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$900K down, $4.1M to go: Laura and Paul Kitzmiller, Diana and David O’Brien of Anderson Township (Cincinnati) launch $5M IMPACT Fund at IMPACT Autism with $500,000 donation, establishing IMPACT Autism Endowment, anchoring Impact Innovation at The University of Cincinnati, celebrating 20-year anniversary of The Mayfield Golf Classic ~ ORGANIZERS: $400K in additional pledges have been secured ~ Mayfield Golf Classic at Coldstream Country Club Oct. 21, 2019 is sold-out, online auctions still open

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Press Release – Download Word doc: 900K down and four point one million to go – press release FINAL

$900K down, $4.1 Million To Go

Local Anderson Township couples Kitzmillers, O’Briens launch $5M Impact Fund with $500,000 donation, anchoring IMPACT Autism Endowment, funding Impact Innovation program at UC

 Campaign to raise $5M that will fund UC program started in 2014, serving autistic/challenged students.

Laura and Paul Kitzmiller, Diana and David O’Brien put their $$ where their hearts are.

Mayfield Golf Classic, supported by CORE Resources and IMPACT Autism, celebrates 20 years.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ October 19, 2019] Paul Kitzmiller, et al, have seen their local non-profit machine benefitting autistic kids and their families, IMPACT Autism, grow beyond any early expectations.

For years, there’s been a major golf outing fundraiser and telethon, raising hundreds of thousands (Mayfield Golf Classic, 20-year anniversary this Monday, Oct. 21, at Coldstream Country Club).

Then, a foundation (IMPACT Autism).

A few years ago, an expansion into technology, education and employment (Impact Innovation at UC).

Today, they are still all about community outreach, events, and strategic initiatives. But someone, something, or somebody needs to keep the lights on at IMPACT Autism, and the invaluable teachers and assistants at UC paid.

Enter: the new $5 million drive, announced in concert with the 20-year Mayfield Golf Classic. The money is currently being raised through donors and private individuals, as the “Impact Fund” campaign.

It will vest the IMPACT Autism Endowment, which finances Impact Innovation at UC. The major players are the Kitzmiller, Mayfield, and O’Brien families, IMPACT AutismCORE Resources Inc., and friends and supporters of all the aforementioned.

Kitzmiller, his wife Laura, and their lifelong friends Diana and David O’Brien – through their namesake charity, IMPACT Autism, and its main event, the upcoming Mayfield Golf Classic – have committed $500,000 to launch the endowment at IMPACT Autism.

Impact Innovation, a day program teaching real-world skills in an authentic collegiate environment, was launched in 2014 by IMPACT Autism and the University of Cincinnati. Another $400,000 has also been pledged from anonymous individuals.

The future is now at the University of Cincinnati, where its program for persons with intellectual disabilities has already helped over 150 students attend an engaging program.

Entering adulthood can be challenging for anyone. For those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it can be extremely difficult,” said Paul Kitzmiller, president and CEO of CORE Resources Inc. of Anderson Township.

Their opportunities for meaningful employment and personal fulfillment are severely limited. Our program changes that, by immersing them in an inclusive, safe environment that allows individuals to learn, grow, and improve their own lives.”

IMPACT Autism was founded in 2006 by the Kitzmillers and O’Briens. Paul and Laura Kitzmiller and Diana (Mayfield) O’Brien are childhood friends. The O’Briens are raising triplets with severe autism.

Since 2006, IMPACT Autism has raised and donated more than $4 million to causes associated with dealing with autism.

Coming out of high school, the future can be overwhelming: What do they do now?” said Diana O’Brien.

With the help of some truly amazing people, that answer can be, ‘Next lives here, at the UC Impact Innovation program.’ “

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 Contact: Mr. Paul Kitzmiller (513) 309-1513 (txt-friendly)

IMPACT Autism announces endowment $500K from Laura Paul Kitzmiller Diana David OBrien financing Impact Innovation at University of Cincinnati PR by Andy Hemmer

IMPACT Autism press release on $500K contribution from Laura and Paul Kitzmiller, Diana and David O’Brien, launching IMPACT Autism Endowment to finance Impact Innovation program for autistic and challenged students at the University of Cincinnati

#TBT with stu lichter of IRG and The Guv (O-H-I-O) at #Huhtamaki press conference in batavia ohio (#cincinnati)

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{PRESS RELEASE, PIX, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER STORY, FOTO SHOOT VIDEO} ~~ ‘CTI Finds Niche in the Quest for Cures’ ~~ Cincinnati Enquirer cover story today, CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services ~~ 3.21.14 ~~ thanks to Val Prevish (@vprevish), Lee Ann Hamilton (@leeannhamilton) and The Cincinnati Enquirer (@enquirer) !!

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Press Release: CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services – 15 Years of Life Changing Therapies – 3.21.14 Press Release by Andy Hemmer

{Enquirer link:}


{PDF —>>> CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services in Cincinnati Enquirer 3.21.14 PR by Andy Hemmer}

 Success spurs international expansion from North America to Europe and Latin America.

New era: CTI tapped for groundbreaking Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine work.

Dozens of new trials launched including five ‘First-in-Human’ trials.

[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ March 21, 2014] From the outside looking in, a “Contract Research Organization” (CRO) such as CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting Services is an organization providing support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device industries.

Simple enough.

But to the people touched by the efforts of CTI and its global force of staff researchers, physicians, nurses pharmacists and associated health care professionals, however, this privately-held, deeply passionate company and its people represent something so much more: specifically, life-changing therapies.

Celebrating its 15th year in 2013, the work performed by CTI throughout North America, Europe, and Latin America still attracts the biggest and the best, serving more than 70 large and mid-sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including eight of the 10 largest globally.

International giants such as Astellas Pharma Inc. of Tokyo, Japan, formerly known as Fujisawa, and Genentech Roche of Switzerland have been clients since Day One.

CTI was founded by a Cincinnati native who’s a former University of Cincinnati Professor, Timothy J. Schroeder and Lynn Fallon, a former transplant nurse, administrator, and pharmaceutical executive.

The company’s niche mirrors the unique skills of its founders: combining expertise of clinical knowledge and market experience, CTI is uniquely positioned to incorporate both clinical and market-driven endpoints and interpretations to provide results.

CTI has worked on more than 1,200 projects, contributing to more than 30 new drug approvals working with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and other global regulatory agencies.

CTI is an innovative, international drug and device development organization that delivers a full spectrum of clinical trial and consulting services from bench to commercialization with a focus on immunology and a passion for helping life-changing therapies succeed in chronically and critically ill patient populations.

Life-Saving, Life-Changing

 The driving force for today’s internationally-focused CTI is a passion for the life-saving and life-changing opportunities afforded in the explosive areas of regenerative medicine and the stem cell marketplace.

Regenerative medicine presents enormous opportunity for mankind, and industry.

CTI helps clients navigate regulatory hurdles, and understands the complex logistics involved with conducting clinical research studies.

Major advances are being made every day in diseases that are currently untreatable, and will continue to be made in the very near future,” said Schroeder, “and CTI will continue to play a significant role.”

While the future for CTI will encompass the company’s traditional sweet spots – clinical trial management, regulatory pathway design, data/market analysis including health economics, and consulting services – its focus is still on life-saving therapies, including regenerative medicine, specifically gene and stem cell therapies.

Throughout my career, trends and science and technology are forever introducing us to new ideas, new ways for us to perform better, faster, with more meaningful results,” Schroeder said, “but nothing can touch what’s going on with stem cell therapies.

We believe in the next 10-15 years the current medical and surgical approaches to disease management will include a third pillar, which is regenerative medicine,” said Schroeder.

CTI: Still a family

Despite its international reach, CTI is run like a family.

CTI works with the same Cincinnati-based bank, accounting firm, law firm, and printing company it had in 1999.

The firm is deeply dedicated to training, with employees logging at least 100 hours annually.

CTI has a 95 percent workforce retention rate, in 17 states and 15 countries. It’s currently looking to fill positions in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

CTI { photo shoot with The Cincinnati Enquirer.

CTI {} photo shoot with The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Schroeder opened CTI in 1999 in a tiny office in Clifton, an uptown Cincinnati neighborhood, right down the street from his old employer, the University of Cincinnati.

As a Professor, Schroeder instructed on a wide range of subjects from health care and life sciences, often combining the two. The early years focused on North American work, and clients.

As the company’s reputation, network and bench strength grew – headquartered in Cincinnati (Blue Ash), with U.S. offices in Raleigh and Philadelphia, along with a string of European offices headquartered in Ulm, Germany – aforementioned work and client referrals transformed CTI into the innovative and international drug and device development organization it is today.

CTI’s focused therapeutic approach provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology and startup firms with clinical and disease area expertise from a unique mix of academic, medical and industry specialists; rich intellectual capital in transplantation, immunology, infectious diseases, hematology, cardiology, nephrology, hepatology, regenerative medicine and rare diseases; flexible study designs that accelerate development programs and deliver high approval ratings that are among the best in the industry; and exceptional global project management and gold standard safety and data management systems that strengthen their program’s success potential.

For more information, please visit

For media inquiries of CTI, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer, TheWritingFiend@Large and President of PR at (513) 604-5428 or

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Allison L. Schroeder

Associate Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications

CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services

10123 Alliance Road

Cincinnati, OH 45242

(513) 598-9290

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