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Thermography by Cooper Electric, featured in Sunday Enquirer: Critical Views from the Eye Inside – PR by

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Cooper Electric in The Cincinnati Enquirer - 10.2.11

Press Release (PDF):

Thermography at Cooper Electric – Critical Views from the Eye Inside

Enquirer page (PDF):

Cooper Electric in Cincinnati Enquirer – PR by – 10.2.11

Booming Thermography Division at Cooper Electric hotwires

new jobs for independent Cincinnati electrical contractor across U.S.

Thermography Division increases efficiency, shrinks repairs, and avoids catastrophe.

Cooper Electric projects 20 percent increase next year, after $4M in 2011.

South Cumminsville firm survived recession amidst 40% industry unemployment.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Oct. 5, 2011] Master Electrician Greg Hyland will never forget the stench.

And the look on his client’s face when the financial reality hit home.

“It broke our heart. We were out there one week before their main electrical system had a meltdown, pitching him on a preventive maintenance program that would have cost him $1,000,” said the president and owner of Cooper Electric (www.cooper‐

Instead, he got a bill for over $50,000, when we could have identified his issues with a Cooper Electric thermographic inspection, report and recommendation,” said Hyland.

“And then, it happened.”

Hyland remembers the date: Nov. 11, 1999.

His client has since remembered the advice of Cooper Electric, and now engages in proactive, preventive maintenance such as thermography services offered by Cooper Electric. Other clients have tapped Cooper Electric services for work throughout the Tri‐State, as well as in Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia, and as far away as Utah.

Business is booming at the South Cumminsville independent electrical contractor, with Hyland and his 30-member team projecting a 20 percent increase next year, over the $4 million in revenues the firm will post in 2011.

One of the biggest factors in the company’s growth, and success, is its Thermography Division, launched more than a decade ago.

Cooper Electric has established its niche by functioning as an extension of the maintenance department for many clients, big and small, commercial and residential, including corporate giants such as Kroger, GE and Cargill.

Maintenance departments have historically been there to react to the latest breakdown. That’s where we come in,” said Gil Hyland, Greg’s son and the Director of Business Development at Cooper Electric.

“We deploy Thermography Inspections into the facility to predict electrical failures, and together with the customer, we schedule the critical repairs, which avoid unexpected downtime and equipment failures.”

Cincinnati Enquirer photo shoot at

Founded in 1946 by John H. Cooper, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and native Cincinnatian returning from World War II, Cooper Electric is a full‐service player deeply engaged in the commercial, industrial and residential markets, with a high‐tech tool paving the way for future growth: Thermography.

Greg Hyland joined the company in 1977, becoming president in 1982. Through multiple recessions – including the current – the company has never had a layoff, nor reduced employement benefits to company staff.

Quality, Value and Service

“We take a long‐term view of the business relationship,” said Greg Hyland. Seventy percent of our business comes from repeat and referred customers, and it’s because of our people here at Cooper Electric.”

That strategy has dovetailed perfectly with our Thermography Division, which is about showing people the way to increase efficiency and reduce downtime so they can invest their money where it really counts: business growth.

Nothing stalls growth like production breakdowns,” said D.J. Miller, leader of the Cooper Electric charge into thermography, and its Thermography Division.

DJ Miller, Greg Hyland and Gil Hyland of Cooper Electric.

Thermography, generally practiced, can be offered by anyone with a $10,000 camera.

The differentiating factor with Cooper Electric is its Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Program.

The resume at Cooper Electric stretches 65 years of electrical contracting experience and includes a bevy of heavy hitters in the Greater Cincinnati business community, companies such as Kroger, GE, Cargill, Morton Salt and Cincinnati Paperboard.

People care about the problem, they do, but more importantly, they want to know how you can fix it,” said Hyland.

The Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Program at Cooper Electric entails a seven‐step process:

High Definition Infrared Imaging: Advanced equipment produces a highly accurate measurement of heat in electrical systems, revealing issues such as bad connections, overcurrent, bad insulation or poor ventilation;

Credentialed Thermographer Analysis: Implemented by a Level 2 Thermographer with credentials including a Journeyman Electrical License. Training, experience and knowledge of electrical systems facilitates analysis of the system thermographically as well as electrically, per the National Electrical Code (NEC);

Diagnosing Critical Problems, Prioritizing Critical Repair: Severity of problems analyzed to determine and take corrective action on a critical repair schedule, enhancing safety and reducing equipment failure, while eliminating electrical losses and loose-connection failures;

Cooper Electric press release - page 1 (page 2 below).

Bar Code/Trending: Minor problems recorded through trending software, while equipment is bar-coded for history and data retrieval. Comparison of temperatures, measure and observed, across surrounding and similar components over time. The bar code/trending software creates a unique database for each facility;

Gear Cleaning and Visual Inspection: Per American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Section 9, all electrical switchboards should be tested and inspected once every year. Review of NEC regulations for violations, equipment abnormalities and recommendations for best practices;

Circuit Breaker Testing and Exercising: ANSI calls for annual testing and exercising, resulting in parts adjustment, cleaning and lubrication;

Comprehensive Reporting: The data is aggregated and the report is tailored for review and consultation with the customer.

The Customers Speak: Cooper Electric Performs

Cooper Electric has provided years of outstanding customer service in the area of electrical contractor support,” said the Plant Engineer at a local Kroger Co. facility. “They are an integral part of our organization, and their attention to detail is excellent.”

“I called the emergency line at Cooper Electric at 5 a.m. when we lost power, at a 140‐bed residential treatment program,” said Wes Miller, Facility Director for Talbert House in Clifton.

Cooper Electric had us back on‐line before breakfast was finished. I couldn’t have asked for a better result,” Wes added.

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Cooper Electric is located at 1769 Elmore Street in Cincinnati, off the Interstate 74 exit of Elmore Street. The main number is (513) 271-5000.

Greg Hyland, President, Cooper Electric: (513) 

Gil Hyland, Business Development Director, Cooper Electric: (513) 271-5000 –

D.J. Miller, Thermographer, Cooper Electric: (513) 271-5000 –

For media inquiries regarding Cooper Electric, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, president of PR at (513) 604-5428 or

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Thermography, courtesy of Cooper Electric, featured in Sunday Edition, Cincinnati Enquirer – PR by

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Press Release:

Thermography at Cooper Electric – Critical Views from the Eye Inside

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday edition, Business, Page G4, 10.2.11:

Cooper Electric in Cincinnati Enquirer – PR by – 10.2.11

Cooper Electric in Sunday edition, The Cincinnati Enquirer - 10.2.11

madly anticipating Cooper Electric story in Sunday Business section, Cincinnati Enquirer – PR by

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Cooper Electric at this week's photo shoot with The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Press Release:

Thermography at Cooper Electric – Critical Views from the Eye Inside

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday edition, Business, Page G4, 10.2.11:

Cooper Electric in Cincinnati Enquirer – PR by – 10.2.11


Cooper Electric in Sunday edition, The Cincinnati Enquirer – 10.2.11
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