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$900K down, $4.1M to go: Laura and Paul Kitzmiller, Diana and David O’Brien of Anderson Township (Cincinnati) launch $5M IMPACT Fund at IMPACT Autism with $500,000 donation, establishing IMPACT Autism Endowment, anchoring Impact Innovation at The University of Cincinnati, celebrating 20-year anniversary of The Mayfield Golf Classic ~ ORGANIZERS: $400K in additional pledges have been secured ~ Mayfield Golf Classic at Coldstream Country Club Oct. 21, 2019 is sold-out, online auctions still open

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Press Release – Download Word doc: 900K down and four point one million to go – press release FINAL

$900K down, $4.1 Million To Go

Local Anderson Township couples Kitzmillers, O’Briens launch $5M Impact Fund with $500,000 donation, anchoring IMPACT Autism Endowment, funding Impact Innovation program at UC

 Campaign to raise $5M that will fund UC program started in 2014, serving autistic/challenged students.

Laura and Paul Kitzmiller, Diana and David O’Brien put their $$ where their hearts are.

Mayfield Golf Classic, supported by CORE Resources and IMPACT Autism, celebrates 20 years.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ October 19, 2019] Paul Kitzmiller, et al, have seen their local non-profit machine benefitting autistic kids and their families, IMPACT Autism, grow beyond any early expectations.

For years, there’s been a major golf outing fundraiser and telethon, raising hundreds of thousands (Mayfield Golf Classic, 20-year anniversary this Monday, Oct. 21, at Coldstream Country Club).

Then, a foundation (IMPACT Autism).

A few years ago, an expansion into technology, education and employment (Impact Innovation at UC).

Today, they are still all about community outreach, events, and strategic initiatives. But someone, something, or somebody needs to keep the lights on at IMPACT Autism, and the invaluable teachers and assistants at UC paid.

Enter: the new $5 million drive, announced in concert with the 20-year Mayfield Golf Classic. The money is currently being raised through donors and private individuals, as the “Impact Fund” campaign.

It will vest the IMPACT Autism Endowment, which finances Impact Innovation at UC. The major players are the Kitzmiller, Mayfield, and O’Brien families, IMPACT AutismCORE Resources Inc., and friends and supporters of all the aforementioned.

Kitzmiller, his wife Laura, and their lifelong friends Diana and David O’Brien – through their namesake charity, IMPACT Autism, and its main event, the upcoming Mayfield Golf Classic – have committed $500,000 to launch the endowment at IMPACT Autism.

Impact Innovation, a day program teaching real-world skills in an authentic collegiate environment, was launched in 2014 by IMPACT Autism and the University of Cincinnati. Another $400,000 has also been pledged from anonymous individuals.

The future is now at the University of Cincinnati, where its program for persons with intellectual disabilities has already helped over 150 students attend an engaging program.

Entering adulthood can be challenging for anyone. For those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it can be extremely difficult,” said Paul Kitzmiller, president and CEO of CORE Resources Inc. of Anderson Township.

Their opportunities for meaningful employment and personal fulfillment are severely limited. Our program changes that, by immersing them in an inclusive, safe environment that allows individuals to learn, grow, and improve their own lives.”

IMPACT Autism was founded in 2006 by the Kitzmillers and O’Briens. Paul and Laura Kitzmiller and Diana (Mayfield) O’Brien are childhood friends. The O’Briens are raising triplets with severe autism.

Since 2006, IMPACT Autism has raised and donated more than $4 million to causes associated with dealing with autism.

Coming out of high school, the future can be overwhelming: What do they do now?” said Diana O’Brien.

With the help of some truly amazing people, that answer can be, ‘Next lives here, at the UC Impact Innovation program.’ “

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 Contact: Mr. Paul Kitzmiller (513) 309-1513 (txt-friendly)

IMPACT Autism announces endowment $500K from Laura Paul Kitzmiller Diana David OBrien financing Impact Innovation at University of Cincinnati PR by Andy Hemmer

IMPACT Autism press release on $500K contribution from Laura and Paul Kitzmiller, Diana and David O’Brien, launching IMPACT Autism Endowment to finance Impact Innovation program for autistic and challenged students at the University of Cincinnati

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