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The @CincinnatiPR Minute for Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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The @CincinnatiPR Minute for Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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Rocket Science + Design cover story in Cincinnati Enquirer today: ‘Rocket Science Blasts Off Anew’ ~ Press Release, Enquirer Story (in print) and Photo

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Press Release – For Immediate Release: Blasting Off New Brands, Rocket Science-style ~ National product debuts for Mammotome, Orthocare Innovations and Symmetry Surgical – 3.13.13 – PR by Andy Hemmer

Rocket Science + Design in Cincinnati Enquirer - 3.13.13.

Rocket Science + Design in Cincinnati Enquirer – 3.13.13.

Rocket Science + Design in Cincinnati Enquirer - 3.13.13.

Rocket Science + Design in Cincinnati Enquirer – 3.13.13.

PDF of Page A9, Rocket Science in Cincinnati Enquirer, cover page – 3.13.13: Rocket Science in Cincinnati Enquirer – 3.13.13 Cover Page

PDF of Page A11, Rocket Science in Cincinnati Enquirer, jump page – 3.13.13: Rocket Science in Cincinnati Enquirer today – Jump Page with Story, page A11 – 3.13.13

Blasting Off New Brands, Rocket Sciencestyle

National product debuts for Mammotome, Orthocare and Symmetry Surgical

Complex Medical Device market demands clear product presence, positioning.

Rocket Science + Design: pivotal marketing player in branding and new-product launch space.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ March 13, 2013] Does your brand need a facelift?

Creating buzz, launching a new product or rebranding a company can be tricky business, particularly when a singular, linear line of expertise is required. At Rocket Science + Design of Cincinnati, the skills are in branding, strategy, design and attracting eyeballs in the health care category, particularly medical devices.

Ultimately, it’s about positioning the brand appropriately to target the desired stakeholders,” said Joel Warneke, one of the three partners at Rocket Science (

The result has to be a fresh, clean, forward-looking brand, and not cost a company millions.”

Left to Right, Rocket Science + Design partners Joel Warneke Chuck Tabri Greg Fehrenbach in Cincinnati Enquirer - PR by Andy Hemmer

Rocket Science + Design partners (left to right) Joel Warneke, Chuck Tabri and Greg Fehrenbach:

In today’s environment, any new product launch or rebrand competes against a hostile backdrop of financial turbulence, at the local, national and global market levels. Brands are choosing Rocket Science + Design based on its record, experience and expertise (

Some of the freshest Rocket-inspired ruckus in the new-product launch and corporate rebrand space is with Mammotome Inc. of Cincinnati, Orthocare Innovations LLC of Oklahoma City and Symmetry Surgical of Nashville, all emerging, innovative health care companies for whom the Cincinnati branding agency has created entire new brands and branding campaigns.

If you’re not positioning the brand properly, or messaging it properly, or you’re not doing due diligence on a brand strategy, you shouldn’t be asking yourself why it’s not resonating,” said Greg Fehrenbach, Warneke’s founding partner at Rocket Science.

At Devicor Medical Products Inc., manufacturer of market leader Mammotome, Rocket Science + Design successfully tasked a trifecta of branding business with a comprehensive new branding campaign, while spearheading two new product releases for Mammotome elite, launched earlier this year, and the newest, Mammotome revolve.

Timing Up A Mammotome Trifecta

The rebranding of Mammotome demanded a current, fresh, high-tech edge that we needed to communicate to clients,” said Brian Ruffner, senior VP of global marketing for Mammotome, purchased from Ethicon Endo-Surgery by Devicor in 2011.

With the new independence of the company, the look, the image, the entire brand needed to evolve. And that evolution had to incorporate a tremendous amount of brand equity.

Rocket Science + Design on Business Courier cover, February 2012.

Rocket Science + Design on Business Courier cover, February 2012.

We couldn’t abandon the quality that had already been invested in the brand, but we needed a new look, a new feel, a new everything,” Ruffner added.

For that, and with subsequent launches of other Mammotome products, Rocket Science + Design has become an invaluable internal resource.”

Specifically, the Mammotome work involved:

1.) a complete rebranding of the entire company, its website, logo, sales and marketing materials, etc.;

2.) the launch of Mammotome elite, a new breed of tethered wand for ultrasound biopsies; and

3.) the upcoming launch of Mammotome revolve.

The result was transforming a patient-centric product into a high-tech, updated medical device that enabled clinicians. We are, after all, a tool manufacturer. We needed to demonstrate the hard features of that tool, how it worked, why it works better than anything else, and for whom. We needed to cast the product as heroic, while accomplishing a new brand identity across multiple business product lines,” Ruffner said.

To equip Mammotome for its mission, Rocket Science + Design outfitted Mammotome sales reps with iPads wired with custom applications that would appeal to its literal users, physicians and clinicians.

The window into the physician/clinical world is a small, hectic, perpetually shifting aperture.

The approach had to be nimble, precise, meaningful, and oozing with impact.

Rocket Science + Design in Sunday Enquirer January 2011.

Rocket Science + Design in Sunday Enquirer January 2011.

“In essence it was positioning marketing for the sales teams,” Ruffner said.

Everything was custom-made, from the videos to the animation product. When they’re with a client, our reps have everything in their hands, or they can just type in a name and send the information. It’s very much a one-on-one interaction.”

Orthocare and Symmetry Surgical: Ricocheting into the Rocket Orbit

While this Rocket orbits in other categories, including direct-to-consumer and business services, the firm has carved its niche in health care, like none other in Cincinnati.

Their work has recently landed Rocket Science + Design in  Oklahoma City, Okla., for Orthocare Innovations, an advanced prosthetics research and development company which recently raised $13 million from its Boston-based equity fund owner.

The company turned to Rocket Science + Design for the launch of its Magellan MFA prosthesis, a unique foot/ankle combination product that mimics the distinct range of motion found in the hinge synovial joint, au naturale.

We’re a start-up in an established industry, where innovation has to lead the moment, and the market,” said Orthocare Innovations CEO Doug McCormack.

Since we’re not a marketing company, we’ve leaned heavily on the branding and marketing experience of our agency partner, Rocket Science + Design, which shares DNA similar to ours. They’re nimble, effective, tech-savvy and absolute experts at what they do in their field.”

Soon, Magellan will emerge from beta testing.

Embedded with wireless technology, users (primarily amputees, such as McCormack) can adjust their devices via smartphones.

Rocket Science + Design in Business Courier, April 2010.

Rocket Science + Design in Business Courier, April 2010.

Magellan MFA presents a huge opportunity for Orthocare to marry world-class innovation with highly sophisticated brand strategy, messaging, meaning and delivery,” McCormack said.

Rocket Science + Design has a proven track record in launching high-tech medical device across a variety of sectors.”

You won’t find any better branding firms than those here in Cincinnati,” says Chuck Tabri, partner at Rocket Science + Design.

With companies like Procter & Gamble, Macy’s and Kroger, it’s a very competitive marketplace. We’ve chosen to differentiate ourselves with our health care expertise.”

Tabri spent 19 years in the health care industry, working on the client side for health care giant Johnson & Johnson, prior to joining Rocket Science + Design.

What really struck me about Rocket Science was the collaborative nature of their work. They knew we had a lot of branding work to do, after a recent acquisition, and per usual, we needed everything yesterday,” said Hedy Hashemi, vice president of global marketing for Symmetry Surgical of Nashville, Tenn., purchased by Symmetry Medical in late 2011 from a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Codman & Shurtleff Inc.

Rocket Science + Design knew we had to move fast, and deliver, and they were able to comply with that. And unlike the big agencies, they don’t have set prophecies. That collaborative nature is quite refreshing. Combine their collaboration nature, with excellent creative work, and their responsiveness, and you have quite the marketing partner,” Hashemi said.

The result: a complete rebranding, new name, website, and multiple product launches.

On the national front, Rocket Science + Design continues to lead brands on the edge of discovery, by themselves and the market.

In Cincinnati, the agency was recently tapped to help high tech start-ups via The Brandery, one of the Queen City’s leading business incubators.

Late last year, the company completed a relocation and expansion from Mason to an expanded studio in the center of downtown Cincinnati’s 8th Street Design District.

This move will allow us to participate more directly in Cincinnati’s branding and advertising community and enable us to attract and retain the best talent,” said Tabri.

For more information, please call (513) 398-1700, send Mr. Tabri an e-mail at or visit

For media inquiries regarding Rocket Science + Design, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, aka TheWritingFiend@Large and President of PR at (513) 604-5428 or

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Press Release from Rocket Science + Design, March 2013, Page One:

Page 1 Rocket Science + Design Press Release, March 2013:

Page 1 Rocket Science + Design Press Release, March 2013:

Press Release from Rocket Science + Design, March 2013, Page Two:

Page 2 Rocket Science + Design Press Release, March 2013:

Page 2 Rocket Science + Design Press Release, March 2013:

Rocket Science + Design, cover girl in this week’s Business Courier, on WKRC-TV Ch. 12 (CBS), ‘The U.S. Bank Business Watch’

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Rocket Science + Design, expert Cincinnati branding agency, in Business Courier today: The Trifecta

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Rocket Science + Design photo shoot with the Cincinnati Business Courier.

Rocket Science blasts off Page One in BizCourier - PR by Andy Hemmer - 2.24.12

Rocket Science blasts off Page One of BizCourier – 2.24.12 – PR by Andy Hemmer

Today’s edition of The Cincinnati Business Courier includes a story about Rocket Science + Design, the third consecutive year that the Cincinnati branding agency has roared out the New Year’s gate with a feature story.

Here’s the photo shoot (above and below) …. look for the story in your Cincinnati Business Courier! …. and ….

…. below the video, their features from The Cincinnati Enquirer (2011) and another Cincinnati Business Courier story (2010):

Here’s The Cincinnati Enquirer feature, from a little less than one year ago, on Jan. 23, 2011:

Rocket Science + Design in Cincinnati Enquirer - 1.23.11 - PR by Andy Hemmer

…. and The Cincinnati Business Courier story on Rocket Science + Design, published on April 16, 2010:

Rocket Science + Design in Business Courier - 4.16.10 - PR by Andy Hemmer

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