alexander Group Cincinnati Business Courier PR by Andy Hemmer

click here for link to Cincinnati Business Courier story

Seeking: Companies Not For Sale

Introducing: The W. Alexander Group

Interim Alternative for Selling a Business with $3M – $15M in Annual Revenue

Experts at Building Next-Level Business Worth, for Companies in Need of Medium-Term Transition

The Biggest Obstacle: The ‘Do-Nothing’ State of Mind

The W. Alexander Group: Selling/Buying a Business, Business Exit, Succession Planning, Exit Planning, Business Valuation, Private Equity, Business Broker, Business Transition, Scaling a Business.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Sept. 26, 2018] Bill Goldberg isn’t a psychiatrist. But he does play one at work.

Goldberg is a local executive, entrepreneur and investor who leads the newly-minted W. Alexander Group.

Over the years, he’s been an officer/leader of a number of highly successful public and private companies.

Bill Goldberg Managing Principal of the W Alexander Group of Cincinnati PR Contact Andy Hemmer

Bill Goldberg, Managing Principal of the W. Alexander Group of Cincinnati. For more information, please visit call (513) 666-8226 or send an e-mail to For media inquiries please contact (513) 604-5428 (txt-friendly)

He developed an affinity for companies with between $3 million to $15 million in annual revenue, a corporate sweet spot largely dominated by family-owned and closely-held companies.

There’s just so much more you can do to help businesses in that range, even if it’s opening their minds to the possibility of growth, building upon their own legacy, and embracing change when that time arrives,” Goldberg says.

Up to 90 percent of businesses with between $3 million to $15 million never get sold. Much less, it’s never even seriously considered,” Goldberg adds.

That, in a nutshell, is a reason for the W. Alexander Group.”

Goldberg is the founder and Managing Principal of the W. Alexander Group, a private operational investment firm he launched earlier this year.

Their specialty: helping these business owners address and resolve what are primarily emotional reasons for the indecision and resulting corporate ennui:

  • “What else then am I going to do with the rest of my life?”
  • “My company IS my family. What would they do without me?”
  • “I just can’t trust anybody else with my baby. This is my legacy. No one else will understand my business.”
  • “I will deal with this later.”

Reaping the Benefits, on an Owner’s Own Terms

The unfortunate result: doing nothing can put an owner’s family, employees, and clients at risk, potentially causing tremendous, irreversible financial harm to the true worth of their business.

It’s an entrenched mentality that can paralyze.

Many owners end up not communicating with family and/or professional advisors, isolating themselves and adding to the do-nothing dilemma,” said Goldberg.

The sad reality is, one way or the other, by design or default, all owners will exit their businesses. We want to help them reap the benefits of their efforts, on their terms.”

Goldberg has spent his career in a variety of ownership and executive roles at companies big and small, public and private.

He recently led a successful recapitalization effort at Relevate Health Group Inc., which offered him the opportunity to launch the W. Alexander Group.

Goldberg and his team have years of successful operating experience and buying and selling businesses.

His mission?

“To provide an interim alternative for owners having to sell their businesses, while still increasing business worth,” Goldberg said.

Our approach is on a private, operationally-based, investor-informed business model that protects an owner’s downside, while providing an upside appreciation. It’s a medium-termed solution to selling their business.”

The W. Alexander Group business model is not designed for a start-up.

We are looking for businesses in need of transferability, scaling, re-leveraging of various aspects of the business and appreciation of business worth,” Goldberg said.

Bill Goldberg in Cincinnati Business Courier for W Alexander Group

Business Courier link –>>

Private Operational Investors: The W. Alexander Group

The W. Alexander Group is not a broker, banker, nor consultant.

The company gets involved with business owners in an operational, side-by-side mode through an agreement that allows owners to protect their equity, while building next-level business worth.

Jeff Spanbauer, Goldberg’s former partner and current CEO of Relevate Health Group, said “Bill’s personal mentorship, his ability to lead, partner, and quickly make sense of complex business issues, helped rocket Relevate from a start-up to one of the premier marketing/business service organizations in the United States.”

In the spirit of simplicity, openness, and to address engagement issues, W. Alexander Group employs an agreement that addresses common mutual protections without getting into complex voting, classes of stock, etc.

Jeremy Hayden, an experienced mergers and acquisitions attorney with Frost Brown Todd of Cincinnati, said “Bill has a true value proposition: it makes good business sense and is an uncommon approach. It also provides professional advisors another alternative for their clients selling their business now.”

ABOUT THE W. ALEXANDER GROUP: Founded in 2018 by Bill Goldberg, The W. Alexander Group of Cincinnati is a Private Operational Investor organization engaged in helping businesses with between $3 million and $15 million in annual revenue increase their business worth and transferability. For more information, please visit call (513) 666-8226 or send an e-mail to


Bill Goldberg, Managing Principal, The W. Alexander Group


Media: (513) 604-5428 (txt-friendly)

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‘We try our best, to pick the best of the best,” sez Guy Ford, Director of Legislative Affairs for Ohio Housing Finance Agency, at Knowlton Place grand-opening festivities in Northside, developed, owned and operated by ERS (Episcopal Retirement Services). ‘And this, is obviously one of those types of communities, that we’re gonna see here today.’

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TIES STILL BINDING: meet Mike Dempsey, 3rd Generation owner of American Heating & Air Conditioning, Cincinnati …. and his friend John Torbeck.

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#tbt: did Van Halen breakup go down in Cincinnati?

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According to The Rolling Stone ….

Van Halen were the biggest hard-rock band on the planet in March 1984; the hit single “Jump” was in heavy rotation on MTV, and their sixth studio album, 1984, was on track to sell 17 million copies. Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth exchanged their usual ribbing when Rolling Stone writer Debby Miller caught up with them at a Cincinnati tour stop. “I‘m a musician, Dave’s a rock star,” said Van Halen, who would bring studio equipment on the road, and told a story about climbing into the closet of his hotel room at night to hum song ideas into a tape recorder. (He also talked about his uneasiness at being a guitar idol: “I am so much geekier than any of those kids dreaming about being me.”) Roth, for his part, belittled Eddie’s recent star cameo on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” (“He went in and played the same f****** solo he’s been playing in this band for 10 years. Big deal!”) Less than a year later, Roth was out of the band, replaced by singer Sammy Hagar.

Here’s the pic from The Rolling Stone story (below) ….


At which Cincinnati hotel did the photo shoot take place?

Did the breakup of Van Halen start in Cincinnati - Rolling Stone 424

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