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Official East End Development Co. statement on HOMEARAMA 2020 in the Columbia-Tusculum and East End neighborhoods of Cincinnati (Walworth Avenue) from partners T.J. Ackermann and Ralph Meierjohan

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East End Development Co TJ Ackermann Ralph Meierjohan Walworth Cincinnati HOMEARAMA 2020 PR by Andy Hemmer

East End Development Co. project off Walworth Avenue in the Cincinnati neighborhoods of Columbia-Tusculum and The East End, from T.J. Ackermann and Ralph Meierjohan, on WLWT Channel 5 NBC in Cincinnati.

“The East End Development Co., behind the veteran leadership, craftsmanship and acumen of Cincinnati builder/developers T.J. Ackermann and Ralph Meierjohan, is deeply engaged and committed to our friends and new neighbors in the Columbia-Tusculum and East End communities.

Our 40-home project near Walworth Avenue, the hand-picked site for HOMEARAMA 2020, is as exciting, innovative and market-friendly as the Greater Cincinnati real estate community has seen in decades.

Cincinnati Enquirer on HOMEARAMA East End PR by Andy Hemmer

page A4 Cincinnati Enquirer on Monday April 1, 2019 – link:

We look forward to continuing our extensive community outreach with our partners in the public and private sectors, such as our colleagues with the Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati.

More information will be made available periodically; but for now, the East End Development Co. is thrilled to be a part of the East End and Columbia-Tusculum communities, and we look forward to an incredible future together.”



‘OF THE AGENT, BY THE AGENT, FOR THE AGENT’ ~ The Constitution of Keller Williams Advisors Realty, Cincinnati: Building Businesses, Not Salespeeps ~ New office in OTR, Recruiting Campaign lands @KWAdvisors in your #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier

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Keller Williams Advisors Realty new OTR office and partners Left to Right Sarah Close Jamie Hurtubise Jerry Garrison Doug Manzler Carol Meadows PR by Andy Hemmer

KELLER WILLIAMS ADVISORS REALTY OPENS NEW OTR OFFICE: Left to right, partners Sarah Close, Jamie Hurtubise, Jerry Garrison, Doug Manzler and Carol Meadows. Link to #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier story:

Press Release: Keller Williams Advisors Realty Press Release – Of The Agent, By The Agent, For The Agent

Business Courier story:

Keller Williams Advisors Realty in Cincinnati Business Courier PR by Andy Hemmer

screenshot from #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier Facebook page ~ story is here:

The growth plan of Keller Williams Advisors Realty: Building Businesses, not Salespeeps.

Recruiting campaign seeks to add 150+ agents to roster of 230+.

From ‘Keller Who?’ to one of the largest realty firms in town; new office opens in OTR.

Over $300,000 in annual profits to be shared, once again, on monthly basis.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Dec. 11, 2017] In the early days, the five partners who launched the original Keller Williams realty rocket in Cincinnati had only themselves to rely upon for the big stuff: budgets, hiring, offices, etc.

Today, thankfully, those days are long gone.

Every decision is made by our agents,” says Carol Meadows, one of the five original partners who opened Keller Williams Advisors Realty in 2005 in Mason. The main office was relocated to Columbia-Tusculum 10 years ago, and most recently was expanded by 50 percent, for a total of 10,000 square feet.

Meadows’ partners then were Sarah Close, Jerry Garrison, Jamie Hurtubise and Doug Manzler. The team remains intact today and is aggressively hiring, particularly targeting college graduates and young professionals.

The usurping of Keller Williams Advisors Realty by its agents is the result of a conscious effort, however; a direct byproduct of the culture wrought by the original partners.

Power to the people, as it were,” adds Hurtubise, “but in a much more business-oriented, profit-centered, ownership mentality.”

This is the Constitution of Keller Williams Advisors Ready: We are ‘Of the Agent, By the Agent, For the Agent,’ ” Hurtubise says.

We are here to help them develop their businesses. We mentor, and we coach. And we both end up learning.”

The partners have at least 100 years between us, but nobody really wants to hear that anymore,” says Manzler.

It just makes good business sense to listen to our people, regardless of their tenure in the business. Not just to determine where to open an office, but for the overall direction of the entire company.”


We have always done business downtown, of course, but the decision to drop anchor and open our first OTR office came from the same place as all of our other key decisions: our agents,” says Garrison.

As Exhibit A, the partners point to their new OTR sales office, located in the historic Car Barn at Sycamore and Liberty, in one of America’s hottest sports for development: Over-The-Rhine, Cincinnati.

An official ribbon-cutting and Open House will be scheduled for the new OTR office later this month or in early 2018.

Keller Williams Advisors Realty has steadily grown from the original partners, and a handful of agents, to more than 230 REALTORS serving Greater Cincinnati.

The growth plan calls for hiring at least another 150 new agents, for a staff of 400, within the next two to three years.

Along the way, we’ve kind of gone from, ‘Keller Who?’ to ‘Keller Wow!’ ” adds Garrison.


A unique twist to the equation: Keller Williams Advisors Realty cuts a check to qualified agents, every month, as part of its profit-sharing program.

This year, more than $340,000 has already been distributed to the KW Advisors agents enrolled in the program.

With time still on the clock for 2017, the partners expect to increase the amount invested into the profit-sharing program this year; final financial details will be made available at the conclusion of the 2017 campaign.

Yeah, Merry Christmas to Keller Williams Advisors, and let’s do it early,” Hurtubise says.

We share an estimated 48 perfect of our total profits with the office, and as far as I know, and have researched this is unique to the industry. Last year, that was $290,000 being sent directly back to the agents.

That’s what is different about Keller Williams Advisors. That’s Keller Williams Who!

There is still time left in the profit-sharing program for 2017, and we have already surpassed 2016 profit share,” says Manzler.

We take our responsibility to grow our agent’s wealth through profit share very seriously, and we are anticipating agent profit share to increase by 20 percent in 2018.”


We are a training and technology company that, just so happens, to be in real estate,” Hurtubise adds.

This is the company for agents who are looking for more than just another job in sales. We answer to stakeholders – our agents – not shareholders.

Because of this, our primary purpose is to provide cutting-edge training and tools, so our agents are the best equipped professionals in the marketplace.”

That’s why people come to us. That’s why agents are flocking to us, because of our energy, and the potential that they see,” said Meadows. “We have a business plan for them. We have a roadmap for them, for how to become a Millionaire Real Estate Agent.”

ABOUT KELLER WILLIAMS ADVISORS REALTY: Keller Williams Advisors Realty ( is the first and still fastest-growing Keller Williams franchise in Greater Cincinnati. Owned and operated by a five-member team of original partners, KW Advisors Realty is based in Cincinnati’s historic Columbua-Tusculum neighborhood, with two satellite offices in Mariemont and Over-the-Rhine.  KW Advisors is actively recruiting new agents and can be reached at (513) 766-9200 or at


Sarah Close, Partner (513) 766-9200

Jamie Hurtubise, Partner (513) 766-9200

Jerry Garrison, Partner (513) 766-9200

Doug Manzler, Partner (513) 766-9200

Carol Meadows, Partner (513) 766-9200

For media inquiries regarding Keller Williams Advisors Realty please contact Andy Hemmer at (513) 604-5428 or


Press Release, Page One ~ link to #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier is here:


Page Two of Press Release – Link to #Cincinnati @BusinessCourier story is here:

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Inspirational speaker Chet Manchester at Columbia Center in Cincinnati (Columbia-Tusculum) on March 30, 2014 (2 p.m.): ‘Roadmap for Life: Discover the Sermon on the Mount’ ~ sponsored by the Christian Science Churches of Cincinnati in Anderson, Hyde Park and Wyoming ~

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Press ReleaseChet Manchester at Columbia Center in Cincinnati March 30 2014 Roadmap For Life Discover the Sermon on the Mount sponsored by the Christian Science Churches of Cincinnati in Anderson Hyde Park Wyoming

Inspirational speaker Chet Manchester will deliver "Roadmap for Life: Discover the Sermon on the Mount" at Columbia Center, Columbia-Tusculum, on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 2 p.m. Sponsored by the Christian Science Churches of Cincinnati in Anderson, Hyde Park and West Chester.

Inspirational speaker Chet Manchester will deliver “Roadmap for Life: Discover the Sermon on the Mount” at Columbia Center, Columbia-Tusculum, on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 2 p.m. Sponsored by the Christian Science Churches of Cincinnati in Anderson, Hyde Park and Wyoming.

Inspirational speaker Chet Manchester is slated to deliver a stirring talk, “Roadmap for Life: Discover the Sermon on the Mount” late this month at the Columbia Center in Columbia-Tusculum, sponsored by the Christian Science Churches of Anderson Township, Hyde Park and Wyoming.

In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus left the world a map for going higher in life,” says Mr. Manchester.

He taught people how to love in the face of hatred, how to live without fear, and how to focus on what really matters. Come to this spirited public talk, and discover how this timeless message can be a practical guide in your life.”

Chet will share his own journey to Galilee, where Jesus first shared his revolutionary teachings. This free, inspirational talk is for people of all ages and faiths.

Mr. Manchester’s speech is sponsored by the Christian Science Churches of Cincinnati, with three locations in Anderson, Hyde Park and Wyoming. For more information about Christian Science Churches, please visit

The heart and soul of Christian Science is love. It’s about feeling God’s goodness, and prayer that results in healings. This includes the resolution of relationships or financial difficulties, physical cures and transformed lives. There have been over 80,000 healings witnessed and published by The Christian Science Journal and Sentinel.

For more information about this event, please contact Nancy Hagan at (513) 899-9949. For media inquiries, please contact PR Director Andy Hemmer with Holland Advertising: Interactive at (513) 744-3009 (office) or or (513) 604-5428 (mobile).

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Chet Manchester at Columbia Square in Cincinnati March 30 2014 sponsored by Christian Science Churches of Cincinnati in Anderson Hyde Park Wyoming

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