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Civility Clubs, Civility Rules + Civility Shines: “It’s Easier To Get Along!” from #Cincinnati author Louis J. Peerless = A ♥♥♥♥♥ Reason ♥♥♥♥♥ To ♥♥♥♥♥ Believe ♥♥♥♥♥ 

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Cincinnati author Lou Peerless Civility Shines It's Easier To Get Along

Press Release: Cincy author Louis J. Peerless releases second book Civility Shines – It’s Easier To Get Along!

Louis Peerless was, and has remained, grateful for the opportunity.

Five years ago, barely into his 60s, Peerless, a Cincinnati man who’d grown up in North Avondale and built a career in commercial real estate, fell ill.

He recovered, returning to Blue Ash with his young family, and began considering what might have been.

This was no time to be confronted with health issues, however.

Peerless knew his recovery would be a lengthy one. In a volatile environment for the commercial/investment real estate industry, he called his active clients and referred each to an appropriate competitor.

Peerless in Enquirer November 2 2017

Cincinnati Enquirer 11.2.17

Given a second chance, and assuming some of his future limitations, Peerless decided that, in his new life, he would need to do something for the greater good.

A lifelong optimist, Peerless contemplated his future trials and the challenges he would face. He decided that he wouldn’t give up, regardless of what obstacles were in his path.


A year thereafter, following months of thinking and lots of yellow pads, he started with a simple message: “It’s Easier To Get Along!,” and embarked on his life’s new mission, a message worth taking across the globe. But how?

Peerless started with a book; and “ultimately, the message will spread, and finally, the future emergence of Civility Clubs can bring a community together,” Peerless says.

His principal platform is his main website,, from whence Peerless and his book are seeking to spread the word.

This is an important message. We need to get it in the hands of those who run our schools and congregations. We need to reach our students and their families,” Peerless says.

We need to reach the widest possible audience through the Internet, first talking about it in our local schools, congregations, libraries and elsewhere in our community. It’s really a simple message of equality: Civility Shines! “It’s Easier To Get Along!

In many ways, this is the journey I have always been on,” Peerless says of his newfound strength and focus, this time as a professional writer.

Peerless constructed his own website and handles his own e-commerce, offering themed T-shirts, coffee mugs, pens and similar marketing materials.


And where civility is challenged?

If, along with the words we choose, we are able to realize how our voices, our volume, pronunciations and body language all have an impact on those who hear and see us, we can opt to use the most desirable of each for an encounter,” says Peerless.

Most of us, I hope, will be able to recall the sensitivity of the loving voice, the calming influence of the supportive voice, and the anticipated dispute that comes with a confrontational voice,” he said.

Most of us will be able to recall or learn about the power of those elements in communication and which can be manipulated to change the discussion,” Peerless adds.

Peerless is of the opinion that people who practice civility in their interpersonal communications, daily life, in both word and deed, can live life more satisfied.

And those who practice random kindness, a core component of civility, likewise.

There are always exceptions, but my experience is those who practice civility are going to experience more satisfaction, purpose and direction in their lives. And they have fun doing it!Peerless says.

I think that we can feel very fortunate that we have been subject to such incivility and malice aforethought recently, led by our elected leaders,” Peerless adds.

The President, for example, is a very controversial man, with behavior that has international implications.”

We need to dialogue, and will ideally agree on what platforms are needed to bring civility, civil behavior and random kindness back into the fore for the majority of people who now have it on the back burner. It really is easier to get along!Peerless says.

Civility Shines It's Easier To Get Along Press Release Page ONE

Press Release – page one JPG –


Civility Shines!” is a collection of life lessons and everyday discussions, focusing on a mutual respect of others, manifested as a 106-page handbook.

The author built “Civility Shines!” upon five pillars:

– 1. What Is Civility?
– 2. Why Be Civil?
– 3. Who Deserves Respect?
– 4. Why Do They Deserve It?
– 5. Pay It Forward!

Civility Shines! “It’s Easier to Get Along!” is available from, on and is the second book from Mr. Peerless, on the heels of “The Fingers of God,” a photographic essay published in 2007. Here it is on Amazon:

Peerless is a family man, grandfather, social servant, lifelong real estate adviser and personal and professional lover of life.

An artist, a musician, and a poet, Peerless also enjoys photography, especially those of flowers.

For more information, please visit, send an e-mail to or please call (513) 706-6363 (txt-friendly). For media inquires, please contact Andy Hemmer at or (513) 604-5428 (txt-friendly).

Civility Shines It's Easier To Get Along Press Release Page TWO

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